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EP REVIEW: The Devil Wears Prada–Space EP

EP REVIEW: The Devil Wears Prada–Space EP

Space EP, a 6-track EP, is the latest musical offering from metal-core heavyweights The Devil Wears Prada. I’m a huge fan of the band, so you can imagine that I was looking forward to sinking my teeth into this particular EP which drops August 21st.

Plot Twist, Space EP is in-fact about space, who knew? It is follow-up, of sorts, to The Devil Wears Prads’s Zombie EP , which was released five years ago (Yes it was about Zombies, just incase you were wondering, and hadn’t figure that out.) in what was set to be a series of concept albums. Vocalist Mike Hanica, lyrical genius, came up with the space theme. A totally different approach from Zombie which was more of a group endeavour. Could this change in the decision process be attributed to the departure of guitarist Chris Rubey? My first concern was would their sound be different and would The Devil Wears Prada with only one guitarist be for the better?

The first single from the EP “Supernova” opens with the signature chug guitar tone of The Devil Wears Prada followed by an eerie synth which leads into Hranicas brutal vocals. The track is hardcore and slightly more melodic than expected. It is a point is made evident in vocalist and guitarist Jeremy DePoyster’s cleaner vocals on the track. The eerie guitar and synth lines create the perfect atmosphere for a metal head to get stuck in outer space.
Furthermore, the chorus of “Where will you go? Where will you be? When you forever sleep, when you leave me, If we could just stay here, lose track of time, I would be Just fine in a galactic sea” rings in your ears for days afterwards. Hranica’s imagery perfectly captures the limitlessness of space.

The first track on Space is called “Planet A”. It begins with a conversation between ground control and an astronaut doing final checks before a spaceship launches. The excerpt marks the beginning of the journey through the EP: a serious The Devil Wears Prada onslaught. Like “Supernova” the track is more melodic than The Devil Wears Prada’s previous offerings. The next track “Alien” is a marriage of The Devil Wears Prada we know and love with their newer, cleaner sound. It is simultaneously a throwback and morph between early years (Plagues – 2006) and The Devil Wears Prada as you know them now (8:18 – 2013). The sound is characterised by shredding guitars paired up with dissonance, clean vocals and brutal break downs.

My favourite track off the album is “Moongod”. What a title! it crept into my heart straight away. It is brutally brilliant and melodic. Spacey synths and a catchy chorus with two of the most epic The Devil Wears Prada break downs I have ever heard: This track made the album for me.

Chris Rubey is an excellent guitarist and song writer. For those seeking the old The Devil Wears Prada sound, he will be sorely missed. His departure means a new sound, a new way of writing, a new approach. Different, but in my opinion, the best thing they’ve ever produced.

This is an album to sink your teeth, ears and body into. The production value is flawless, the chunky guitar tones, the drums are as big as the galaxy itself and the synths transport you right into the darkness of the edge of the universe. Space is exactly what The Devil Wears Prada and metal core needed. I am officially more obsessed than before.




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