H O N E Y M O A N, the greatest band to come out of SA in years!

I have no idea who they are, I don’t have a press release for the release, I didn’t get the tracks seeded… Facebook’s algorithm for once didn’t fuck great music because I somehow found it through a friend how shared this Soundcloud link.

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The Tazers on The Best Tour Ever

With the February launch of their EP Time Machine, Joburg-based psych-rock three-piece The Tazers have embarked on The Best Tour Ever, a line-up of shows across South Africa including appearances at Mieliepop and Lush. Their fresh take on 60s and 70s psychedelic rock sits comfortably along with the influence of old school blues greats Muddy Waters and Lightening Hopkins. Likened to the Arctic Monkeys and Pink Floyd, The Tazers are treading the fine line between South Africa’s saturated indie market and the tight-knit hard rocker community. Continue reading The Tazers on The Best Tour Ever

VIDEO: DJ Qness & December Streets – Can You Feel It

DJ Qness & December Streets release a sexy and quirky music video for their earworm single ‘Can You Feel It’.

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SABiNE breathes new life onto SA’s dance-floors

With a sound and performance that would be right at home in one of Berlin’s grungiest underground clubs, SABiNE’s electronic New Wave dance tracks will revolutionise South African dance-floors in the coming year. Matthew Sabine, frontman and creator of the alternative Depeche Mode-inspired aural aesthetic, has spent three years working on a highly anticipated upcoming album The Inner Workings that will be released in March.

“It’s taken me a long time to find what feels right in my writing. When the two elements come together, the vulnerable lyrics and mechanised backdrop, it’s just the way I hear it,” he said, explaining the origins of the hauntingly nostalgic lyrics framed by electronic urban synth stylings.

“The industrial side represents the bleakness of the human situation. I feel that the more enlightened we become and the more we understand, the more increasingly difficult the paradigm we find ourselves in. We are constantly dealing with two sets of reality,” he explained, referring to the tension between an internal emotional reality as well as an external experience of the world.

An intensely philosophical person, the lyrical content of his work is concerned largely with misanthropy, lost love, the human condition and nostalgia. Sabine writes from experience and his work is deeply personal. “The more I work with the material the more it comes back to who I am,” he said. Standing at well over six feet tall, bald and sporting a carefully groomed beard and moustache, Sabine’s imposing appearance is tempered by his soft-spoken responses and quiet introspection.

That introspective quality is evident in the music, and in Sabine’s desire for perfection. Performing for the first time during the National Arts Festival in 2015, Sabine and synthesiser-player Danielle Durandt delighted audiences with the success of their shows, drawing crowds into the dingy interior of Champs Action Bar in Grahamstown. Subsequent shows have led to an appearance at the Eastern Cape festival Oxbraai and plans to tour the upcoming album.

Despite the painful honesty of the lyrics, the music is true to its 80s roots: each set is rounded out by multiple dance tracks. Particular favourites are ‘Beat You Down’, a high-energy, heart-rending five minutes of both bliss and sadness, as well as the band’s slightly more accessible debut single ‘Desire’, the music video for which can be found here.

Disillusioned with the current output in the dance genre, Sabine said, “Electronic music is so relevant now because I think club music is so maxed out and so brutal. There is very little space for actual communication, it’s sort of like an affront on the senses.”

Sabine’s interest is in communication, creating a sense of “shared consciousness” through the music. While the album is being eagerly awaited by the band’s small army of fans, the live performance is an almost spiritual experience. Revellers often emerge from the dance-floor dazed, looking as though they’ve reached Nirvana. As Sabine put it, “In a room full of people, that’s when the songs begin to breathe. They become a part of life.”

Thieve are back!

Totally fanboying right now, Thieve are back! It’s been years I’ve been nagging Fred to breathe new life into the band the guys are in my opinion the best band to create catchy lyrics and earworm melodies! Thieve’s rebranding has seen a new social media push and a new outlook on the band’s business side and we cannot be more ecstatic about it… Continue reading Thieve are back!

How to get the attention of media and industry professionals:

Working in the music industry and wearing many hats, from blogger to ex-band manager and now representing an events company behind festivals like Plett Rage I receive thousands of emails daily.

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2016’s Most Anticipated 30 Albums!

Each year kicks off with much excitement regarding new dreams, new adventures, new challenges and most importantly in our opinion brand new album releases to get excited about.

We compiled our Top 30 most anticipated album, and EP, releases for the year in no particular order, please feel free to comment with albums or EPs you are excited about! Continue reading 2016’s Most Anticipated 30 Albums!

Getting to know Chris Ross

“Im not sure of how much you do in life, you truly do by your own choices. Sometimes it seems that some of the things we do, merely crossed our paths because of the influence others had on our lives. Forcing you to make decisions that ultimately guide you down a path you believe was of your own choosing.”

So says Christiaan Rossouw, vocalist and guitarist of Chris Ross, an up and coming Capetonian blues folk/rock band.

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Curious Music Discovery: Dorothy

We are excited to show you another instalment to Curious Music Discovery (CMD). After weeks of silence I want to introduce you to Dorothy, a brand new act finishing up their first album in partnership with Skull Candy! Continue reading Curious Music Discovery: Dorothy

Is the Cape Town metal scene healthy?

 – By Ramone Pickover

When Witchdoctor Productions announced on the 2nd of August 2014 that the upcoming Behemoth show was put on hold until further notice due to poor ticket sales, most people speculated that it was going to be inevitably cancelled. Social media was set ablaze with comments and statuses from disgruntled Capetonian fans. The commentary and emotional attachment to the event clearly outweighed the importance of number of tickets sold, and in turn the potential loss Witchdoctor Productions may make… Continue reading Is the Cape Town metal scene healthy?

Destroid, breaking boundaries between bass music and being a band!

Written by Charlie Brown

Bringing forth the next stage of the electronic movement, Destroid is the new mega collaboration by Canadian bass master Excision featuring Downlink and KJ Sawka. A full-on dubstep band executed in a way bass music has never seen before! Continue reading Destroid, breaking boundaries between bass music and being a band!