Cape Town On Air: Retro Dizzy

Cape Town on Air is a non-profit project filming and recording new and up-and-coming bands and artists for free. Tucked into a section of the Sign Bomb warehouse on a Wednesday evening, bands and muso’s are invited to come through to show off their talent in an awesome set. Recorded and filmed by experienced professionals, these sessions aim to get these amazingly talented artists some much-needed exposure and promotion.

They call themselves Retro Dizzy, they are young and fuck, are they talented. These four guys are the ultimate epitome of old school Rock n’ Roll. Their sound is the perfect mixture of The Black Keys, The Doors and a bit of the Rolling Stones. Each member has his unique style and you can’t help but be taken to an old era when music was pure and played by the gods.

 They term their style African Surf Psych, and I couldn’t have personally come up with a better term for their unique sound. Their toe tapping, head bopping beats come pumping out of the speakers at you and you are almost escorted back to the days of the Beach Boys and The Doors. The guys are effortless in their absolute coolness, each moving to his groove and sound, absolutely resonating the sounds of the old days. Cool surf riffs belt out over the groove of the band and the guys move around the area, just feeling the music slamming out of their instruments.

Their influences vary, and although you can hear a very strong sound of the old surf rock culture coming through, they proclaim that they do not do influential soup, rather, inspirational stew. You see, you cannot help but love these guys. Rock gods living in our back yard!

The band consists of Nicolaas Rossouw (Drums), Andre Vlok (Guitar, backing vocals)Stuart Dods (Bass, Backing Vocals) and Richard Liefeldt (Vocals, Guitar). The band was formed in 2014, their origins lying in Hermanus. Andre and Nic went to school together and after Richard had exited a band, the three guys jammed together at Richard’s farm for a few sessions and eventually ended up calling themselves Retro Dizzy. Eventually, they found Stuart at the Shack, (who had relocated from Pretoria in his Space-Ship to Pretoria) and the band came into its own.

For the Bomb Session, the guys moved effortlessly through their tracks which included “Rapid Fire”.

The guys have a pretty active presence in and around Cape Town. They can be found out often as far as Stellenbosch where they drive out their basslines, structured pitches and dips in their guitars and melodic drum skills. They are recording something at the moment in a studio in Cape Town, and soon we will have an entire album to listen to on a chilled Saturday, beer in hand, reminiscing the greats.

The guys are hoping to start moving into the more northern parts of the continent and want to take their sound to Malawi and various other territories dying to hear their amazing sound.



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