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Rocking The Daisies 2018

Rocking The Daisies 2018

Rocking the Daisies 2018 is finally on its way… With a new slick, darker than usual design the Steyn Entertainment team have launched dates, tickets and the new features of Rocking The Daisies and to our surprise, this includes fewer tickets!

Last Friday we were lucky enough to watch the 2017 Aftermovie at an invite-only launch of the new Polo. Polo’s new #PoloGameChanger campaign invited the one and only George Avakian to not only launch the new model, but also the 2017 aftermovie.

The opening of their press release reads: “To celebrate 13 incredible years of Daisies, we’re curating an immersive and exclusive one-of-a-kind boutique experience limited to 15 000 people, featuring more international artists than ever before.”

Another change is that this year’s ticket prices DO NOT include camping, but this can also be purchased for an additional fee.
What does this mean for ticket prices… Well here’s the lowdown:

Buy your tickets here!

Festival ticket prices:
Phase 1: R595 incl. VAT & booking fees
Phase 2: R745 incl. VAT & booking fees
Phase 3: R895 incl. VAT & booking fees

Camping Weekend Passes:
General Camping: R195 – R295 incl. VAT & booking fees
Priority Camping: R495 incl. VAT & booking fees
Ladies Camp: R495 incl. VAT & booking fees

This year they’re introducing a Ladies Camp. The new women-only campsite will be a place for ladies to retreat, relax, camp and make friends with other women, and participate in women-centered experiences exclusive to Daisies (WC’s included).

The festival is also picking up on the new latest festival trend that was set by AfrikaBurn and following Bazique’s idea of inviting creatives to portray their artwork at the festival.





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