Monday, February 18, 2019

Father John Misty: Bearded Indie Folk Hero Of The Internet

I believe that anyone who can get an NME article to end with the line: “It’s Father John Misty’s internet, we just live in...

15 Acts You Do Not Want To Miss At Superbalist Is Rocking The Daisies

Co-written by Craig Roxburgh and Skye Mallac. Photograph by Vetman Design and Photography.  There are only 8 days until Superbalist is Rocking The Daisies kicks...

KT Tunstall: A Guide through her Universe. PART 4: “Drastic Fantastic”

Drastic Fantastic was such an interesting move for Tunstall because it really was the first album on which KT's voice wasn't the centre-point...

KT TUNSTALL: A Guide through her Universe. PART THREE: “KT Tunstall’s Acoustic Extravaganza”

With this album, perhaps jumping onto a trajectory more suggested by Tracks in July than suggested by Eye to the Telescope, KT Tunstall returns to her...

KT TUNSTALL: A Guide through her Universe. PART TWO: “Eye to the Telescope”

Launched from her previous world by wishing, waiting and a record deal with Virgin Records, KT Tunstall breaks into the mainstream with her major label...

KT TUNSTALL: A Guide through her Universe. PART ONE: “Tracks in July”

I find that listening to KT Tunstall drives me a little crazier every time I do because it calls to mind the kind of...

A Blunt Open Letter To Rock Purists

6am. Monday morning. Tweets are popping up on my timeline about the VMAs. I dismiss them because it is too early in the morning...

The Popularity Of The Breakup Ballad: Usable Material or Shameless Exploitation?

Breakups suck. Naturally, like most things, people handle them differently. Some people need to drink hard as a distraction, some seek comfort in food...

Grassy Spark: #HereIAm

This week has been an extremely emotional week for me and this is thanks to Grassy Spark. I've known Grassy Spark for a few years...

Introducing the Critic.

Recently, the stars proved less faulty than usual, in that they aligned quite perfectly and almost summoned this article from the depths of my...

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