Endless Daze 2016 Mix Tape

With Psych Night & Vans’ Endless Daze festival just a few days away, kick off your Monday with this great mix tape made by Philip Kramer and featuring songs by all performing artists at this year’s festival including internationals Froth and The KVB!

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Art Snakes – Yes, I can hear you Clem Fandango

We’ve been waiting a fair amount of time to hear Art Snakes’ music here at SA Music Scene, seeing three great musos with majorly different styles and sounds come together and craft a new product had us on our seats… Finally, we can all hear the first hiss of Art Snakes with their debut single: Yes, I can hear you Clem Fandango! Continue reading Art Snakes – Yes, I can hear you Clem Fandango

VIDEO PREMIERE: The Go Ahead – Checked Out

Music journalists are so obsessed with pointing out that a band is fronted by a female. They seek the need to use “female-fronted” as a qualifier when covering bands like We Are The In Crowd and PVRIS. It is as if being female means your talent is of a lesser quality to that of the male-dominated rock scene. This is an absurd notion because many of these frontwomen have just as much talent, if not more than their male colleagues.

The Go Ahead is one of those bands that prove that there is no need to use “female-fronted” as a qualifier because they deliver a sound that rivals some established male-dominated alternative rock bands. Their latest video “Checked Out” sees the band performing in the studio and delivering a slick high-energy rock song. Snarling guitar riffs and chugging melodies dominate the song while lead singer Kyna Wise delivers a powerful vocal performance. Her vocals have a unique rasp to them that curls itself around the swelling melody of her voice.

It is without further ado that South African Music Scene presents the premiere of The Go Ahead’s “Checked Out” off of their album Cycles. 

Stoker – Take A Stab (Official Music Video)

Stoker, the band that has been handed the flag of South African rock… The survivors, the underdogs and the saviors. With loud guitars, big drums, filthy bass and beautifully raw vocals Stoker have formed themselves to be what I like to think as the only South African rock band portraying the life of the age-old rock culture: Sex, drugs & rock ‘n roll! Continue reading Stoker – Take A Stab (Official Music Video)

De Wallen 2.0

Partying in Stellenbosch you meet a few very interesting characters. In my days of raucous late nights and sleepless weekends I met a crazy red-jacketed Jeandré Swanepoel. You’ve probably seen him next to the stage at any good rock ‘n roll show around Cape Town or on stage for his band De Wallen and Dead Lucky. Continue reading De Wallen 2.0

Portugal. The Man “Main Man” (T. Rex Cover)

Late night scrolling through social media due to insomnia, well it’s not that late so I can probably not pull the insomnia card… I found that Portugal. The Man did a cover of “Main Man” originally by T. Rex. I discovered T. Rex while searching for secondhand vinyls, I bought their album due to the cool artwork of ‘Electric Warrior’. Continue reading Portugal. The Man “Main Man” (T. Rex Cover)

Red Huxley – Calibrate

I’m very proud to release Red Huxley’s brand new single off their new EP, Needle’s Eye, on SA Music Scene. It was recorded and mixed myself and a good friend: Gerhard van der Westhuizen. It feels great being able to release new South African rock ‘n roll on a platform so dear to my heart. Please have a listen and feedback would be appreciated.

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Curious Music Discovery: Dorothy

We are excited to show you another instalment to Curious Music Discovery (CMD). After weeks of silence I want to introduce you to Dorothy, a brand new act finishing up their first album in partnership with Skull Candy! Continue reading Curious Music Discovery: Dorothy

The 2nd SA Music Scene presents at The Side Show

SA Music Scene has been supporting the local music industry in various aspects, creating coverage as far as possible for all musses and events. This time round SA Music Scene will be in partnership with The Side Show to host an event, where some of South Africa’s finest will be performing for the first time. Come be a part of history and show your support for SA Music. Continue reading The 2nd SA Music Scene presents at The Side Show

The new Taxi Violence, not to be taken lightly!

Interview by Karl Kemp (@KarlKemp8)

Photography by Vetman design and photography


“Why should anyone care about this album?” There’s a nervous pause as my leading question lingers in the air. Then someone says: “Because it’s Taxi Violence.” There’s no laughs, no smug satisfaction, just a point blank declaration: you know who we are.

We’re at Heritage Sounds studios, in a dank room above Marshall Music on Buitengracht Street in Cape Town. Taxi Violence shoot the shit about their upcoming fourth album in between vocal takes; the one they’ve said will claim back their title as the best live band in South Africa. Continue reading The new Taxi Violence, not to be taken lightly!

Wild Eastern Arches on psychedelic rock and playing RAMfest

Interview by Katherine Valenti Brookes (@KathValenti)

Wild Eastern Arches is five piece psychedelic rock ‘n roll band born in Cape Town, South Africa. The members comprise of Ben Cox, Raoul Goetze, Dan Walsh, Jack Walsh and Patrick Wells.

Their first live show was in March 2012 and since then have amounted an impressive list of live shows and support, with appearances at some of South Africa’s biggest music festivals.

Their music can be described as an intricate psychedelic mesh of instrumental and sound experimentation, often letting the listener’s mind wonder and the body groove as the band harks to the musical greats of the 60’s and 70’s yet strides forward with the neo-psychedelic movement. Wild Eastern Arches released their debut work on the EP entitled “Mountain”, fetching praise locally and internationally for it’s distinguishable layering, stringent attention detail and acute creative energy – ultimately a sound that hadn’t been heard on these shores before. Continue reading Wild Eastern Arches on psychedelic rock and playing RAMfest

The CTMS WGG: Love Week 11 – 16 February ’13

The Cape Town Music Scene Weekly Gig Guide!

The Weekly Gig Guide is managed by  Ashley Brown

To have your event featured on the CTMS WGG, post your event link to Charlie Brown or Cape Town Music Scene
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Get Ready For Rock The River. CTMS interviews: Half Price

Katherine Brookes @KathValenti

Half Price is a Cape Town based punk rock band.
For the last 10 years, Emo Mawk, Kyle the Machine, The Corporate Homo and the DFG have been terrorising the South African music scene and spreading their crazy party music across the ocean on two and a half Europe tours. More often than not, Half Price is criticized about their liberal views. The fundamental band philosophy can be summarised as: Em

brace your vulgarity! Be filthy but intelligent! The general feeling behind this is that people in this day and age are scared of not being entirely politically correct and are compromising themselves as free thinking individuals. Half Price on the other hand are proud of being 90% politically incorrect and 10% politically incompetent. Continue reading Get Ready For Rock The River. CTMS interviews: Half Price