Die Heuwels Fantasties launches 2021

Afrikaans Alternative Rock band, Die Heuwels Fantasties just announced the official launch party of their new 15 track album dubbed “2021” on May the 30th. They have very creatively used current circumstances to their advantage and will amplify the launch with an online streaming concert!

It’s not what we are used to, cause lets be honest a real gig, is the real deal, but as far as the stream in concerned, it is seriously stacked with appearances by Francois van Coke, Arno Carstens, Tarryn Lamb and Jack Parow.

“We’re very excited to launch an album with a full-on live, online show for the first time. We’ll be sending our album to you over the ether of the internet with VISUALS, LIGHTING, the full band and it will come to you 100% LIVE in the comfort of your home.” – pierre greeff

What’s amazing, is the fact that your ticket in fact includes “2021” as a full digital album. Die Heuwels Fantasties also released a Lyric video for the single “Naweek” off the album as teaser for this weekend.

We think this is going to be a fun weekend.

Get your tickets for the show here:


Jeremy Loops releases Mortal Man

New Music Friday took on a whole new persona. A day full of surprises and Jeremy Loops definitely added to the excitement. He released “Mortal Man” under his new licensing deal with Universal Music Group South Africa, as part of a unique global partnership with Decca Records in the United Kingdom and Polydor in Germany.

The new track was accompanied by a beautifully crafted lyric animation.

” What a journey here. From our little rough lakeside sketch of this song when it was just a work in progress to naming a whole tour after it months before it’s come out”


The release of Mortal Man was only part of the bomb Loops dropped on Friday. With it came the public announcement that Loops have secretly been working on 2 tracks with Ed Shereen, in his studio on his estate in Essex. It is reported that the two hit it off after one of Ed Shreen’s stadium shows in South Africa and the rest is history.

Mortal Man is available on all streaming platforms.

Spotify South Africa is here!

We’ve been hearing the rumours and we can finally confirm, they’re true… In mere hours after receiving the Spotify iStore download my life has been changed. The hype is real, it’s not a fad and it may just change the way you consume music for good!

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NEW: Jack Parow – Afrika 4 Beginners

What’s better than kicking off a Friday than a brand new Jack Parow album, we haven’t even finished paying the album and it sounds amazing! The new album ‘Afrika for Beginners’ features some super cool acts like Happy Boys, Dirt Nasty, HHP, Xander Ferreira, Koos Kombuis, Hunter Kennedy, Aewon Wolf and even Sketchy Bongo – let’s just hope he didn’t buy the beat somewhere online, talking about beats although it’s not mentioned on the album give a special listen to ‘Boepens Vark’ produced by Desert_Head. Continue reading NEW: Jack Parow – Afrika 4 Beginners

Fokofpolisiekar – Selfmedikasie

An album so highly anticipated that it’s received R1’082’780 crowdfunding and not just their dream goal of R500’000.00 to create, record, produce and release their brand new album. The feedback of this crowdfunding campaign built a bit of a love-hate relationship towards the album in the South African music industry, but today the fruits of this campaign will be available for picking to fans and critics who pledged… Continue reading Fokofpolisiekar – Selfmedikasie

Foo Fighters launch surprise St. Cecilia, EP! (free download)

At the end of October, Foo Fighters launched a mysterious countdown clock on their website. I would have put my balls on the line and said they were going to kick off the second CD recording process with documentary-style series as they did for ‘Sonic Highways’, but thank God I didn’t because Dave and the boys topped my expectations and releases a brand new EP that you can download for FREE (download here)! Continue reading Foo Fighters launch surprise St. Cecilia, EP! (free download)

Curious Music Discovery: Dorothy

We are excited to show you another instalment to Curious Music Discovery (CMD). After weeks of silence I want to introduce you to Dorothy, a brand new act finishing up their first album in partnership with Skull Candy! Continue reading Curious Music Discovery: Dorothy

Let’s talk about Foo Fighters’ Sonic Highway album!

What does a do-no-wrong media darling, who’s been on top of the pop-rock pile for 20 years, do when the ideas stop coming? If you’re Dave Grohl, you record Sonic Highways, Foo Fighters’ ultimately flawed 8th studio album. The record has seen mega-hype as the accompaniment to an eponymous documentary series on HBO (now midway through its run) of Grohl and co.’s travels to eight cities with legendary music production credentials, during which they both interview legendary locals and draw inspiration for their latest album.

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Hello Beautiful’s brand new album!

Today sees the official release of a brand new self-titled album by Hello Beautiful. The album comes after the release of his first EP, Supernova Love, in 2013 which we loved from the first time we heard the amazing music Makkie made. The self titled album is very different from Supernova Love in an awesome way… If you love synths, this album is for you! Continue reading Hello Beautiful’s brand new album!

The Dollfins – ‘I’ll Do What You Want Me To’ album + free download

Since our departure from our home turf, the distorted and slimy planet Gunk situated in the galaxy of Disbelief, we have traveled far and wide across the universe, until one day we came across a small inhabited globe called Earth. We immersed ourselves in their underground culture and soon learned the basic skills needed to create garage punk! Continue reading The Dollfins – ‘I’ll Do What You Want Me To’ album + free download

Jakkals release EP Bones to get loose to before Rocking The Daisies

Jakkals, Cape Town based indie band release EP Bones before Daisies. Download, listen & repeat so that you can sing along Thursday 22:2o at Rocking The Daisies’ Campsite Stage!

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