Red Huxley – Calibrate

I’m very proud to release Red Huxley’s brand new single off their new EP, Needle’s Eye, on SA Music Scene. It was recorded and mixed myself and a good friend: Gerhard van der Westhuizen. It feels great being able to release new South African rock ‘n roll on a platform so dear to my heart. Please have a listen and feedback would be appreciated.

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The 2nd SA Music Scene presents at The Side Show

SA Music Scene has been supporting the local music industry in various aspects, creating coverage as far as possible for all musses and events. This time round SA Music Scene will be in partnership with The Side Show to host an event, where some of South Africa’s finest will be performing for the first time. Come be a part of history and show your support for SA Music. Continue reading The 2nd SA Music Scene presents at The Side Show

Up the Creek 2014

Words & Photo’s by Ezelle Louw (@Lupaphoto)

Just to clarify, I did ample research on Up the Creek before I hit the tar road to Swellendam. Various sources prepared me ,claiming that this intimate festival (only 2500 Creekers are allowed) is the hidden gem of our music industry. My scepticism was amplified since I’m a die hard Ramfest / Rocking the Daisy supporter (I still am!). As with most things in my life, I went with an open mind. Nothing though could prepare me for what I found nestled between dusty gravel roads, stretching farm lands and the Breede river. Continue reading Up the Creek 2014

Its time for Up The Creek with Anne & her guests!

Black Cat Bones wrote a theme song for Up The Creek this year and somehow Anne Hirsch per-swayed artists and  band members of Taxi Violence, Gerald Clark, Red Huxley, Beatenberg, Jeremy Loops, Arno Carstens & more to come have a sing along with her. Watch the hilarious video below… Continue reading Its time for Up The Creek with Anne & her guests!

Red Huxley: Cape to California and the launch of ‘Nothing More’

Looks can be deceiving. Standing outside Kill City Blues rehearsal studio in Salt River, balancing a beer between his Vans, Dylan Jones looks as unassuming as any other English kid from the Southern Suburbs. There’s no posturing or preening, no unnecessary sunnies or fake recalcitrance – just a guy and his two best mates basking in the warm glow of success and the Cape Town sun Continue reading Red Huxley: Cape to California and the launch of ‘Nothing More’

Red Hulxey’s Documentary at The Waiting Room

Red Huxley will be launching a 25 min documentary of their trip to America at The Waiting Room on Thursday 24th October. The trip was documented by Motion City Films and released via MK’s YouTube channel. With the help of Dan Nash from the popular blog,, their adventure was brought home for everyone to follow. Continue reading Red Hulxey’s Documentary at The Waiting Room

The Utopia Fest Aftermath

Utopia Music Festival 2013 – Review

Written by Dee Theart (@deetheart) and Katherine Brookes (@KathValenti)

Photography by Ezelle Louw – Lupa Photography (@LupaPhotography)


Let’s take a look at the South-African music festival calendar: at the beginning of the year there are a few weekend festivals, and suddenly nothing, nada, zilch; zero excitement for many months. Then out of the blue the very first Utopia Music Festival made an appearance, and it seemed like a heavenly oasis in the dry months of no festivals. The renowned festival venue Nekkies, close to Worcester and Rawsonville, played host to the inaugural event. This was a weekend that we’d been looking forward to for weeks. On Friday when the time came to hit the road, we could barely contain our excitement. Sing-a-longs in the car made the route shorter and before we could say ‘Utopia’, we were in front of the fest’s gate.   Continue reading The Utopia Fest Aftermath

All about the kick-ass RAMfest Cape Town 2013

Edited by Karl Kemp

Review by Katherine Brookes & Ezelle Louw

Photography by Vetman van der Naam & Pierre Rommelaere


RAMfest 2013 was a sprawling city of colourful folks with only their diversity as a common denominator. You’d find just as many freaks in front of the metal stage as the main stage, and you had just as many people waiting in stayed frenzy for Rise Against as you had for Das Kapital. Covering all of it would be like trying to listen to the latest Bieber tune; painful and verging on self-harm. With this in mind, and also the fact that most revellers would struggle to remember much beyond their twelfth beer, the SAMS team spread out individually like a drunken mist amongst the trails and trees and tribulations, to bring you the widest possible coverage of what exactly took place on the outskirts of the sleepy little town of Riviersonderend. Why? Because we fucking love you, that’s why. So here’s RAMfest 2013, decked out in tiny little bite sized chunks for easy digestion. Be sure not to choke on the splendour. Continue reading All about the kick-ass RAMfest Cape Town 2013

Red Huxley’s Road To Rancho

Red Huxley, an awesome rock band from Cape Town is making name for themselves since the release of their EP and with their brilliant  music video ‘My Own Way’. These guys have put their heart and soul into their music that they believe in. Performing at music festivals and shows all around South Africa. Continue reading Red Huxley’s Road To Rancho

Stellies MAD Quad Party in Association with SA Music Scene

It’s that time of the year again… Stellies annual Mad Quad Rock has once again assimilated a line-up that will prove to be more than groundbreaking.

As history dictates the Stellies Quad Party is the biggest day on Stellenbosch Campus and hosts about 3000 students. This is the party of the year and you don’t want to miss out! Get all your friends together, put your dancing shoes on and come enjoy a day to remember with PartyAnimal Stellenbosch. Continue reading Stellies MAD Quad Party in Association with SA Music Scene

Superheroes & Villains Review at Zula Bar

Written by :  Kaylene Overall (@kayoverall)

Photography by : Rhynhardt Krynauw (@rhynhardtk)

Zula Bar has seen some great gigs over the past few weeks, some truly unruly occasions. Superheroes and Villains was most definitely not one of them; in fact, it was one of the most boring (yes, boring) gigs I’ve been to in a while.

The line-up was promising with favourites such as Red Huxley, Woodstock Mafia and Fox Comet. I was feeling relatively hopeful, that is, until my photographer friend and I stepped into the downstairs hall. It was completely empty. Continue reading Superheroes & Villains Review at Zula Bar