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Easy Freak Release Music Video For “Gotta Be You”

Easy Freak Release Music Video For “Gotta Be You”

Last week Friday saw the release of Durban electro-pop duo Easy Freaks brand new  music video “Gotta Be You”. The group has been blowing up in the Durban music scene and quickly placing themselves in a position to dominate the national music scene with their slick electro-soul-pop anthems. We caught up with the band to chat origins, creative influences, the need to rectify inequality and the Durban music scene. Things got a bit deep so read it all below.

Let’s start with the basics, how did Easy Freaks come to be formed?

Easy Freak was formed when a previous project ended and we (Jude and Dom) decided to pursue a new project with just 2 of us. We felt like we had a good energy working together, and both had the same vision for our sound.

Your music mashes together a multitude of core sounds from a variety of genres. What are some of your major musical influences when you go about creating your music?

We both studied Jazz at UKZN, and both have an extensive variety of music that we listen to. Ranging from Hip-hop to 70’s funk, from Pop and contemporary to Soul and RnB. We both bring in our own elements but with having similar taste and vision, we’re able to blend our sounds into something we think is quite unique and fresh.
Let’s talk about your new single “Gotta Be You”, from where did you guys draw lyrical inspiration for the song? Is it based on your own personal love life or more of an idyllic representation of love?

I think we always tend to draw from our own experiences, which make the songs relatable and heartfelt. We also like to talk about concepts in a holistic and universal way, though. “Gotta Be You” definitely has some personal and emotive lyrics. It speaks of hope in a circumstance where there seemingly isn’t any.

To some extent, the song can be interpreted as being about fighting for something you believe in – do you think that is a kind of mind-set South Africa currently needs to adopt as we strive to rectify inequality that still exists post-Apartheid?

Whereas the song is mostly about fighting for love, the idea of hope and reconciliation in our country is close to our hearts. As much promise as our country has, and as beautiful as it is, we know that there is a lot of hurt and injustice that still oppresses the majority. We know that we have a long way to go, but we have hope that the marginalised will be liberated from the cycles of poverty and that unity and peace will prevail in our country, and we hope that our music can be a part of that. That got deep quick!

You’ve experienced a lot of success in terms of commercial airplay and the artists with whom you’ve shared the stage – how are you planning to capitalise on this quick rise to success in order to build a sustainable career in the music industry?

We are really stoked and thankful for the support we’ve received so far, but we know that it’s a tough industry to be in and that hard work and dedication is such a necessity. We want to continue to produce music that we believe in and hope to impact the music industry in a big way.

The Durban music scene is quickly becoming the new hot scene in terms of the multitude of talented acts it is churning out. How competitive is the music scene there at the moment?

We are loving how Durban is thriving at the moment.The city is producing so many phenomenal artists and we’re proud to be involved. Sketchy Bongo, Aewon Wolf, Kyle Deutsch, Josh Wantie, Gangs of Ballet, Raheem Kemet and Edisontide to name a few are all guys we know and appreciate and they are killing it. So we don’t think competition is a bad thing at all. We all support each other and want to see each other succeed.

On the notion of competitiveness – do you think this is forcing Durban musician to produce conceptually unique music in order to stand out from the crowd?

We do think so. In the past couple of years, Durban has produced so many artists with a unique voice and sound, which has really impacted the South African music scene. The fact that there are so many different and unique sounds is one of the great things about the diversity of our country.

Finally, are we going to be seeing a debut EP from you guys anytime soon?

Hell Yeeeah! We have so much music written and recorded that we can’t wait to share. So hopefully early next year we’ll be able to release an EP or maybe even more!




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