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INTRODUCING: Flint, Meet Spark

INTRODUCING: Flint, Meet Spark


Flint, Meet Spark is a Pretoria-based acoustic-folk duo, comprising of Adelle Nqueto and Josh Pretorius. The two musicians met via a chance encounter through mutual friends and decided to join forces and craft a British-African-acoustic-folk centrepiece around which to co-create their collective sound.

Since their inception in 2012, the pair has performed at almost all of South Africa’s biggest music festivals, including Rocking the Daisies and OppiKoppi, as well as several stints at Park Acoustics. Earlier this year the duo joined Jeremy Loops and several other leading South African folk artists at Cool as Folk, a one night only folk-orientated evening in Cape Town.

Considered by some as Pretoria’s best kept secret, Flint, Meet Spark’s sound comprises simply of the two talented musicians on vocals and guitar, providing gorgeously ambient harmonies expertly woven together. Live performances can almost see them to be two solo artists who have somehow stumbled into the same time slot and, acting on instinct, blended their sound to create something entirely new – and that is what, I believe, makes them stand out in our country’s music industry.

Adelle’s voice is fine as silk, adding a delicacy of their sound as a whole. Tinkling, jangling acoustic aesthetics work their way through the music, courtesy of skilful classical guitar. African influences weave their way in and out of their sound too, as well as some markedly British folk moments. The careful balance of their music stems from each member’s distinctive style and creates a curiously delicate sound, bouncing effortlessly between one another’s markedly unique incorporations.

The duo continues, however, to maintain their respective solo projects too. Adelle released her debut solo single, Sailor’s Draw earlier this year. In the light of collaborative efforts with fellow folk musicians, Adelle also leant her voice to Jeremy Loops’ debut album, Trading Change as the female accompaniment in “Lonesome & Blue”.

Flint, Meet Spark are currently working on their debut EP, The Way I Remember You, which they hope to release before the end of the year.

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