Live Review: QOTSA Tribute

The street is littered with karaoke cats, quick-quipped beggars waxing lyrical, curious bystanders, and the disciples of Queens of the Stone Age as Manila plays host to two events tonight. A car crash soundwave hangs out of the few open windows above the queue, coaxing us inside. Lady Gaga’s ‘Paparazzi,’ belted out by early brave aspiring Little Monsters competes with Kasabian’s, ‘Shoot the Runner,’ sending my intestines into a twist of excitement and nausea. I haven’t been here for a while.

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WIN: QOTSA Tribute 2016

Cape Town’s finest rock n roll musicians gather on one night to pay Homme-age to one of rock n roll’s finest outfits in a first of it’s kind, Queens Of The Stone Age Tribute show.

Now you might be wondering why the hell there’s a tribute to a band that are all alive, kicking and gigging… Well, to be honest, we’re on the tip of Africa with one of the worst currencies, our real alternative music festival looks to have kicked the bucket and a lack of support to rock ‘n roll. So, that’s why… To start off the hype for one of the best rock bands we’ve teamed up with the tribute musos to give you the chance to win tickets.

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MTV awards: Ozzy Osbourne Wins Global Icon

Ozzy Osbourne was granted the global icon award, and accepted it with a speech so short, sweet and humble that for a moment it was easy to forget how crazy he once was. His reaction to Slash, Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators and Simon Neil’s rendition of Crazy Train was so amazing, video to follow shortly!

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Doin’ Sublime, The Right Way : The Sublime Tribute Show 2014

Written by : Kelly van Niekerk (@Foreverblackshp)

Photography by : Vetman Design & Photography

Last year I waited in a gargantuan line that snaked around the block, in a desperate attempt get in on the loving that was last year’s Sublime Tribute Show. Unfortunately I was mercilessly turned away with a helpless shrug and a simple “Sorry, sold out”. It was there and then that I made a pact with myself that, whatever happened, I would not miss the next one. This year I held true to that promise and not even my broken wrist could have held me back.
2014 marks the 3rd annual Sublime Tribute Show, all of which have been raging, sold-out successes. This year saw the death of the monster line as all tickets sold out the week before the show, a pretty impressive feat if you consider that the only advertising done was via an event page on Facebook- that fact alone is a true testament to the love that Cape Town shares for this band. Continue reading Doin’ Sublime, The Right Way : The Sublime Tribute Show 2014

…A Tribute For All | Metallica tribute at Mercury

Written By: Kenneth Keiser

Metallica, one band that has been claimed to be the world’s most influential band of all time has inspired four well known musicians here in Cape Town to show tribute to the masters themselves by creating an excellent imitation of the world known band.

There was talk amongst friends and fellow musicians that there will be this show at Mercury on the 9th November, I was told that there will be a Metallica tribute band performing and apparently they have only done two shows in the past… as I heard that I immediately got hooked to the idea and planned my Friday night of madness to the tee. Continue reading …A Tribute For All | Metallica tribute at Mercury