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Bye Beneco Release Music Video for “Chemirocha”

Bye Beneco Release Music Video for “Chemirocha”

In true adherence to their music, Bye Beneco have released a video that is as vibrant and eclectic as their music. Bright bursts of colour and mind-bending visuals assail the optic nerves while their unique fusion of ambient blues music and eclectic indie folk creeps its way own your auditory canal – the best way to describe it would be to stoop to the level of the Grammys and call it fusion world music. It is just that good. Unfortunately, the chances of “Chemirocha” making its way to the Grammys borders on being the same probability that Zuma will pay back the money. We’ll just have to settle for the hopes of a SAMA nomination, and then hope that people are smart and give the band the credit they deserve.

The song comes from the Kipsigi tribe in Kenya, but its meaning is two-fold. The song tells the story of the American yodler, Jimmy Rogers (Chemirocha), and how he became a god-like figure for the tribe. Although, if you were not aware of this prior to hearing the song or seeing the music video then you’d be reduced to thinking that Pink Floyd and Salavador Dali decided to resurrect themselves and collaborate on what is quite possibly one of the psychedelic experiences that shaped Steve Jobs’s life philosophy. Its a beautiful amalgamation of incredibly visceral images that leaves your brain reeling with the sheer inability to process what you’ve just seen. Thus, prompting you to hit repeat a few times before you can actually understand what you just saw. “Chemirocha” defies the norms of traditional music video, and becomes an art form of its own.

Watch the music video below, and then head over to iTunes to purchase their album Space Elephant.





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