Spotify South Africa is here!

We’ve been hearing the rumours and we can finally confirm, they’re true… In mere hours after receiving the Spotify iStore download my life has been changed. The hype is real, it’s not a fad and it may just change the way you consume music for good!

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Love.Hate.Music Launches As Music Aggregation Service

How does a band go about getting their music to fans? Pressing copies of CDs and EPs in the desperate hope that someone will pick up a CD at the next show? Hope that Musica, with their constantly declining album sales, will pick up on their music and stock It? Both these options have never fared well for South African artists. The people attending their shows are more content with knocking back a few shots than spending their money on a CD. Music retail stores hardly take an interest in bands that are not signed to a major label or an indie label with a lot of clout to its name.

The digital age was meant to change that. It was meant to be this glorious means of distributing music to fans through digital music stores. These stores were meant to revolutionise the industry. It was meant to make it incredibly easy for small artists to get their music to their fans without much of a hassle. There was one small problem. The digital stores were designed to operate exactly like physical retail stores. If an artist does not have a label backing them then their music will not find their way into iTune’s online library. Streaming services like Spotify and Deezer won’t take an artist’s music unless they’re signed to a label, have a large catalogue of music or fork out a hefty licensing fee. Fees that will naturally be paid in dollars. The current exchange rate makes that difficult for South African artists. It took a few years for digital labels like TuneCore and CDBaby to appear and make it easier for independent artists to get their music onto online sites, but their aggregation services came at a price. A price that would be paid in dollars. South African artists were once again left in the lurch.

2016 brings a new wave of change to the South African music industry with the introduction of Love.Hate.Music – South Africa’s first music aggregation service. Love.Hate.Music is a digital label that offers its services in Rands rather than making artists struggle to keep up with the exchange rate. Love.Hate.Music distributes to 33 platforms globally.

  • 24-7 Entertainment
  • 7 Digital
  • Amazon
  • Deezer
  • eMusic
  • Google Play
  • Gracenote
  • Gramo
  • HelloJuneNet
  • InProdicon
  • iTunes / Apple Music
  • JH Hi-Fi Now
  • Klicktrack Music
  • Media Service Provider
  • MediaNet Music
  • Mondia Music
  • Nokia
    Omnifone: Sony
  • RDIO
  • Rhapsody / Napster
  • SecuryCast
  • Shazam
  • Simfy Africa
  • Slacker
  • SoundExchange
  • Spotify
  • TIDAL /Wimp
  • Xbox Music
  • YouTube Audio ID
  • YouTube Red
  • Zvooq

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