Home Lifestyle Vance Joy Releases New Single “Fire and the Flood”

Vance Joy Releases New Single “Fire and the Flood”

Vance Joy Releases New Single “Fire and the Flood”


Australian singer/ songwriter Vance Joy just released a new single, and it’s pretty much perfection. “Fire and the Flood” brings together everything right about indie rock from the harmonies in the chorus to the simplicity of the song.

Recently, many artist have been releasing their singles by releasing the music video. It’s an odd tactic that kind of takes away the suspense. When you see a music video for the first time you already know the song and can watch the video as just that without trying to pay attention to the lyrics. However, strange as this tactic is, it kind of works for this song.

The video plays as an optical illusion (Don’t worry, you shouldn’t get dizzy, just extremely confused). By the end, it seems like it all took place in one room, but throughout it looks like a huge mansion. When the video begins,  the camera is doing a close up of Joy’s face. From the angle and positioning of the shot, it looks like he floats above the ground rather than walks on it. This idea ties in perfectly to the words in the chorus “Anywhere I go there you are” by skewing our perception of where “there” even is.

Check out this beautiful (almost enchanting) video below! Don’t forget to leave a comment telling us your thoughts!




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