The illuminating Lumineers, showing what performance should be!

The thought of writing my first review for one of my ultimate favourite bands was nerve wrecking. I had no idea what to expect, what to look out for or what to write about. I soon realized that The Lumineers were not going to leave me any other choice but to sit back, relax and enjoy their indescribable talent for entertainment and endless musicality.

Lets get the negatives out of the way first, with every show there’s bound to be some aspects that really just annoy you. In retrospect, the opening act, Majozi, was a disappointment. Not only did they do a cover of a very popular song in an opening act spot for an international band, the live mixing was unbalanced and made them sound “unorganized”. Pity, since Seed Experiences had the opportunity to showcase some of South Africa’s best talent.
Secondly, the sponsors of the comps they had running “to keep the crowd busy” in change over didn’t really think about the fact that signal loss takes place when a large amount of people gather in one spot. No one could enter due to this lack of signal/wifi. But, despite all of this….

Majozi by Ashley Brown 2
Majozi by Ashley Brown

Starting off their third last show with song “Classy Girls” in the heart of Cape Town, Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden, which reminded me of very similar venue, Red Rocks, where they also performed, had me on the edge of my grassy seat, already knowing that this will be an absolute mind blowing experience.
I have been a fan for quite a couple of years now, but seeing them live, performing on the spot with at least 10 different instruments, each playing these various instruments, taking turns, sounding better than they do on their recorded material, really was astounding.

It really didn’t take long for them to get every single person in the crowd on their feet. They had the fans eating out of the palm of their hands, everyone was chiming along, had their hands clapping in the air, swaying their hips, bouncing to the beat, taking in the open air vibe and beauty that is mother nature, getting drawn into the show by each band member’s great stage personality.

Focusing on the musicality, performing live is not a piece of cake and these musos really made it look like a breeze. Whilst going about the show changing and swopping instruments amongst each other, standing on the piano playing tambourine, tapping drum sticks on the piano they contributed something rather unique to the dynamics. One refreshing aspect to their performance was that they had an act, not just a live performance. You were watching a show like it was theatre, rehearsed to entertain and as a high standard performance goes, there really never was a moment of silence. There was either someone playing the cello, piano, talking to the audience or doing a cool drum solo. They perfected the balance between being well rehearsed and still playing with passion.

The Lumineers by Ashley Brown
The Lumineers by Ashley Brown

Already having the best time, they pulled out a rabbit from their hat of entertainment tricks and wandered into and to the middle of the crowd to perform two songs, at no less of a standard they had on stage. The whole set was an absolute height, but this was something that no one could foresee. Is that not entertainment; to give your audience what they did not expect, to leave them in awe?

If this is the standard Seed Experience is setting for Kirstenbosch acts, I cannot wait to see what they give us with Passenger (15 February 2015) and Ben Howard (18 March 2015) who will also be performing at the same location. Be sure to book your tickets on soon to avoid disappointment!

As the Lumieenrs go, they write about 110 songs and choose the best for their album and then tour with that album for a long time. As they revealed in the press conference, the shows in Cape Town/JHB were the last stops for the album they have and they will be busy working on their new album soon. I really cannot wait for this one to be released and to enjoy yet another Seed Experience show with The Lumineers.

The Lumineers by Ashley Brown 3
The Lumineers by Ashley Brown



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