[REVIEW] FPK – Selfmedikasie: The result of our youth!

Francois, Wynand, Hunter, Johnny, and Snake have delivered another album so perfectly crafted and relevant to the time of its release, just like they always have when we were still teenagers – angry and desperate to find ourselves.
We don’t have to shy our faces when people talk about being Afrikaans, there’s only a handful of Afrikaners holding onto racism and apartheid – we’ve shown the middle fingers to our parent’s ways, the wrongs in Christianity and we’ve formed our own persona’s in the new South Africa. We aren’t pissed off anymore, we are proud of who we’ve become! Continue reading [REVIEW] FPK – Selfmedikasie: The result of our youth!

Fokofpolisiekar – Selfmedikasie

An album so highly anticipated that it’s received R1’082’780 crowdfunding and not just their dream goal of R500’000.00 to create, record, produce and release their brand new album. The feedback of this crowdfunding campaign built a bit of a love-hate relationship towards the album in the South African music industry, but today the fruits of this campaign will be available for picking to fans and critics who pledged… Continue reading Fokofpolisiekar – Selfmedikasie

FPK Live DVD Preview and Cape Town launch info!

By Charlie Brown (@Charlie_BrownSA)


Fokofpolisiekar have come a long way since back in the day pissing off the “NG Kerk” and Bobby van Jaarsveld’s mom, filling venues; festivals and touring overseas. Logically a Live DVD was the next thing to concur for the guys of FPK.

The band will launch Forgive them for they Suck K*k at this year’s Oppikoppi BewilderBeast. Soon after Oppikoppi,  Capetonians will have the opportunity to see Fokofpolisiekar live and get their hands on the DVD. Continue reading FPK Live DVD Preview and Cape Town launch info!