Die Heuwels Fantasties launches 2021

Afrikaans Alternative Rock band, Die Heuwels Fantasties just announced the official launch party of their new 15 track album dubbed “2021” on May the 30th. They have very creatively used current circumstances to their advantage and will amplify the launch with an online streaming concert!

It’s not what we are used to, cause lets be honest a real gig, is the real deal, but as far as the stream in concerned, it is seriously stacked with appearances by Francois van Coke, Arno Carstens, Tarryn Lamb and Jack Parow.

“We’re very excited to launch an album with a full-on live, online show for the first time. We’ll be sending our album to you over the ether of the internet with VISUALS, LIGHTING, the full band and it will come to you 100% LIVE in the comfort of your home.” – pierre greeff

What’s amazing, is the fact that your ticket in fact includes “2021” as a full digital album. Die Heuwels Fantasties also released a Lyric video for the single “Naweek” off the album as teaser for this weekend.

We think this is going to be a fun weekend.

Get your tickets for the show here:


Jeremy Loops releases Mortal Man

New Music Friday took on a whole new persona. A day full of surprises and Jeremy Loops definitely added to the excitement. He released “Mortal Man” under his new licensing deal with Universal Music Group South Africa, as part of a unique global partnership with Decca Records in the United Kingdom and Polydor in Germany.

The new track was accompanied by a beautifully crafted lyric animation.

” What a journey here. From our little rough lakeside sketch of this song when it was just a work in progress to naming a whole tour after it months before it’s come out”


The release of Mortal Man was only part of the bomb Loops dropped on Friday. With it came the public announcement that Loops have secretly been working on 2 tracks with Ed Shereen, in his studio on his estate in Essex. It is reported that the two hit it off after one of Ed Shreen’s stadium shows in South Africa and the rest is history.

Mortal Man is available on all streaming platforms.

45 Years Later, Elton John’s ‘Tiny Dancer’ music video releases

The brand new “Tiny Dancer” video premiered at the Cannes Film Festival alongside two other brand new Elton John music videos – an animated visual for “Rocket Man” by Majid Adin and a choreographed dance performance set to “Bennie and the Jets” by Jack Whiteley and Laura Brownhill. Continue reading 45 Years Later, Elton John’s ‘Tiny Dancer’ music video releases

WATCH: Foo Fighters – Run

Foo Fighters are officially back. Following a mighty performance at last weekend’s BottleRock Festival, they’re back today with their first new single since 2015. The track is titled “Run” and can be streamed in full above via a music video directed by the band’s own Dave Grohl.

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NEW: Christian Tiger School release ‘If You Want To’

Christian Tiger School drop a long-awaited new single on Wednesday May 17th, just weeks ahead of their Sónar 2017 appearance in Barcelona. It’s being released via “Sónar Premieres” and sees them further expanding their sound and style. Continue reading NEW: Christian Tiger School release ‘If You Want To’

NEW: PH Fat – Keep You Safe (with Mac Motel)

When I first heard ‘Keep You Safe’ few weeks ago cruising back from a Bainskloof Pass mission with Mike and other mates I’ve been extremely excited about the release of the new single. Mike’s been working with new influencers from Mac Motel to Das Kapital and of course even using a new music video crew, the change-up has been really interesting and refreshing just like the new Gorillaz album.

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#BowsieChallenge: Shortstraw’s Compelling Charity Initiative

It can often be difficult for a charity to find compelling ways to engage their target audience and achieve their goals. We live in a country where people plead indifference and ignorance towards worthwhile causes and when we do find worthwhile causes we are plagued with fears of corruption and maladministration of funds. It is as if our society has been carefully constructed to generate widespread paranoia when it comes to charity organisations.

This particular environment means charities have to find unique and interesting ways to get people to engage with them in a manner that would allow them to generate revenue for their cause without actively asking people to donate money. Some charities, like Rocking For Rhinos, opt for creating music events from which all the proceeds shall be donated to a charity. Other charities team up with a brand or retailer and create a programme whereby a certain percentage of sales from a particular product will be donated to charity, or even the entirety of the revenue generated shall be donated to charity. However, even with these kinds of programmes, there is a degree of paranoia over whether the money actually ends up assisting the charity or lining the pockets of those that run the charity.

The question is then how does a charity go about generating money without actively asking people for money? It seems like a tricky situation but Shortstraw may have found a solution for that through the launching of the Bowsie Foundation, and more importantly through the charity event that is being launched concurrently with the launch of their music video for “Bowsie” – the new single from the These Meddling Kids collective. Alastair has always had a love for dogs and this love has often being reflected in numerous aspects of the band’s image and creative output. “Bowsie” is a tribute to his lost pet and is imbued with a sense of melancholia, reflecting Alastair’s sadness over her loss, but the song is still reflective of Shortstraw’s upbeat energy.

The launch of “Bowsie” shall also see Shortstraw launching The Bowsie Foundation. This is an initiative set up by the band as aa means to support animal charities in South Africa. The aim of the foundation is for the band to try their utmost best to ensure that animal charities in South Africa can receive whatever money and aid they can give them. This is a much more sustainable solution for the band as opposed to constantly performing numerous charity shows as this will allow them to focus their efforts on the charities in which they believe and ensure that these charities receive the right funding.

The launch of this charity shall also the launch of the 15 Day #BowsieChallenge – Shortstraw’s brilliant solution to generating revenue for a charity without actively asking their fans for money. The band is rather asking their fans for a small amount of time. The idea behind the #BowsieChallenge is to match the number of views on the video for “Bowsie” with a donation to a dog-related charity. The band has always wanted to do this but could never find the right song for it, but since “Bowsie” is a reflection of their love for dogs – it is only fitting that “Bowsie” should be a conduit for such a charity initiative.

Shortstraw has teamed up with Montego Pet Nutrition to bring this idea to life. Montego has come on board to pledge money for the #BowsieChallenge. Montego will be donating R1 for every view of the “Bowsie” music video received within 15 days, up until R15 000, so the band is setting out to achieve 15 000 views in 15 days. The band shall then donate this money to an animal charity of their choice and are giving fans the chance to recommend charities.


Essentially, instead of asking for your money – Shortstraw is just asking you to spend a small part of your day watching their music video. You get to enjoy some good music and watch a great music video, and Shortstraw gets to make a difference in the lives of needy animals. So, share this music video far and wide so that Shortstraw can achieve their goal of R15 000.

Watch the music video below and lets get this to 15 000 in less than 15 days!