Musiek video: Tripjas – Rapzondernaam

Deur Ashley Brown (@Charlie_BrownSA)

Almal is gebore lank terug op een of ander plaas.  Chris en Leroux jam al lank saam so aan en af.  Chris se ou band “Abolished” het hand aan hand met “Void”, waarvan Reggie die drummer was, gespeel. Dis nou in die tuinroete in die laat 90’s. Kaap toe vir almal en Leroux en Chris vind hulle bly 3 flats van mekaar af. Saam besluit hulle dat Afrikaanse musiek is maar al te so-so en kort iets om dit weer op die regte spoor te kry.

Chris vind uit Reggie bly in tussentyd net oor die bult in Durbanville, ook besig om offers te bring aan die god van musiek. So natuurlik word ‘n nuwe band gestig. Chris se skoonsus speel toe ook so toevallig fluit, presies wat die treiningeneur van gepraat het, so of course val sy toe ook in. En daar gaan ons. Continue reading Musiek video: Tripjas – Rapzondernaam

Freddie Van’Dango – Tonik review

Review by Katherine Brookes

As someone who never watches Idols past the entertaining audition stages, I only knew Freddie van Dango as “that guy from Idols”. I knew his look, but not his sound. One thing’s for sure though, he was not at all what I was expecting and a few seconds into Tonik, I found myself pleasantly surprised. This is such a great song and sets a very high standard for the rest of the album, which Van’Dango, unfortunately, wasn’t always able to meet.

Continue reading Freddie Van’Dango – Tonik review

In review: aKING – The Red Blooded Years (Special Edition)

By Katherine Brookes

In my eyes, aKING can do no wrong and The Red Blooded Years is a solid album filled with hit after hit. That being said, I was a little disappointed with this Special Edition.

aKING has built a proper following over the years with their live shows, Laudo’s killer vocals and fantastic music, but rewarding their loyal fans with a special edition album which only carries three new songs and a few music videos? That’s a slight fail in my book.  Continue reading In review: aKING – The Red Blooded Years (Special Edition)

Superheroes & Villains Review at Zula Bar

Written by :  Kaylene Overall (@kayoverall)

Photography by : Rhynhardt Krynauw (@rhynhardtk)

Zula Bar has seen some great gigs over the past few weeks, some truly unruly occasions. Superheroes and Villains was most definitely not one of them; in fact, it was one of the most boring (yes, boring) gigs I’ve been to in a while.

The line-up was promising with favourites such as Red Huxley, Woodstock Mafia and Fox Comet. I was feeling relatively hopeful, that is, until my photographer friend and I stepped into the downstairs hall. It was completely empty. Continue reading Superheroes & Villains Review at Zula Bar

WIN – 5 Tickets To The Last Park Acoustics of 2012 – Featuring Fokofpolisiekar

Written by Floris Groenewald (@flrsi)

Photos by Christelle Duvenage Photography (@StellaTeleur)

One of the best ways to spend the last Sunday of the month was back this weekend at Fort Schanskop in Pretoria. The weather was uncertain at first, but it turned out to be the kind of sunny summer day that’s ideal for a picnic with some of SA’s best live music acts. Continue reading WIN – 5 Tickets To The Last Park Acoustics of 2012 – Featuring Fokofpolisiekar

#RockOutWifYourBokOut | Dogtown & Ashtray Electric

Review by Nadine van Eeden

Despite the pre-exam stress and utterly depressing weather that had overtaken Stellenbosch, Bohemia’s Thursday night free gig was, as always, an escape from the (rather wet) outside world. By the time I had a glass of box wine in hand and was singing along to Dogtown I was in my happy place. Finally seeing Dogtown live filled a little place in me, left empty by New Holland’s disappearance from the gig scene. Continue reading #RockOutWifYourBokOut | Dogtown & Ashtray Electric

Jessie Presto – Calm Before The Storm

Review by Floris Groenewald (@flrsi)

Photos by Christelle Duvenage Photography (@StellaTeleur)

Calm before the storm, Jessie Presto’s debut EP, is a welcome “hello world” announcement from someone I haven’t heard of before. Though the internet tells me she’s been around for a while, having studied contemporary music at COPA, and been part of the band Sky Chord, this EP (as well as a recent gig or two around Pretoria) was my first introduction to this singer-songwriter. Continue reading Jessie Presto – Calm Before The Storm

Tomorrow Never Happened Gets Pretoria Bouncing

Written by Chris van der Merwe (@itsthatotherguy)

Photos by JP Nathrass Photography (@JPNathrass)

What do you really know about bouncing feet and general craziness accompanied by some of sickest electro DJs in the business? If you happened to find yourself at !Arcade Empire at the 12th of October for the Tomorrow Never Happened party, chances are you know a lot more than some other folks. Continue reading Tomorrow Never Happened Gets Pretoria Bouncing

Dead Alphabet, Action Thrillers, Man As Machine and Van Coke Kartel

Written by Renee Weber (@rene21)

Photos by JP Nathrass Photography (@JPNathrass)

Arcadians united on Saturday night at the great venue called Arcade Empire for what was going to be a rocking night. With a great line up including Dead Alphabet, Action Thrillers, Man as Machine and a little band called Van Coke Kartel, it was bound to turn crazy. Continue reading Dead Alphabet, Action Thrillers, Man As Machine and Van Coke Kartel

Firefly “Our Story” Album review

By Kaylene Overall (@kayoverall

The thing about Firefly is that they are undoubtedly talented. Sarah Haskin has an incredible voice, and possesses the remarkable ability to vary the intensity of her pitch. The instrumental skills of the other band members are also impressive – they know what they’re doing and they do it well. Continue reading Firefly “Our Story” Album review

Mercury: Zebra & Giraffe’s “The Wisest Ones” Tour with Tailor

Written by :  Kaylene Overall (@kayoverall)

Photography by : Warren Talmarkes (@WarrenTalmarkes)

The preferred method of behaviour when in the presence of your favourite musician is generally one in which you maintain a cool, calm and collected appearance, providing insightful discourse and displaying your vast knowledge on music, theirs in particular. What one is not supposed to do is hyperventilate. This is exactly what I did when I saw Tailor Friday night at Mercury. My plan of going up to her and saying “hi” failed in the most epic manner. Instead, I stared and found myself battling to breathe. How hardcore? That hardcore.  Continue reading Mercury: Zebra & Giraffe’s “The Wisest Ones” Tour with Tailor

CD Review: Lark, “Gong is Struck”

Written by Dee Theart (@deetheart)

LARK – a local electronic group that is known for their absolutely eccentric and unconventional style of doing things. It took five years to release their third full-length studio album, ‘Gong is Struck’. Not even the distance between two continents could stand in their way to deliver another quality album. Amazingly enough all the pre-production and guide vocals for the album were done via emails and Skype, as Paul Rez (vocalist Inge Beckmann’s genius composer partner) currently resides in London. As usual LARK executed everything with the finest precision and perfectionism.  Continue reading CD Review: Lark, “Gong is Struck”

Niva Bday Review – Aandklas

Written by JP Swartskaap (@ahoyswartskaap)

Photography by Pierre Rommelaere

I’m always keen to go to Aandklas for a gig. I’ve spent some really wild nights there, the most memorable being with my Cape Town Music Scene family for our first “Take Over”. If you haven’t heard about Niva records, you’ve been out of the gig scene for too long.These guys have been doing quite a lot for local music in the last two years. On behalf of the whole SA Music Scene family, we would like to wish you a very happy birthday!  Continue reading Niva Bday Review – Aandklas

Rocktober Review – Zula Bar

Written by : Kristi Edwardes

Photographs supplied by : Lupa Photography (@lupaphotography)


The 12th of October at Zula Bar is the night of ROCKtober. Downstairs the music is loud but the crowds are small. The first band Hollow Men surprised me and turned out to sound quite a lot like a more feel-good Kings of Leon. I enjoyed the two songs I heard of theirs but then wandered upstairs. However, it was off to another slow start with the first act, Shannon Strange.  Continue reading Rocktober Review – Zula Bar

Album review: ‘Black Water’ by Gerald Clark

Written by Kristin Mento (@kris513creative)

Gerald Clark is a true South African music industry veteran. With just over a decade of experience in the industry, even those who have never heard his music should recognise the name.

Continue reading Album review: ‘Black Water’ by Gerald Clark

Juke Royal “Smile at Danger” launch with Matthew Mole and Al Bairre at Zula Bar

By Kaylene Overall

As I stood at the bar on Saturday evening, I couldn’t help but stare at the overhead screen just behind the stage. Clips of black and white horror films were being played on repeat, complimented by the cardboard cut-out teeth that decorated the room. Continue reading Juke Royal “Smile at Danger” launch with Matthew Mole and Al Bairre at Zula Bar