EP REVIEW: Dangerfields – Embers

Post-punk. The bastard child of emo and punk. It is a genre that has never really had much of a footing in South Africa perhaps because the scene has never really leaned towards the shoegaze-inspired eclecticism. An indie rock dominated scene never gave much leeway for bands drenched in dreamy melancholia to gain much traction and the alternative scene is far too rooted in metal for it to give much attention to punk guitar riffs soaked in reverb and drawling vocals that are reminiscent of The National. However, the scene is changing as psych-rock elements have begun to curl their tendrils around the live music scene.

Psych music is beginning to gain much more traction in South Africa with international bands like Tame Impala becoming increasingly popular and musical heavyweights like The Plastics moulding their sound to dabble in the realm of psych rock. It is in this realm of musical experimentation that a post-punk band has tentatively marched onto the scene. The band in question is Dangerfields – a band consisting of members from The Very Wicked, Loveglove Pyrotechnics and Retro Dizzy. They’ve already gained themselves a bit of a fanbase with their exquisite live shows and their debut EP Embers cements what people have been saying about their live music with a five track offering that flows like a well-coordinated jam session but sounds like a well-produced album.

“The Trip” aptly opens the EP. In this song, – Dangerfields gives the listener an insight into the musical on which they are about to embark. A repetitive series of guitar chords and reverb opens up the song before a slow-tempo drumbeat kicks in alongside Lucas Swart’s soothing vocals that makes me think of Matt Berninger of The National. This could easily fool the listener into believing that the entire EP is going to be a rip off of the national, but Dangerfields quickly dispels this notion by kicking in with a vibrant display of punk energy tempered by the dreamy eclecticism of shoegaze and the melancholic self-actualisation of the emo genre. Off-tempo drumbeats drive the song to attempt to achieve the same degree of energy as a punk song but guitars laden with reverb and melody suppress the song’s emotion to match the mournful nature of Swart’s vocals.

This is what occurs throughout the EP. Each song has moments where it attempts to flesh out the “punk” aspect of the post-punk genre.  The use of reverb, downtempo drumming or distorted bass riffs allows Dangerfields to reign in their sound and adhere to post-punk norms. This gives the band a brilliant sense of restrained energy and allows for songs like “Haze” and “Bombs” to have gorgeous soundscapes in which they shift from melancholic indie rock to something much more frenzied and punk-like. Even the quieter songs like “Burn” and “The Daylight” are imbued with this punk-inspired energy even though it is dulled down for the sake of emotional impact. This is a band that could result in a surge of post-punk inspired bands – something from which the scene could definitely benefit.



WIN: QOTSA Tribute 2016

Cape Town’s finest rock n roll musicians gather on one night to pay Homme-age to one of rock n roll’s finest outfits in a first of it’s kind, Queens Of The Stone Age Tribute show.

Now you might be wondering why the hell there’s a tribute to a band that are all alive, kicking and gigging… Well, to be honest, we’re on the tip of Africa with one of the worst currencies, our real alternative music festival looks to have kicked the bucket and a lack of support to rock ‘n roll. So, that’s why… To start off the hype for one of the best rock bands we’ve teamed up with the tribute musos to give you the chance to win tickets.

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WIN tickets to Loveglove Pyrotechnics, Death Panthers, Mind Pool & more at The Assembly

This Friday catch three of the coolest cats in the local rock scene! Rising stars Mind Pool kick us off with their experimental psych which recently featured on Red Bull Studio’s Pit Album. Next up, deadly garage punk duo Death Panthers thrash out, followed by stage comanders and performers of note the Loveglove Pyrotechnics glamming it out! With DJ Joy Orbison keeps the beats going all night! Continue reading WIN tickets to Loveglove Pyrotechnics, Death Panthers, Mind Pool & more at The Assembly

This Weekend at The Assembly 10 Oct ’14

Few days have gone by after Rocking the Daisies, some dire Instagram pictures floating around of girls pouting and boets from ‘Roendeboesch’ showing their guns by holding some betties tight in front of the indie / indie pop / synth bands, but this year… I don’t feel that sadness, hunger or longing for my passed festival weekend. Shit, who knows… Maybe I’m getting old or maybe I just will never understand how cool the Beach Bar is. Continue reading This Weekend at The Assembly 10 Oct ’14

Win with Dogtown & Jägermeister #TheLastBark

After careful consideration the indie rock band from Bellville, Dogtown has come to the decision to call it day. They are closing the door on one project with the intent on throwing some focus on
bigger dreams and higher mountains. Continue reading Win with Dogtown & Jägermeister #TheLastBark

All about the kick-ass RAMfest Cape Town 2013

Edited by Karl Kemp

Review by Katherine Brookes & Ezelle Louw

Photography by Vetman van der Naam & Pierre Rommelaere


RAMfest 2013 was a sprawling city of colourful folks with only their diversity as a common denominator. You’d find just as many freaks in front of the metal stage as the main stage, and you had just as many people waiting in stayed frenzy for Rise Against as you had for Das Kapital. Covering all of it would be like trying to listen to the latest Bieber tune; painful and verging on self-harm. With this in mind, and also the fact that most revellers would struggle to remember much beyond their twelfth beer, the SAMS team spread out individually like a drunken mist amongst the trails and trees and tribulations, to bring you the widest possible coverage of what exactly took place on the outskirts of the sleepy little town of Riviersonderend. Why? Because we fucking love you, that’s why. So here’s RAMfest 2013, decked out in tiny little bite sized chunks for easy digestion. Be sure not to choke on the splendour. Continue reading All about the kick-ass RAMfest Cape Town 2013