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Win Tickets To YOH! Prom Night

Win Tickets To YOH! Prom Night

I often hear people complaining about how they wish they could relive their matric dance. Those are usually the people that did not have a positively shitty experience. For some, it was an evening of forced formal dancing, average food and terrible music. To top it off, it ended with a terrible hangover the next morning because they turned up way too hard at the afterparty.

This Saturday, YOH! is giving people a chance to redo their matric dance and it promises to be so much better. That terrible matric dance DJ is being replaced by a stellar lineup consisting of John Wizards, Nonku Phiri, Maxime Alexander, Seferino and Dada Shiva. The contrived attempts at dancing shall be replaced by drunken revelling and a foam party. Yes. A foam party. YOH! are bringing that early 2000s u18 party aesthetic back, but this time, there are no u18s. Basically, YOH! are turning the matric dance format on its head. Tickets can be purchased via Quicket.

South African Music Scene and YOH! are teaming up to give one broke couple a chance to attend Prom Night. The procedure is simple. Dig into those photo albums and find your best matric dance photo and then upload it to Instagram by tagging us (@samusicscene), YOH! (@yoh_online) and The Assembly (assembly_ct) and the following hashtag: #SendMeToPromNight. The same procedure can be followed on Twitter, except replace @sammusicscene with @capetownmusiccsc.






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