Wandile Mbambeni: Collaboration is Key to Creativity

In the run-up to the release of his third EP, Cape Town based acoustic-afro-folk artist Wandile Mbambeni has been lounge-hopping the city with his band. With the idea to bring the music to the people, hosts have been offering their homes to a series of WM Sessions, unplugged, acoustic and secret.

“As musicians we need ears,” says Wandile, settled comfortably in the wood panelled hidden gem which is Neighbourhood on Long Street. “We can’t always rely on people coming to gigs, and if we’re not gigging there’s nowhere to see us except online. So we decided to bring our rehearsals to the people.”

With a Rocking the Daisies Hemp Stage set now firmly under his belt, as well as several solidifying Espresso and Beerhouse performances, Wandile has been active on the grounds of Cape Town’s music scene for some time, although attention has never been hotter than it is now. Moving to Cape Town on a whim almost two years ago has seen his music grow in leaps and bounds. “It was a very spontaneous move – kind of like pick up my bags and go type of thing,” he says with a laugh. In the wake of his first Afrika Burn, a fleeting week in the Mother City and a rousing opening set for Matthew Mole in Port Elizabeth, Wandile took to the road to the Cape and never looked back.

With a brand new EP, Good Intentions freshly recorded on his arrival, Wandile then enrolled to study sound engineering at the SAE institute, which in turn paved the road to the formation of his upcoming Maturation EP.

“That was what put my guitar down. That took me into producing and coming up with my own sound,” he explains. “That’s how the maturity in the music came through – and that in turn led me to getting a band because I wanted to replicate what I was doing live.” The EP was recorded with the involvement of a five-piece band, who have been backing Wandile in the majority of his performances since. “The amount of work which has gone into the EP is about as much as would have gone into an album,” he adds “It’s huge, we’ve got interludes, intros and outros – but in the end we decided to stick to it as an EP.”

While there is no definite release date for the project, a significant amount of hype has built around it, and Wandile already has nebulous plans in the works for a collaborative remake of the EP. “I have this idea – once I’ve released this non-collaborative EP I want to come back to it and get the legends involved – Hugh Masekela, Don Laka – and get them to remake it. Sort of like a tribute to them.”

Ambitious dreams, but what is a life lived full without some wild ambition? In addition to his musically inclined endeavours, Wandile has a keen interest to integrate involvement among all creatives within the Mother City – and the Artist Network Programme is yet another one of his dreams when it comes to launching into the multifaceted scope of the creative industry at large.

“I’m going to open a coffee shop,” he says, his eyes lighting up. “It’s going to be a place for artists – photographers, writers, musicians, designers – where they can hang out and network. That’s the easiest way to collaborate for us I think.” With a deep-seated love for art of all aspects, he is prepared to launch into every facet of it which may boost his music as a whole – from visual art to fashion design, and even to festival organisation. “I’m all about collaboration,” he says with a grin. “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Bringing Back Eyeliner – All you need to know about EMO NIGHT RSA.

Crying out over the din of the struggling Cape Town alternative scene, the organizers of South Africa’s first ever Emo Night prevail. Based on the American-born concept of the same name, Emo Night RSA – to be hosted for the first time on 2 July 2016 at Longmarket street’s The Manila Bar – promises to be all the rage for former-emo’s, punk rockers and any other hangers-on of alt culture.

Being a loyal punk fan myself, I recently got in touch with co-organizer Craig Roxburgh  to find out more about the event. And in addition to discovering his secret identity as the billed DJ xxBr00talTearsxx , was able find out more about just how exactly the concept came to be.

Herewith follows the minutes of that brief encounter:

Hi there. Thanks so much for agreeing to have a chat with me today. So, Emo Night RSA. What can attendees expect? And where are tickets available for purchase?

I’ve actually been putting the finishing touches on much of my playlist for the evening and I’ve seen glimpses of my other fellow DJs playlists and what I can tell you is that it is going to be an evening that explores much of the music that actually falls under the genre of emo while also featuring songs that were commonly associated with the emo subculture despite not actually being emo. Attendees can expect reliving songs they used to sing when they were in high school, but can also expect to be exposed to some of the finer nuances of the weird musical niche that is emo.
Tickets can be purchased at the door of The Manila Bar for R20 – a complete bargain when you look at the costs of other events that just feature DJs spinning set playlists.

 Now, looking at the list of organisers, one can’t help but notice that you all seem to be quite young. How have you managed to secure funding for the event?

We prayed to the almighty emo gods, but that didn’t work. So, we’ve managed to secure some private funding, but we’re hoping that we don’t actually need to use said funding as we are expecting to cover all the necessary costs on the night. We only need 150 people to come through for us to able to break even, but we’re hoping to fill up the venue due to the interest that is currently being expressed.

How long have plans been in the pipeline? And why now have you finally decided to take the plunge and host the first event?

Emo Night has always been at the back of my mind for the past year, or rather I’ve been saying to myself that I want to attend an Emo Night for the past year. I have a few friends in America that rave about their Emo Nights and that sparked my initials interest. I’m a student living in a country with a terrible exchange rate so the chances of me ever actually making it across the Atlantic to attend Emo Night are slim, and I guess that planted a seed in my mind.
It was only in a conversation with my co-founder Dom that this plan to host an Emo Night came to fruition. We were joking (actually, we were being deadly serious) about opening a Made For Broadway (when they eventually tour Cape Town) show with a DJ-set that would just play pop punk songs and eventually take over the entire show and eventually the country. Much of the conversation was rooted in light-hearted humour between lectures, but at some point we just decided that we didn’t need a band to tour here to do exactly that and that is how Emo Night RSA came into being. With regards to why we decided to take the plunge and launch into an event without much warning? I think it was probably because we wanted to know if such an event would ever work and we would rather completely fuck up now then nurture this idea and have it fuck up later when we’ve grown even more attached to it.

The original American version of “Emo Night” is a recurring affair. Any hopes of doing the same?

We hope to make it a recurring event especially within Stellenbosch’s club culture as we feel that there is much potential for us to grow in Stellenbosch due to the high density of students and since there is a Confession or Rage about the lack of alternative music events/clubs in Stellies. However, the chances of this being a recurring affair is entirely rooted in whether or not it is successful on 2 July. We will need to see a huge turnout for us to consider putting together another event.

Event Poster

When one thinks of the Cape Town space, it’s almost impossible to ignore the fact that alternative spaces are falling out of vogue in a big way. How conscious were you of this when planning this event?

To be honest, we didn’t even consider the space in which Emo Night would operate until after we launched the event. It pretty much just started as some massive pipe dream that Dom and I turned into an event and were expecting no-one to even give two shits about it but the response has been phenomenal so far and I guess at some point we had to stop and consider the space in which we would exist, but we wouldn’t say that we exist within the alternative space. Simply because the alternative space does not really make provision for counter cultures to exist and especially not for the emo counterculture to exist.

I have always been conscious of a lot of individuals, outside of the traditional alternative spaces catered for by the Cape Town space, that have loose ties to the emo genre and to the emo subculture – both of which are vastly non-existent in South Africa as opposed to just in Cape Town. The alternative space catered for in South Africa has been on a rather downward spiral over the past few years as it has become a rather exclusive space dominated by a rather particular brand of metal snobbery – the kind that sneers at the metal headliners for the likes of RAMfest and Oppikoppi, but 2015 and 2016 has seen that particular space kind of resurrect itself thanks to much of the work done by a lot of the media outlets and promoters. However, the alternative space as an encompassing whole still remains segregated along a genre basis – which is partially why it has fallen out of vogue to some extent. We were kind of aware of those divisions, but we didn’t pay much mind to it as Emo Night (in our mind) falls into a very particular niche that caters to a wide variety of people within the alternative space while also catering to a more mainstream audience – the people that don’t care too much for metal, but would be happy to rock out to some nostalgic pop punk and alt rock songs. At the end of the day, Emo Night is a celebration of a genre, a subculture, but also a very particular phase in people’s lives where angst and anger reigned and things weren’t so serious and adulty as they are now.

And adding to that point, what do you hope to achieve by hosting these nights? 

You know what. I asked bands this so much when I ask what they hope to achieve with a new album or whatever, and it always amazes me that they don’t reply with “we actually don’t fucking know because all of that totally depends on how much people love or hate the album”, so I guess I would reply with something like that if I was a total asshole, but I’m not. My personal vision is for Emo Night to become this meeting ground for like-minded individuals to come together and bond over mutual musical tastes and then from there go out and grow what I hope I can one day refer to as the “emo scene”. My goal is for Emo Night to foster a sense of unity in the music scene especially with regards to the punk and post-hardcore scene that would serve to bolster the scene and allow for bands to pursue genres that no-one would ever think would exist in Cape Town like pop punk or hyper aggressive emo (although Past Haunts kind of do that already).

Last question: How can our readers spread the word about Emo Night RSA?

They can spread the word by heading to the event page and clicking attend and sharing the living shit out of it. Like, we want to see 5k people invited or something. Else they can find us Facebook under Emo Night South Africa or on Twitter as @EmoNightRSA

Thanks so much for your time. See you at Emo Night!

See you there. We fully endorse panicking at our disco.

Lana Del Rey – Honeymoon

Sultry, sexy and incredibly boring. Lana Del Rey’s new album Honeymoon, the much-anticipated follow-up to Ultraviolence was released on 18 September. Del Rey’s strict creative control has unsurprisingly led her to produce her most self-indulgent piece yet.

The obsession with her own perpetuated image of the scorned lover and femme fatal has slowly become less believable but certainly no less entertaining. But her commitment to her art could certainly make her the most genuine fake in the business. Admittedly Honeymoon isn’t as bad as I had originally anticipated It is certainly a step up from Ultraviolence but nowhere near as iconic as Born to Die. 

 Although extremely monotonous this album, like previous ones showcases Lana’s best talent, enchanting listeners with a masterful combination of bad girl narratives and melancholy tunes. This is why she has had such success in the past two years writing scores for various movies including; The Great Gatsby, Maleficent, Mommy and Big Eyes

In her new album Del Rey is still the pouty prize on the arm of some sugar daddy in songs like “Religion” she sings “You’re my religion, you’re how I’m living / When I’m down on my knees, you’re how I pray” but by the time it reaches ‘Blackest Day’ her constant objectification runs very dry. Held together by slow, moaning ballads Honeymoon only really gets interesting in “Freak” and “Art Deco”. The lyrics and songs really start to work together in her unique, immersive style but after that things trail off again into a deep progressive oblivion. 

Lana has never been a spectacularly good lyricist, but her writing has always hit a real truth with listeners, in this album, however, she has disconnected herself from that honesty. She speaks as if she were a fallen Hollywood star in the throes of self-destruction, a romantic notion but completely un-relatable and inevitably poorly written. In “Salvatore” she sings; “Salvatore can wait/ Now it’s time to eat/ Soft ice cream” this is the highlight of nonsensical writing. 

Her mentions of other iconic artists like Billie HolidayLay Lady Lay, and quotes from David Bowie in “The Blackest Day”, “Religion” and “Terrence Loves You” seem like feeble attempts to be more artistic but ultimately just make the album a little too unoriginal. 

Definitely an improvement from the last moaning compilation of Ultraviolence, Honeymoon displays what Lana Del Rey truly is, the poster child for heartbreak and self-destructive actions. There are some great moments on the album but none of it memorable.


Cape Town Weekly Gig Guide: 17 August – 23 August

Tuesday – 18 August

Black Lung and Retro Dizzy – Aandklas, Stellenbosch 

Untamed Youth: Party Time, Excellent. – Fiction 

Wednesday – 19 August

The Royal Commoners – Blah Blah Bar 

See You Next Wednesday – The Assembly

Original Swimming Party – Straight No Chaser 

Thursday – 20 August

Jägermeister presents: Full House with The Factory ft. Retro Dizzy and Training Brah – Ace’n’spades Bar

The Oh So Serious – The Waiting Room 

Friday – 21 August

To The Stage presents – BOARGAZM: Bringing the Bacon! – The Rabbit Hole

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun  – The Assembly

Tweak & Friends – Aandklas 

Saturday – 22 August

TWEAK & Friends – The Assembly 

Sunday – 23 August

Tim Parr  – Cape To Cuba

Cape Town Weekly Gig Guide: 28 July – 2 August

Tuesday – 28 July

Al Bairre – Aandklas, Stellenbosch 


Untamed Youth – Fiction 

Wednesday – 29 July

Prime Circle – Aandklas, Stellenbosch 

See You Next Wednesday – The Assembly

Thursday – 30 July

Francois van Coke(Acoustic) – Die Boer, Durbanville

Jagermeister Presents: Full House with Stoker, Filth & Southern Wild – Ace’n’spades Bar

Natural Selection Transitions • Featuring DJs Mighty & Daniel Bruce Gray – The Waiting Room

Friday – 31 July

Set For The Sky – Release The Machine tour – The Rabbit Hole

Crooked – Spiro’s, Hout Bay

SOUND ON SCREEN Music Film Festival 2015

Prime Circle – The Assembly 

Martin Rocka and the Sick Shop in Cape Town – The House Of Machines

Francois van Coke(Acoustic) – Die Boer

Saturday – 1 August

SOUND ON SCREEN Music Film Festival 2015

Al Bairre – The Assembly

Drown; Dustland Express, With Dawn, and Zero Stroke – Gandalfs, ROAR 

3rd World Spectator X Blynd Tyger X Hush – Live At Aandklas

7th Son & Grassy Spark  – Brass Bell

Matinino album launch – Octopus Garden

Sunday – 2 August

SOUND ON SCREEN Music Film Festival 2015

Cape Town Weekly Gig Guide: 6 July – 12 July

Do you know how soul-killing corporate office jobs are? I’ve spent two days behind a desk doing clerical work, and I think I understand why people that work 9 to 5 jobs in dreary offices seem like zombies. This weeks gig guide goes out to all you corporate zombies: loosen up a little and break out of the eat, sleep, work, repeat ritual. Throw a bit of zest and fun into your live with a good old fashion party at any number of the stellar events that Cape Town has to offer this week.

Monday – 6 July

About as empty as Stellenbosch during Winter Break

Tuesday – 7 July

PechaKucha Night Vol 34 – The Assembly

Stockholm Jazz Orchestra – Baxter Theatre

Beáta America and Arc The Forest – The Waiting Room

Untamed Youth- Ficiton

Wednesday – 8 July

See You Next Wednesday – The Assembly 

NOT SO PROJECT X – Milnerton 

Weekly Vintage Market – The German Club

Thursday – 9 July

Jagermeister Presents: Full House with Taxi Violence – Ace’n’spades Bar

A Band Called DEATH and Galactic Waves – The EYE

Friday – 10 July

Sakawa Boys V EP Celebration -Blah Blah Bar

Deaf Safari – Album Launch – Felix Laband – New Space Theatre 

Saturday – 11 July

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun : Weekend Edition – The Assembly 

Deaf Safari – Album Launch – Felix Laband -New Space Theatre  

Showcase: The Inside Job, Silver Jester and Kamer 13 – Aandklas, Stellenbosch 

To The Stage Presents: WELCOME TO THE CARNIVAL – Buckley’s 

Sunday – 12 July

Francois van Coke & Karen Zoid – Artscape, Kaapstad

Deaf Safari – Album Launch After Party – TBA

Cape Town Weekly Gig Guide: 29 July – 5 July

Alright, how is it July already? It feels like just yesterday that I was starting the year off with a hangover and the bleary-eyed expression well-worn both those that successfully celebrated the beginning of the new year. Now we’re already in the second half of the year, and stores are starting to dust off their Christmas decorations and begin planning their Christmas specials, and soon that will all be over. Well, that is enough with the existential crisis. Here is your gig guide.

Monday – 29 June


Tuesday – 30 June

Piss off and don’t come back til you’re famous! (Dave Knowles) – The Waiting Room

Untamed Youth: Adventure Time! – Fiction 

Wednesday -1 July

The Truth Timeless July Market – Truth Coffee Roasting

A Songwriters’ Circle – The Waiting Room

Thursday – 2 July

First Thursdays – HQ

Surface Noise: The Art Of Vinyl with Roastin’ Records – Red Bull Studios

Friday – 3 July

Psyclone – Star Bar

Mc Cree – La Cabane

To The Stage Presents – We’re All Mad Here – The Rabbit Hole

Infanteria – Where Serpents Conquer Album Launch – Gandalfs

Saturday – 4 July

Hello Cape Town feat. TiMO ODV – St. Yves Club 

Half Price, Crossfire Collision & Swatting Bats – Cape Farmhouse

Electric Jungle Ft. Hyphen Vs Phaze – The Dragon Room

To The Stage presents – Weather The Storm – Aandklas

Harbinger EP Launch – Gandalfs

Sunday – 5 July

The Steampunk Sessions – The Local Grill Woodstock

Cape Town Weekly Gig Guide: 23 June – 28 June

A belated happy Fathers Day to all those brilliant fathers out there, and the single moms that have to play the role of fathers. I just got back from a glorious weekend in the Klein Karoo, hence the moderate delay on the release of this gig guide. As usual, this week’s music shenanigans are laid out below for your viewing pleasure.

Tuesday – 23 June

Die Blazin Helde Toer – Aandklas 

Wednesday – 24 June

OneSight Acoustics featuring Stelth Ulvang and Kings Down South – Straight No Chaser Club

Dan Patlansky With Albert Frost Acoustic Live – Cape Town Club (Sold Out)

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – The Assembly

Thursday – 25 June

Jagermeister Presents: Full House with Majozi and Jason Gladwin – Ace’n’spades Bar

Friday – 26 June

FutureNow Fridays ft Hyphen, Bryan Travis & Leechi – The Assembly

Dan Patlansky Stellenbosch Guitar Weekend

DANSVILLE Turns 6! DnB Session – Buckley’s 

Francois van Coke(Acoustic) – Melt’s Tavern, Gordon’s Bay

The Unscene Presents – I Know Where You Gigged Last Weekend – ROAR

SEX & CANDY 2015 – Beaulah Bar

Disobey – The Dragon Room

To The Stage Presents: SCREAM – The Rabbit Hole

Saturday – 27 June

Dan Patlansky Stellenbosch Guitar Weekend

Strange Loving & Warehouse Movement present SHIBA SAN (France) – The Dragon Room

FVCK V.I.P 90’S ONLY PARTY – Blah Blah Bar

FAKTAP #3 GRUNGE PARTY – The Assembly 

Sunday – 28 June

Dan Patlansky Stellenbosch Guitar Weekend

KAHN – Die Bôrdienghuis

Cape Town Weekly Gig Guide: 16 June – 21 June

Long weekends are always glorious things. I sincerely hope everyone ensured that they rested well over the long weekend. I sure did – hence why this is a day late. Procrastination and busying myself with other affairs lead to me forgetting to do this until the wee hours of Monday morning. Either way, you’re getting this just in time to plan some late Youth Day debauchery or revel in how close we are to the end of June.

Tuesday – 16 June

Battle Of The Bands – Quay 4

Untamed Youth Day with Christian Tiger School – Fiction 

Sneakers Only: Youth Day Celebration – The Waiting Room

Wednesday – 17 June

UF X SYNW – The Assembly 

Thursday – 18 June

Save It For The Weekend and Chris Werge – The Waiting Room

Friday – 19 June

To The Stage presents – New Hopefuls – The Rabbit Hole

Mr Cat & The Jackal – Blah Blah Bar

Michael Lowman & Grassy Spark-  La Cabane, Hout Bay

FutureNow Fridays ft Niskerone, Hyphen & Blitzkrieg – The Assembly 

Saturday – 20 June

Die Blazin Helde Toer – The Rabbit Hole

Showcase: Something Crooked, Grey Street,  Rapid Auto Fire (JHB) – Aandklas, Stellenbosch

Foreign Exchange – The Assembly 

KAHN – Hollow Square 

CITY SOIRÉE PRESENTS: Stelth Ulvang (The Lumineers) with special guests Albert Frost & Lee Thomson – Youngblood Arts and Culture Development

Sunday – 21 June

OneRepublic – The Grand Arena, Cape Town, South Africa

Kahn – Alma Cafe


Cape Town Weekly Gig Guide: 8 June – 14 June

It is with glee that I announce that my midterm exams are finally done, and I am now granted six weeks of freedom from a grueling LLB degree, so I will hopefully be seeing some of you at the gigs listed below. I’ll keep this short because I’m about to catch up on music that I missed last week. Have a marvelous week.

Monday – 8 June

Sadly, Mercury Live has been shut down so there are no more Monday evening Mercury gigs – unless the venue reopens in the future.

Tuesday – 9 June

Untamed Youth Presents: Jurassic Youth! – Fiction 

The Motherland – TRUTH Coffee HQ

Wednesday – 10 June

See You Next Wednesday x Break Up Day – The Assembly

The Motherland – The Waiting Room

Thursday – 11 June


Watershed – Cafe Roux 

BIG EXIT + SAKAWA BOYS – Aces ‘N’ Spades

Friday – 12 June

New Horizons – “Flash In A Pan” CD Launch – South African College of Music

Watershed – Cafe Roux 

Winter Jazz Festival – Grandwest Arena

Rebirth into Love – Evolve launch – Aandklas

Something Crooked and Black Moscow – ROAR, Gandalfs

The Inside Job, Julia Robert, The Dirty South and Jester & The Sickboys – The Rabbit Hole


The Motherland – Blah Blah Bar

Saturday – 13 June 

Nomadic Tribe – 4 Psychedelic Dance Floors – The Dragon Room

Los Tacos EP LAUNCH in collaboration with: The Rudimentals, Bed on Bricks, Sean Koch, Bambeano – The Assembly

The Motherland – The Brass Bell

Sunday – 14 June

I’ll be sitting here. Writing this gig guide.

Cape Town Weekly Gig Guide: 1 June – 7 June

It is already June. I cannot even fathom that. Well, I’ll keep this brief as I have four mid-terms left, and time is precious. Its the final push for most students to get exams done, and we’ve all been hit by some hard news this weekend with the passing of George Bacon – so how about we have a few beers in the memory of a man that was a driving force behind the South African music scene for a solid 20 years?

Monday – 1 June

I set off to write a criminal law exam – it shall not be fun.

Tuesday – 2 June

Untamed Youth: Viva Piñata! – Fiction

Wednesday – 3 June

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – The Assembly

Hemel Op Die Platteland Amber Ale Launch – Aandklas Stellenbosch

Original Swimming Party – The Waiting Room

Thursday – 4 June

K A H N Live At Café Roux

Jagermeister Presents: Full House with Ann Jangle & Friends – Ace’n’spades Bar

Friday – 5 June

RAM FKN JAM Vol. 22 – Start Me Up – SGT Pepper

Just Dala 2: Revenge of Just Dala – Bazinga Bar

Motherland Album Launch – Protea Hotel Fire and Ice

FutureNow Fridays – The Assembly

Jack & Black Live – Saints 

Saturday – 6 June

Betray The Emissary: Youthless Hearts – Gandalfs 

Motherland – Bay Harbour Market

Motherland – Wacky Wine Festival

Desmond & the Tutus, Grassy Spark & friends – The Assembly

Sunday – 7 June

A day of rest perhaps.


Cape Town Weekly Gig Guide: 25 May – 31 May

Its the final week of May. Side Show is closing down. Winter is coming. Exams are examining, and retail stores are already breaking out their Christmas specials. Okay, that last one is lie, but it really does feel like they spring Christmas on us when it is still ages away. Either way, we present this week’s gig guide and would like to point out that The Assembly is going to be hectic this weekend. You best get down there.

Monday 25 May


Tuesday – 26 May

Shotgun Tori + Emma du Preez –  The Waiting Room

Untamed Youth: Viva Piñata! – Fiction 

Wednesday – 27 May

The SAE Student Sessions – The Mercury Live

See You Next Wednesday – The Assembly 

Dan Valley & The Countrymen – Blah Blah Bar

Thursday – 28 May

Bohemia & Red Heart Rum presents: Dead Lucky | Stoker

Jagermeister Presents: Full House with Bright Lights Big City & Aidan Martins – Ace’n’Spades Bar

Colabrocion Tecnica: Art & Opera – Blah Blah Bar (No events page and R40 admission)

Friday – 29 May

Fresh Blood – Your Free Gig – Gandalfs

PHFAT + Hog Hoggidy Hog + Fuzigish Live – The Assembly

The End – Side Show Closing Down Party ft. EVERYONE – Side Show

Auf Wiedersehen, Vaarwel, Au Revoir – Blah Blah Bar

Saturday – 30 May

To The Stage vol.2 – Buckley’s 

Skullcandy Presents: Gateway Drugs Farewell – The Assembly 

The Crooked Carnival – Blah Blah Bar

Vans presents The Pit Party 2015 – The Pit

Sunday – 31 May

Birthday Girl – RITUALS EP Launch – Straight No Chaser Club

Sunday Sundowners with Ryan Kidwell – Cape To Cuba

Cape Town Weekly Gig Guide: 18 May – 24 May

WE FINALLY HAVE A GIG ON A MONDAY. Sorry that we’re getting all excited over that, but we have just seen blank spaces filled with desperate attempts at wit for the past couple of gig guides. It is a refreshing change to finally put a gig there, but we know it won’t last. On that note, we’re in the home stretch of May, and about to head into June. Mid-Term exams are about to start at Stellenbosch, and we wish our editor luck for his private law exam. The rest of you? Good luck in all your endeavors this week, and MAY you make it a week to remember.

Monday – 18 May


Tuesday – 19 May

Untamed Youth – Fiction 

Wednesday – 20 May

Acoustic Night –  The Waiting Room

See You Next Wednesday x No Stress – The Assembly

Thursday – 21 May

Bohemia & Red Heart Rum presents: KRAAL | The Nomadic Orchestra

Jagermeister Presents: Full House with Diamond Thug & Retro Dizzy – Ace’n’spades

Friday – 22 May

The Metalist za presents Beeldenstorm’s Emalyth Fundraiser at ROAR

Something Crooked – Obviously Armchair

UF – The Assembly

Friday Live! – Blah Blah Bar

Saturday – 23 May


Yoh! Pirates – The Assembly

LAND AHOY! – The Jolly Roger

Sunday – 24 May

The Vanilla – Cape To Cuba

Cape Town Weekly Gig Guide: 11 May – 17 May

So, no-one spoil episode five of Season five of Game of Thrones for us, please? Well, mainly for Craig – he’ll probably get really angry if any of you do, and would much rather prefer if you just went to any of the gigs listed below. It is a week before mid-terms, if you’re a student, and only a week past pay-day so all of you should still have some disposable income. Just think, all the students will be studying and you won’t have to deal with annoying first years acting like they own the club. All the more reason to go out.

Monday – 11 May

Recover from Suicide Sunday.

Tuesday – 12 May

Untamed Youth: Flipping Burgers – Fiction 

Wednesday – 13 May

Hello Winter – The Waiting Room  

See You Next Wednesday x Foreign Exchange – The Assembly

Thursday – 14 May 

Jagermeister Presents: Full House with Red Huxley & Loveglove Pyrotechnics – Ace’n’spades Bar

Elevated Motion and New Holland – Bohemia

Mo’Fly – The House Of Machines

Friday – 15 May

Beeldenstorm’s Emalyth Fundraiser – The Rabbit Hole


ShenFM Album Launch – Cafe Roux

The Ballistics LIVE This Weekend – The Mercury Live


Saturday – 16 May

Jägermeister Presents: FutureNow Volume 2 – The Assembly 

R7000 Metal Band Bursary – Gandalfs 

Nomadiq Music Pres. BLOCKPARTY

The Ballistics, Scarlotte Will and Chris Ross LIVE – Aandklas Stellenbosch


Sunday – 17 May


Cape Town Weekly Gig Guide: 4 May – 10 May

If you’re reading this then you have successfully surived the dual series of long weekends and the three day working week. Sadly, our next public holiday is far away. Fear not, as per usual the nightlife of Cape Town is hip and happening. It does seem like the weekend events are few and far between, but the jam-packed Friday evening gives you a good enough excuse as to why you can’t function as an adult for the rest of the weekend.

Monday – 4 May

The day of bad Star Wars puns.

Tuesday – 5 May

PechaKucha Night Vol 33 – The Assembly 

Untamed Youth: Fast Lane – Fiction 

Wednesday – 6 May

See You Next Wednesday x DDE x Hawkword – The Assembly

Medicine Boy – The Waiting Room 


Jägermeister Presents Van Coke Kartel – Aandklas, Stellenbosch

Thursday – 7 May

Jagermeister Presents: Full House with We Set Sail – Ace’n’spades Bar

Friday – 8 May

Semels Unite TakeOver – The Assembly

To The Stage presents Rough Seas – The Rabbit Hole

TexasRadio Live at Slow Life 

The Metalist za presents The Devil Slaughters The Fallen – ROAR

The Parlotones – Cape Town Club 

Peasant – Circles EP LAUNCH [MERCURY LIVE]

Saturday – 9 May

Young, Wild & Free: Black Math (DBN), Dark Blue Orchestra (FRA), Early Hours & more – The Assembly

Sunday – 10 May

FUNDAY 3 – Nomadic Orchestra, John Wizards & True Vibenation – The Great Wizoo

Cape Town Weekly Gig Guide: 27 April to 3 May

This may be a day late, but fret not – the vast majority of gigs go down in the latter half of the week so you didn’t miss much. Notable events of the weekend: Parklife and Peasant’s EP launch are two shows that are a must. We’ll see you at Parklife, yes?

27 April – Monday

You know, this was going to have a gig listing but then Freedom Festival got postponed – how unfortunate.

28 April – Tuesday

Die Adam Tas Rockshow – Klein Libertas Theatre 

STONE JETS & F O L L O W E R – The Waiting Room

29 April – Wednesday

See You Next Wednesday x Half Life

30 April – Thursday

Love All: A Party For Workers Day – The Assembly 

Workers Day Party at Dizzy’s: With Red Tape Riot and more…

Natural Selection Jazz Day // Future Nostalgia & Boeta Gee – The Waiting Room

Jagermeister Presents: Full House with Black Lung, Filth and Stoker – Ace ‘n Spades

Dansville – Mayday! Mayday! – Buckley’s

1 May – Friday

Peasant – Circles EP LAUNCH – ROAR

Die Heuwels Fantasties – Klein Libertas Theatre

FNSS ft. Headroom / Dean Fuel / Hyphen / One Up / Chris Taylor / Jak Skandi – Side Show

Live & Direct – Hillcrest Quarry


Wren Hinds, Faye Oakes & Hezron Chetty – Cafe Art


2 May – Saturday 

Parklife Festival – Cape Town 

Protest The Hero – Klein Libertas Theatre

The Ballistics at Ellingtons, Bellville


3 May – Sunday