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Mango Groove to Groove at GLB

Mango Groove to Groove at GLB

Photo provided by Mango Groove

We got to ask Claire Johnston from Mango Groove some questions before the Good Luck Bar turns two! Can’t wait for this amazing party, bring your dancing shoes, grooves and your best singalong voice with on Saturday 9 September.

You guys have been performing for years – what is the difference in crowds and their reactions from when you started in the 80s, up until now?
Ag, we have always been so lucky with supportive crowds through the years, so difficult to say…leaving aside the fact that our crowds often seem much younger than us (probably also because we’re getting older! :)), I would say that now more than ever, everyone seems to know the songs, regardless of their age. This blows us away, and always touched and humbled us hugely 🙂

The Good Luck Bar party is an exciting event on our calendar – are there any other artists on the line-up that you are looking forward to see live?
It’s a fabulous line-up, and we feel super-privileged to be sharing the stage with everyone. We’re looking forward to checking out all the artists, and we think there will be an incredible energy that night!

What are the things that excited you in your 20s music-wise, vs the things that excite you now?
I think the best music is the music that moves you, in whatever ways…I was probably more “posey” in my 20’s, more influenced by what was hip, fashionable, or “counter-cultural”, of that makes any sense. Now I feel I am a lot more open to any music, new or old, mainstream or obscure: if the song sticks its head up and gets me going (emotionally or otherwise), I’m there!

Mango Groove has had a very authentic sound and message from the start – if you had to launch as a brand new band TODAY in 2017, how would you have approached your music career?
Thank you for the compliment 🙂 Mango has always been about blending strongly SA influences (’50’s urban styles, Marabi/Kwela) with contemporary influences…a very eclectic process (and result), and nothing self-conscious…just doing what we love 🙂 Starting today, I don’t think it would be that different…same roots, a different “contemporary” but at the end of the day a sort of mish-mash exotic pop 🙂

Your album Faces To The Sun has been received well by your fans and new fans, what makes you happiest about the new songs that you have shared?
We are loving how the songs go down live…always scary going out with new stuff. We are really proud of the album and the new songs: very Mango (what else?), but also very fresh for us, and certainly reflecting how we feel about SA today, in all its complicated glory 🙂

What can we look forward to at The Good Luck Bar birthday party from you guys?
A party, a thrash, a singalong, a lot of memories, and one or two surprises 🙂


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