WIN: QOTSA Tribute 2016

Cape Town’s finest rock n roll musicians gather on one night to pay Homme-age to one of rock n roll’s finest outfits in a first of it’s kind, Queens Of The Stone Age Tribute show.

Now you might be wondering why the hell there’s a tribute to a band that are all alive, kicking and gigging… Well, to be honest, we’re on the tip of Africa with one of the worst currencies, our real alternative music festival looks to have kicked the bucket and a lack of support to rock ‘n roll. So, that’s why… To start off the hype for one of the best rock bands we’ve teamed up with the tribute musos to give you the chance to win tickets.

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De Wallen 2.0

Partying in Stellenbosch you meet a few very interesting characters. In my days of raucous late nights and sleepless weekends I met a crazy red-jacketed Jeandré Swanepoel. You’ve probably seen him next to the stage at any good rock ‘n roll show around Cape Town or on stage for his band De Wallen and Dead Lucky. Continue reading De Wallen 2.0

Fokofpolisiekar Live At The Assembly

With the several times that I have attended The Assembly; I have seen it in many shapes and forms. I have seen it bustling with romanticised energy before a Matthew Mole show, bursting with frantic energy as the hard electro beats of HAEZER deliver carnage to the dance floor, and I’ve seen it close to being completely empty on a Friday evening. However, nothing had prepared me for the energy that coursed through The Assembly for the launch of Fokofpolisiekar’s “Dagdronk”. Arriving at the pre-show media event gives you a different glimpse into the event, as the various journalist and other music industry insiders mingled and passed pleasantries. Obviously, as the newcomer to the South African music journalist scene, I watched apprehensively from the bar nervously sipping on my complimentary bottle of Dagdronk – which was fantastic. It was eventually time for my interview with Fokofpolsiekar, which went spectacularly and will shortly be available for your reading pleasure.

Upon emerging from The Assembly’s backstage area, the venue had begun filling up slightly as DJ Johnny Rehab (Johnny De Ridder) begun spinning some upbeat indie and rock ‘n roll tunes, with a handful of commercial rock songs and pop hits thrown in just to throw down some fitting music to get the mood right. A couple of heavier classic metal songs were thrown in for good measure, but most people seemed preoccupied with committing to the sole goal of getting obliterated before the bands begun playing. At just after ten, the bar area was packed as DJ Valkie Van Coke & Crop Top begun taking advantage of their audience drunken state with the likes of Skrillex, Halestorm, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Metallica, Iggy Azalea, and many others pumping out of the sound system.

It was when De Wallen took the stage at 11 when things started to get interesting. The five piece rock ‘n roll band hailing from Stellenbosch has been renowned for their onstage theatrics, especially from their lead singer. Nothing had prepared me for what I was about to witness, and I still have trouble processing exactly what happened. All I remember is that there was some point where Jeandré Swanepoel decided it was necessary to pelvic thrust the drum set. The sexual tension between Swanepoel and the females in the front was almost palpable. That being said, De Wallen know how to put on a show and there is no denying their musical talent as they sped through a set-list designed to get the crowd riled up for the carnage that would happen when Fokofpolisiekar took to the stage.

There was a collective realisation of “heir kom die kuk” when the lights went completely black shortly before Fokofpolisiekar took to the stage, and Francios Van Coke launched himself into the crowd. Fokofpolisiekar showed their true form as they played through a set-list that encompassed all the classic songs, and a couple of new ones. Songs like “Bid Vir My”, “Brand Suid-Afrika” and “Vernietig jouself” launched the crowd into a frenzy as the true nature of an Afrikaans punk show manifested itself in a violent mosh pit that threatened to launch itself into the people on the outskirts of the crowd whom weren’t so interested in being mauled by strangers.

Francios Van Coke commanded a tremendous stage presence with mic swings that would make Adam Lazzara proud, and an intrinsic understanding of how to connect with the crowd. There were few moments when he wasn’t performing his signature air kicks or moving around the stage to sing to different parts of the audience. There were many moments when he’d stand on the railings and lean into the crowd while belting out the lyrics. Wynard Myburgh also shunned the traditional bassist behaviour and often moved to the sides of the stage to high 5 fans, or get them to clap along.

Closing on the trifecta of “Antibiotika”, “Ek Skyn (Heilig)” and “Fokofpolisiekar” – which had surprise guest vocals from Jack Parow – whipped the crowd into a frenzy which culminated in many sweaty individuals shooting for the bar or the cool evening breeze as soon as Fokofpolisiekar had finished their set. With this show, Fokofpolisiekar proved why their rag-tag group of musicians was able to come together in 2003 in the backstreets of Belville and start a band that would mould the South African music scene.

Win tickets to St.Paddy’s day at Wild Clover Farm Stellies

On Saturday the 15th March, 4Leaf agency together with the South African Irish Association, will be putting on a St Patrick’s Day event like never seen before at the Wild Clover Farm situated just outside of Stellenbosch! Continue reading Win tickets to St.Paddy’s day at Wild Clover Farm Stellies

De Wallen, Footnote & Red State at Mercury

Written by: Andre van der Merwe

Photography by : Andre van der Merwe & Belia Oh Photography (

With the beers as cold as the weather outside, and Mercury comparable to most bank balances a day before payday, it was time for some fresh faces in the form of self-proclaimed new kids on the block: De Wallen, Footnote and Red State. Continue reading De Wallen, Footnote & Red State at Mercury

The Utopia Fest Aftermath

Utopia Music Festival 2013 – Review

Written by Dee Theart (@deetheart) and Katherine Brookes (@KathValenti)

Photography by Ezelle Louw – Lupa Photography (@LupaPhotography)


Let’s take a look at the South-African music festival calendar: at the beginning of the year there are a few weekend festivals, and suddenly nothing, nada, zilch; zero excitement for many months. Then out of the blue the very first Utopia Music Festival made an appearance, and it seemed like a heavenly oasis in the dry months of no festivals. The renowned festival venue Nekkies, close to Worcester and Rawsonville, played host to the inaugural event. This was a weekend that we’d been looking forward to for weeks. On Friday when the time came to hit the road, we could barely contain our excitement. Sing-a-longs in the car made the route shorter and before we could say ‘Utopia’, we were in front of the fest’s gate.   Continue reading The Utopia Fest Aftermath

CTMS Interview – Belia Oh Photography

Interview by : Ezelle Louw  (@lupaphotography)

When you stumble upon photographers who “lives” in the music industry with such intense passion and combine their talents to promote it as much as they can, you simply cannot ignore. Belia Oh is one such a photographer. With her immense love for the music industry, she strives to promote and document as much of it as time allows her.
We picked her brain with a few personal questions.

Was there a definitive moment that you knew, “Ok, I want to be a photographer for the rest of my life”?
Nope.  I am enjoying it now and I hope to for at least a few years.  I never know where life is going to take me next.  Rad adventure!

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Aandklas Gig featuring 3rd World Spectator supported by Black Market Riots & De Wallen

Written by : Andre van der Merwe

Photography by Lupa Photography

Being a self-proclaimed virgin when it comes to gigs played at the Stellies Aandklas (it’s cousin in Pretoria and I have gone to second or third base a few times) it was with slight trepidation that I made my way through the tree lined streets towards the venue for tonight.

When you eventually arrive, Stellenbosch is slightly further away than say Mercury for instance; you find that your earlier fear proved to be unfounded as the following of the local scene is as big as anywhere in Cape Town. The culture here, as anywhere else featuring skinny jeans, long hair, sticky pool tables and yellowed stompies, is still thriving in what people still refer to as jock central. Continue reading Aandklas Gig featuring 3rd World Spectator supported by Black Market Riots & De Wallen

CTMS WGG 18 – 24 February ’13

The Cape Town Music Scene Weekly Gig Guide!

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Review – Durbanville Beerfest, Hillcrest Wine Estate

Written by : Andre van der Merwe

Photography by : C Magic Lifestyle Photography


If I may, please allow me to quote one my favourite bands right from the offset, and say, “We’re all living in America, America, America…” etc. etc., you know the song and get the point. The song, and quote for that matter, serves to illustrate the, for lack of a better word, ‘unfortunate’ culture we find ourselves in. With Hip Hop, R’nb, and pop being forced down our throats we, that is to say those of us who prefer our music less manufactured, can thank our lucky stars we find ourselves privy to certain festivals showcasing upcoming bands not affected by the mainstream mentality. With the rampant growth or expansion of rock (term used loosely) in part due to the 80’s and early 90’s “Voelvry beweging” and even more so after the ever popular Fokokpolisiekar who expressed the collective feeling of a youth in denial, you get the feeling that rock has somewhat stagnated since then. Not to take anything away from other bands who have courageously struggled on in a small market that is. Big up guys. Continue reading Review – Durbanville Beerfest, Hillcrest Wine Estate

Rumbucket Tour Release

The Rum Bucket Tour features Johannesburg bands Part-Time Pirates and After Robot performing alongside a string of talented and promising Cape Town based bands.

The tour will run from the 12th December through to the 19th December at seven carefully selected Venues in Cape Town giving the experience of the unique coastal underground music scene. Continue reading Rumbucket Tour Release

Niva Bday Review – Aandklas

Written by JP Swartskaap (@ahoyswartskaap)

Photography by Pierre Rommelaere

I’m always keen to go to Aandklas for a gig. I’ve spent some really wild nights there, the most memorable being with my Cape Town Music Scene family for our first “Take Over”. If you haven’t heard about Niva records, you’ve been out of the gig scene for too long.These guys have been doing quite a lot for local music in the last two years. On behalf of the whole SA Music Scene family, we would like to wish you a very happy birthday!  Continue reading Niva Bday Review – Aandklas