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A Sweet Ending to The Affair | Ben Howard In Review

A Sweet Ending to The Affair | Ben Howard In Review

Music is a very personal experience. Like buying a watch or perfume. Most people love to wear it, but only in this manner and only with this or that.

However, along comes Seed Experiences and bowls us with yet another amazing production, always knowing exactly what the people need. To read your audience and know who will attract a crowd of all ages is not an easy task, but Seed Experiences can give themselves a round of applause.

With a very impressive track record of shows, this one has a very special place for me. It took me back to my High School memories and to my res room where I indulged in literature while listening to Ben Howard’s albums with my earphones on, escaping from reality. Seeing him live was an absolute improved version of my “trip down memory lane” and a dream come true. In combination with the artist, the sound was mind blowing and the lighting really played a large role in giving life to the emotion each of his songs have to offer.  Ben Howard as usual never disappoints. His sound was pure and honest and being my fist time seeing him perform up close, I was hypnotised. Although I would have loved some more crowd interaction from his side, it did not interfere with my experience too much. I loved the change of his guitar between almost every song and that his band members follow the same ethic by changing it up.

Ben Howard - 3
by Jonx Pillemer

Now, in all honesty, I have only seen Bye Beneco once before, but I do like their album. I was surprised by this choice for the opening act. I would have never thought to have a different genre open for Ben Howard, but they did add that element of surprise to the show.

Unfortunately the surprise only lasted for the duration of the first and second song… people were talking throughout their set and going to the bathroom and even just standing outside the arena. They were never-minded about losing their spot for a smoke break/to grab a drink…for once a worthy band got the opening slot, but Bye Beneco did not use the opportunity they were given to its full potential.

Nevertheless, I felt that the whole production was a success. With a prize winning venue (no pun intended), this was once again proof that Seed Experiences know how to market a great production and provide us with a beautiful product.  Be sure to book tickets for George Ezra the 29th August, at the beautiful Durbanville Racecourse. With a great venue like that it can only be a winner!


All photo’s by Jonx Pillemer




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