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Interview: Wade Potts Brown

Interview: Wade Potts Brown

Wade Potts Brown is a Cape Town based session drummer with years of incredible experience behind him. A self-taught drummer since he was a mere nine years old, Wade has since played at most of South Africa’s leading festivals – including Rocking the Daisies, Ramfest and Synergy Live – as well as worked with prestigious British producer, John Fortis, who has produced music for the likes of Razorlight and Paulo Nutini. Wade also entered and made it to the finals of South African Idols “Be the Band” competition in 2012.

South African Music Scene got the chance to catch up with him and discuss his upcoming musical project.

You have an extremely impressive resume, having been involved in countless musical endeavours throughout your career. What has this taught you about the music industry?

 The music industry is thrilling. I’ve been meeting and playing with bands since I was 13 and its super fun, man. The experience of it all, where it can take you, the amazing shows, the awesome people you meet and how diverse everything is as well. The music scene is also a tough scene to be in. It’s very competitive. You’re always learning and always growing. You’ve got to have guts to be in this industry! You’ve got to make things happen.

 Working with so many bands you must be exposed to a lot different genres of music. For example, you have worked with both Los Tacos and Grimehouse. What genres do you personally lean towards?

 I personally like any genre of music. If it sounds good, it sounds good, what can I say? I particularly like groove and rhythm based music – fast drums and deep bass. I like music that inspires me.

 You are a local session drummer, but have you ever been tempted to join a particular band full time? Or even form your own?

 Yeah, I’ve been in and started many bands before becoming a session player. Right now I’m in the magical process of starting up my next musical venture.

 What are the highlights of your career as a drummer?

 The highlights would be getting onto major radio stations, TV, and winning a drumming competition. Also sharing the same stage with bands like Bring Me The Horizon and Rise Against, as well as working with London-based producer John Fortis. Most of all just having the gift to play, man!

 You are looking to put together a new musical project yourself. What will this pertain to? Will it be a solo album or collaborative?

 My new project is going to be evolving from where my last band, Jellyfish, left off. It’s going to be a collaboration of the same fusion of sounds with a few new acts, ultimately becoming a brand new act.

I want it to be very drum-inspired music. I want drums to be the centre groundwork on which the music and rhythms are created. Right now I’m on the journey of finding the appropriate bassist and keys/synth players.

Auditions are open for any keen musicians who want to create original music.

 We’ll be looking forward to hearing this new project so please keep us in the loop. Where else can we catch you and your music in the near future?

 Right now I’m focusing most of my time and efforts on building up this new project until there’s a product to get out there, while still playing important gigs that come along the way.

We will definitely be in the scene, man! It’s going to be crazy fun!

Keep up with Wade’s upcoming projects here




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