SA Music Scene Blog Submission Tips

With so much music being released and social media channels throttling your organic reach as well the fact that I would like to give back more of my time to the South African music community, here are some of my top tips for getting your track featured on SA Music Scene!

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SA Music Scene is BACK with vengeance

A few months ago I was typing up a post announcing my resignation from SA Music Scene, a few unexpected events occurred from then till now and here I am celebrating while I say… “SA Music Scene is BACK with vengeance!”

South Africa’s blog for building artists and giving them the platform to build themselves, this was the passion project I convinced the founder Jaco Brill to include me in, in July/August 2011. Continue reading SA Music Scene is BACK with vengeance

Album Review : Brynn launches Querencia

Written by : Ezelle Louw

Querencia – a place from which one’s strength is drawn, where one feels at home; the place where you are your most authentic self

Just a mere month ago I discovered a bunch of guys on stage that blew my musical mind to bits. Brynn captivated my soul at Up the Creek with their powerhouse performance, musical magic and array of deep rooted lyrics. They demand connection to their audience, they require attention and Brynn is currently securing fans everywhere they seem to trail.

Brynn’s aptly titled debut album Querencia is in my possession for review. I imagine my current feeling resembles as one who is in possession of gold. Not only my excitement, but my expectation levels reached a standard I was weary these guys would not touch base with. They took those presumptions by the collar, grabbed on and surpassed all preconceived notions with flying colors.

Album artwork by Chris Auret

Unvarnished is the one word description I would utter about this album. The richly textured lyrics, the finely executed musical genius of this quintet, rounded off with well mended talent, all poured into a raw blend of arrangements leads to an album I can binge upon. Unvarnished means straightforward, not covered and I feel this describes Querencia as a whole. The album possesses an attractive purity that leaves me at ease to repeat these songs, loud.

Each song structured on this album, places me in a different range of the emotional palette. Some with harder rock infusion , some with  softer ballads which ensures a more vulnerable state of mind. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve seen such a strong line up of musicians come together to create The Quan.
Please don’t judge my current need to refer to the classic Tom Cruise movie, Jerry Maguire. The scene where Cuba Gooding Jnr. stands naked in the locker room and tries to explain the meaning of the word quan to Tom Cruise. Armed with an expressive face and matching hand gestures, Cuba utters,“ It means love, respect, community and the dollars too. The entire package. The Quan.”

Brynn by Tatyana Levana Photography

Brynn certainly contains The Quan in my humble opinion. This album secures a deep love for the tender reflection they display in the plethora of arrangements to form this piece of gold. Respect has been earned in a rather short space of time for each of these musicians. Jules Terea’s vocals contain an elemental edge and range that ensures the essential punch to Brynn as an entity. The rest of the members attains a strong performance signature that makes Brynn explosive live and on play. Dave van Vuuren on lead guitar displays finely crafted skills which lures in your being, combined with Hezron Chetty on violin who creates heart piercing crescendos. Alex Similie (bass) and Eddie Kriel (drums) compliments the whole attire in showcasing their need to push their boundaries in their selected crafts.
Exploding on the scene ferociously,  Brynn has harnessed quite a community with their music, which is admirable in its own. The dollars is in the mix, because I do hope these guys  take their career and make a proper living out of their talent, I would like to see them hang around the scene for quite some time.  In short Brynn is the whole package, Th Quan.

Brynn by Tatyana Levana Photography

I will single out 4 songs that I keep close to my heart and loud in my ear. Cotton Mind, Querencia, About Time and Almost Blind seals the deal to the epiphany of an album. Please make sure you make time to go see Brynn live, as I feel to truly appreciate this album you need to experience their dramatic performance for yourself.

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45 Years Later, Elton John’s ‘Tiny Dancer’ music video releases

The brand new “Tiny Dancer” video premiered at the Cannes Film Festival alongside two other brand new Elton John music videos – an animated visual for “Rocket Man” by Majid Adin and a choreographed dance performance set to “Bennie and the Jets” by Jack Whiteley and Laura Brownhill. Continue reading 45 Years Later, Elton John’s ‘Tiny Dancer’ music video releases

WIN: Phoenix Festival of Fire

SA Music Scene has teamed up with Vortex Trance Adventures to give you the opportunity to win tickets to this year’s Phoenix Festival of Fire.

Be part of a unique outdoor music festival, celebrating the solstice with not just amazing electronic music but workshops, trade stalls, food vendors and so much more… Continue reading WIN: Phoenix Festival of Fire

Backsberg Picnic Concerts 2016

Backsberg Estate Cellars Kicks-off Centenary Year with Lively Set of Sunday Picnic Concerts. If you’ve ever been to one of these shows you’ll know what an amazing experience it is. If you are young, old, a wine lover or even struggle to attend music events because of your toddler: Backsberg Picnic Concerts 2016 is for you!

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How to get the attention of media and industry professionals:

Working in the music industry and wearing many hats, from blogger to ex-band manager and now representing an events company behind festivals like Plett Rage I receive thousands of emails daily.

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WIN: Fokofpolisiekar at The Assembly 5 Feb

Bellville legendary rockers will be coming together for a long-awaited Cape Town gig at Cape Town’s biggest live music venue: The Assembly supported by up and comers Southern Wild! For one night only The Assembly will be serving Fokofpolisiekar’s craft beer selection!


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Breathe Sunshine African Music Conference 2015

Between 26 September and 4 October 2015, South Africa’s Mother City will be united in a week-long celebration of music across a diversity of genres. The Mother City Prepares for Cape Town Music Week 2015, known for its diversity, creativity and burgeoning talent, Cape Town is a hub for music, art and entertainment. Its rich cultural heritage offers the ideal platform for the emergence of music styles ranging from hip hop to classical, jazz, kwaito, electronic music and many other sounds. Cape Town Music Week (CTMW) 2015 aims to harness the collective inspiration, unity, creativity and talent found across the peninsula, through a week of events that put the spotlight on music. One of the Cape Town Music Week’s highlights has to be Breathe Sunshine African Music Conference 2015. Continue reading Breathe Sunshine African Music Conference 2015

A Sweet Ending to The Affair | Ben Howard In Review

Music is a very personal experience. Like buying a watch or perfume. Most people love to wear it, but only in this manner and only with this or that.

However, along comes Seed Experiences and bowls us with yet another amazing production, always knowing exactly what the people need. To read your audience and know who will attract a crowd of all ages is not an easy task, but Seed Experiences can give themselves a round of applause. Continue reading A Sweet Ending to The Affair | Ben Howard In Review

Vance Joy Releases New Single “Fire and the Flood”


Australian singer/ songwriter Vance Joy just released a new single, and it’s pretty much perfection. “Fire and the Flood” brings together everything right about indie rock from the harmonies in the chorus to the simplicity of the song.

Recently, many artist have been releasing their singles by releasing the music video. It’s an odd tactic that kind of takes away the suspense. When you see a music video for the first time you already know the song and can watch the video as just that without trying to pay attention to the lyrics. However, strange as this tactic is, it kind of works for this song.

The video plays as an optical illusion (Don’t worry, you shouldn’t get dizzy, just extremely confused). By the end, it seems like it all took place in one room, but throughout it looks like a huge mansion. When the video begins,  the camera is doing a close up of Joy’s face. From the angle and positioning of the shot, it looks like he floats above the ground rather than walks on it. This idea ties in perfectly to the words in the chorus “Anywhere I go there you are” by skewing our perception of where “there” even is.

Check out this beautiful (almost enchanting) video below! Don’t forget to leave a comment telling us your thoughts!

Secret Frequencies 26 September ft Damage Inc, Kamashe’ & more

Underground Frequencies & Cape Town Music Scene are proud to be hosting an exclusive SECRET Frequencies featuring  Damage IncKamashe’LSDNBForrestDvizion & much more!
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The Rock ‘n Rollercoaster Presents: Arno Carstens

Join Assembly Radio and The Rock ‘n Rollercoaster on Assembly Radio with Dylan Culhane for an evening of interviews and a live performance from Arno Carstens Music brought to you by Sailor Jerry
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The 2nd SA Music Scene presents at The Side Show

SA Music Scene has been supporting the local music industry in various aspects, creating coverage as far as possible for all musses and events. This time round SA Music Scene will be in partnership with The Side Show to host an event, where some of South Africa’s finest will be performing for the first time. Come be a part of history and show your support for SA Music. Continue reading The 2nd SA Music Scene presents at The Side Show

Dear Inge – Let’s Save Whats Left

Review by Karl Kemp

Photography by Nadine Aucamp Photography


This isn’t a review – this is my text-based marriage proposal to Inge Beckmann. God, the gyration, the gyration…everyone’s thinking it, everyone’s wondering – ‘does she kiss like she sings? Does she sleep in Sodom, commute to Gomorrah?’ Most sacred of sacraments, what is sacred if not the blues, and what is Gomorrah if not the Hebrew name for the hellhole crudeness of a privileged 20-something’s authority-less playground? Continue reading Dear Inge – Let’s Save Whats Left