Last On Alive Debut EP Review

Last One Alive are relatively new to the Cape Town and South African music scene, however this project has been over 2 years in the making, and comprises of a super group of local musicians with a wealth of experience to their name. Even though they are relatively new, they have already won a SAMMA (South African Metal Music Award) for their music video for their single ‘Kiss the Ground‘.

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Win Tickets To We Came To Build 2016

The South African metal scene used to be characterised by underage shows. Actually, the entire music scene regardless of its genre used to be characterised by numerous underage shows where u18s could go watch some bands thrash it out on stage without having to worry about whether their fake ID is going to get them past the bouncer. It was a glorious time for the ever-so marginalised metal scene because all the teenagers going through their alternative/metal phase would flock to these shows to enjoy some truly terrific metal bands. It was a time when skateparks were popular and The Ghost Inside toured South Africa, but then parents started becoming worried that their children were being exposed to alcohol and drugs at these shows.

The u18 shows stopped and the metal scene slowly started to stagnate as the bands that were once popular with the youth began to fall apart as the older patrons of metal frowned upon these metalcore bands that include melody and clean vocals into their sound. The metal scene was left to its own devices and pushed into the underground. Until now. The team at Build Your Scene have decided to bring back the underage shows under the moniker of “We Came To Build”. Let’s face it. The only way to build the scene is to bring the youth on board and thus ensure continuity.

Build Your Scene shall be hosting their first We Came To Build event on 18 March (Friday) with a line-up that draws on bands from all sides of South African metal as The Alpha SequenceI Became NothingA Price On The King’s HeadBetray The Emissary and Atlantic South take to the stage at the Claremont Civic Centre. We’ve partnered with Build Your Scene to give away a set of double tickets to this event and entering is pretty easy.

  1. First you have to go the We Came To Build event page and say that you are going and also share the event
  2. Then you need to comment below with which band you’re the most excited to see.

Sounds easy right? We think so. Show details are as follows:

18:30 – The Alpha Sequence
19:25 – I Became Nothing
20:20 – A Price On The King’s Head
21:15 – Betray The Emissary
22:10 – Atlantic South

R50 Entrance / R25 True Believer Members

Venue: Claremont Civic Centre

EP REVIEW: Atlantic South

There’s a lot going on in the Cape Town music scene right now and a big chunk of this is a growth in the punk/metal area.

One of the bands determined on pioneering a new flavour on the circuit are Atlantic South. Metalcore might be massive overseas and relatively big in Johannesburg, but in the Cape it hasn’t entirely grabbed a foothold yet, with only a small handful of these breakdown driven bands.

In November 2015 Atlantic South launched their debut self-titled EP, a genuine contribution to the genre in South Africa. Recorded at 7 String Studios in Durbanville the EP consists of six tracks that start hammering you from the get go and doesn’t stop pounding until the last song ends at about 27 minutes.

With great riffage from the guitars and rolling breakdowns, it’s as if the music was probably written with moshing in mind. Headbangers who enjoy Killswitch Engage, August Burns Red and Parkway Drive will most likely appreciate what this EP has to offer with songs like “Riptide” and “By the Tempest” representing Atlantic South’s melodic style while still very distinct in their respective moods.

Personally I think their best work is “Terrorformer”. It stands out because of its catchy rhythms and guitars it just sits in your head. Like chocolate and strawberry mixed soft serve on the beach in the middle of summer in 30+ degrees Celsius, it’s just plain damn good.

A lot of effort has gone into this CD and it’s evident by the variety of original lead lines. A lot of focus has been placed on brutal breakdowns too and that’s what I think will be Atlantic’s signature sound in the future. I can quite easily see them being known as “that grinning breakdown band” soon enough. Just go watch these guys live, their humble attitude and big smiles will charm you over like free candy.

The lyrics are varied yet still stay along the lines of a faith driven theme. Stories within the songs vary from the state of our planet to motivating the listener to keep on keeping on even when there is little left. Very inspirational, I just hope they release the lyrics to the public as they are a big part of what I’ve come to appreciate about Atlantic South.

On the crit side of things, the EP lacks in the production department although the more basic raw sound might be what they were going for anyway and it’s not a bad thing at all. The sound hits hard and general quality is good.

All in all, great songs from the band and we look forward to their new promised material which they are currently working on.



LIVE REVIEW: Atlantic South EP Launch At Mercury Cape Town

Photos by Laura McCullagh

Introducing Atlantic South. This metalcore band from Cape Town has been pushing hard into the alternative and metal music scene in the Mother City for the last two years after guitarist Gareth Howard decided to start the musical venture using the immensely useful tool that is Gumtree, posting ads and taking a year to get five musicians together. Continue reading LIVE REVIEW: Atlantic South EP Launch At Mercury Cape Town