WIN: QOTSA Tribute 2016

Cape Town’s finest rock n roll musicians gather on one night to pay Homme-age to one of rock n roll’s finest outfits in a first of it’s kind, Queens Of The Stone Age Tribute show.

Now you might be wondering why the hell there’s a tribute to a band that are all alive, kicking and gigging… Well, to be honest, we’re on the tip of Africa with one of the worst currencies, our real alternative music festival looks to have kicked the bucket and a lack of support to rock ‘n roll. So, that’s why… To start off the hype for one of the best rock bands we’ve teamed up with the tribute musos to give you the chance to win tickets.

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Win Tickets To Halloweird

It is that time of the year again where we give into our American influences to celebrate that joyous pagan festival of death that is Halloween. Elsewhere, it is a festival coveted by children but in South Africa – it has become an excuse for adults to embrace their inner weirdness and dress-up in the strangest ways possible. Halloweird is an event that fuels this inherent desire to dress-up on Halloween by stipulating that entry shall not be granted if one does not dress up. It is an eclectic event which shall play host to Sean Koch, Indigo Child, Bam Bam and the Wild Professors, Thor Rixon, and Yeti.

South African Music Scene is giving one reader the chance to win two tickets to Halloweird. All you have to do is comment below with what you shall be dressing up as, and you shall be entered into the contest .Winner announced at noon on Friday.

Zula Bar – The Last Dance

By : Ezelle Louw (@lupaphoto)

The sad news of another live music venue closing hit us this past week. Zula Bar has been home to some of our industry’s most prominent artist and also provided unknown bands an opportunity to showcase their music to the public. After 9 years of providing us with music and talent, Zula Bar is closing its doors on us. This weekend is the last festival of music happening , so please make sure you make extra effort to go say your goodbyes. Here we have the line up for you! Bands not listed in any particular order of performance.  Continue reading Zula Bar – The Last Dance