Album Review : Brynn launches Querencia

Written by : Ezelle Louw

Querencia – a place from which one’s strength is drawn, where one feels at home; the place where you are your most authentic self

Just a mere month ago I discovered a bunch of guys on stage that blew my musical mind to bits. Brynn captivated my soul at Up the Creek with their powerhouse performance, musical magic and array of deep rooted lyrics. They demand connection to their audience, they require attention and Brynn is currently securing fans everywhere they seem to trail.

Brynn’s aptly titled debut album Querencia is in my possession for review. I imagine my current feeling resembles as one who is in possession of gold. Not only my excitement, but my expectation levels reached a standard I was weary these guys would not touch base with. They took those presumptions by the collar, grabbed on and surpassed all preconceived notions with flying colors.

Album artwork by Chris Auret

Unvarnished is the one word description I would utter about this album. The richly textured lyrics, the finely executed musical genius of this quintet, rounded off with well mended talent, all poured into a raw blend of arrangements leads to an album I can binge upon. Unvarnished means straightforward, not covered and I feel this describes Querencia as a whole. The album possesses an attractive purity that leaves me at ease to repeat these songs, loud.

Each song structured on this album, places me in a different range of the emotional palette. Some with harder rock infusion , some with  softer ballads which ensures a more vulnerable state of mind. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve seen such a strong line up of musicians come together to create The Quan.
Please don’t judge my current need to refer to the classic Tom Cruise movie, Jerry Maguire. The scene where Cuba Gooding Jnr. stands naked in the locker room and tries to explain the meaning of the word quan to Tom Cruise. Armed with an expressive face and matching hand gestures, Cuba utters,“ It means love, respect, community and the dollars too. The entire package. The Quan.”

Brynn by Tatyana Levana Photography

Brynn certainly contains The Quan in my humble opinion. This album secures a deep love for the tender reflection they display in the plethora of arrangements to form this piece of gold. Respect has been earned in a rather short space of time for each of these musicians. Jules Terea’s vocals contain an elemental edge and range that ensures the essential punch to Brynn as an entity. The rest of the members attains a strong performance signature that makes Brynn explosive live and on play. Dave van Vuuren on lead guitar displays finely crafted skills which lures in your being, combined with Hezron Chetty on violin who creates heart piercing crescendos. Alex Similie (bass) and Eddie Kriel (drums) compliments the whole attire in showcasing their need to push their boundaries in their selected crafts.
Exploding on the scene ferociously,  Brynn has harnessed quite a community with their music, which is admirable in its own. The dollars is in the mix, because I do hope these guys  take their career and make a proper living out of their talent, I would like to see them hang around the scene for quite some time.  In short Brynn is the whole package, Th Quan.

Brynn by Tatyana Levana Photography

I will single out 4 songs that I keep close to my heart and loud in my ear. Cotton Mind, Querencia, About Time and Almost Blind seals the deal to the epiphany of an album. Please make sure you make time to go see Brynn live, as I feel to truly appreciate this album you need to experience their dramatic performance for yourself.

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About a certain Creek…

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Ann Jangle second album on its way

“Kicking Sawdust: to follow or be apart of the circus. “This is the title of Ann Jangle’s much anticipated second album. It showcases Ann Jangle breaking the blues mould and weaving a rich tapestry of multiple genres. Although Blues has proved she is an artist capable of intimate storytelling, Kicking Sawdust, aims to announce Ann Jangle to a wider audience, a bigger sound, a bigger production on stage.

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How to spend Valentine’s Day with Hillcrest Quarry!

If you don’t have any Valentine’s plans yet, Hillcrest Quarry has the perfect solution for you! Join the sweet sounds of Just Jinjer and The Swingsetters with your partner. Wait there’s more, read below, there will be a special bar for all the single people sponsored by José Cuervo.

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Awolnation set to release new studio album!

AWOLNATION  have announced the release of their new studio album titled Run (Red Bull Records) on March 17, the highly anticipated follow-up to their chart-topping debut Megalithic Symphony. Visit to pre-order the album, purchase exclusive merch pre-order bundles and receive an instant download of the band’s electric first single “Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf).” You can pre-order yours now online! Awolnation  recently completed an official music video for “Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)” that can now be viewed below. An extensive U.S. summer tour will be announced shortly, including a stop at this year’s Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, and the band will soon begin performing at select Stateside festival shows after a brief European tour this spring. A current itinerary is listed below. Continue reading Awolnation set to release new studio album!

MCQP goes Royal Navy! Win tickets to the event!

MCQP’s line-up for its twenty-first celebration on Saturday, 20 December, boasts a number of performers that will make your mouth water and your hips go crazy. Among the stars performing on stage are Dj Dean Fuel, who will be performing at his tenth MCQP, the sexy Jacques Terre’Blanche and The Kiffness.

Partygoers are invited to come dressed in their coolest Royal Navy themed outfits and to have a jol at the Cape Town City Hall and Grand Parade. It’s going to be a day filled with music, dance and pageantry. A number of emcees, including Genevieve Le Coq and DJs from UCT Radio and MFM will be welcoming guests on the pink carpet. The gates open at 5pm. Continue reading MCQP goes Royal Navy! Win tickets to the event!

We talk to Zebra & Giraffe

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We chat to David Meulen!

David Meulen started his solo career early 2013 and he is certainly winning music lovers hearts everywhere on a big scale. His debut album @davidmeulen which dropped in April  is doing incredible on our local music stations and not only that, David actually spent some time in the famous Abbey Road’s famous Studio 2. I had a quick chat with him to get some inside info.

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Summer Sound System

The summer party season is kicking-off with a bang on Saturday, 29 November and the Trance group, Skazi will be in South Africa to join in the fun.
Last seen in SA in 2012, the band aims to bring a new energy to the Cape Town outdoor party calendar, at the first ever Summer Sound System. This event is taking place at the West Coast Ostrich Ranch, 70kms from the Mother City, in Philadelphia outside Durbanville.
Since 1998, Skazi has been combining trance beats with traditional instruments to add extra spice onto their sound. With electric guitars, pianos and even violins, it has made them a unique and riveting act to experience. Their versatility has led them to collaborate with several other artists including renowned violinist Vitali who will be joining them for their SA trip to Cape Town.


Summer Sound System
Additional acts who are set to be joining the line-up for the Summer Sound System include some of South Africa’s finest namely: Pascal & Pearce, The Kiffness, PH fat, Crazy White Boy, The 2AMs and Broken Toy.
SSS2014 launches summer fever into high gear and is ideal for those eagerly awaiting the festive season to begin. However, there’s more than music on the cards! Several shaded chill spots and dance floors, food and craft markets in addition to a VIP area, hosted by FNGR, are part of the day. To complement your sundowners and scenic views, there will also be state of the art sound and visual displays throughout the event.
With this event being just around the corner from the Mother City, making the quick drive for a day of fun and excellent music is a breeze.


DJ Skazi by Leandro Quartiermeister
DJ Skazi by Leandro Quartiermeister

VIP and general tickets are available through Computicket or ticket outlets including The Dragon Room, SKA (Kalk Bay, Long Street, Bayside, Cavendish), Gypsy (Kalk Bay, Long Street, Dorp Street Stellenbosch), Ashanti, Namaste and Call-A-Pizza.


Main Stage

11h00 – Gavin Stander
12h00 – Clark Feeble (SWD) vs Dan Hugo
13h00 – Surprise act
14h00 – Crazy White Boy LIVE
15h00 – The Kiffness LIVE
16h00 – Hyphen
17h00 – P.H.fat LIVE
18h00 – Chris Taylor vs. Jak Skandi
19h00 – Pascal & Pearce LIVE
20h00 – The2AMS
21h00 – Surprise Act
22h00 – Broken Toy LIVE
23h00 – DJ SKAZI – Official LIVE
00h30 – Hiyamyzo LIVE
02h00 – Frozen Ghost
03h00 – Lester The Jester vs. PSYQLOPZ

2nd Floor

12h00 – JP
13h00 – Two Tone
14h00 – Bryan Farrow
15h00 – Jason Rinquest
16h00 – Badmen
17h00 – TheFunkConnection
18h00 – Kyle Phonics
19h00 – Dillyn Will
20h00 – Minx
21h00 – DJ Sasha
22h00 – VNDTA
23h00 – Jamie Saint
00h00 – DJ Dillyn-Will Fan Page
01h00 – Lektrix
02h00 – Josh Horwitz

Please note that the line-up is subject to change.


Buy tickets HERE 

Early Bird Tickets
Regular R280 (limited)
VIP R340

Normal Ticket Sales
Regular R330
VIP R420

At Gate
Regular R350
VIP R480

Join the event HERE 


We have 3 double set General Tickets up for grabs valued at R330 per ticket.

Tell us who you would take with to Summer Sound System & which act you are most looking forward to!

Winners will be notified via email no later than Wednesday 25 November 2014.


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Terminatryx Interview: 12 years down the road

In many ways the one cannot really exist without the other (unless it’s a special Pink Floyd Pompeii amphitheater or Korn crop-circle audience-free show!). I’m often flabbergasted that these songs we created from out of the air can draw people in and have them connect with it in various ways as we perform them – these specifically constructed sound waves connecting with flesh and the psyche within. It’s wild.

– Paul Andre Blom (Terminatryx)

12 years down the road proves that Terminatryx not only belong right here on home turf, they deserve their place, which they fill so firmly , in our local metal scene. Controversial, unique , Terminatryx is here to stay. Tonight they will launch the much anticipated video for ‘Gone’, which is off their album Shadow. I had a quick chat to Paul and Sonia about what is happening in the life of Terminatryx.

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Review: Raptorbaby’s Latest Single ‘Atlantis’

Written by : Ramone Pickover
Raptorbaby, a progressive metal band from Johannesburg, haven’t released any new material since their debut EP: ‘The Hatchling’ in 2012. But, today they are releasing their 1st single from a potentially new upcoming album, and to my excitement, I was chosen as one of the lucky few to get to listen to it before the general public.

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Red Tape Riot Album Launch

 Our music really has two goals. First, we really want to get people dancing. Our album will get you moving and we just want you to have fun. The second is that, while our songs are fun, they also have a deeper message. They’re all personally meaningful to us and our journey, and the world we see around us. The world is full of red tape, and we sort of riot against that through our music. So there’s a definite deeper angle that some people will be interested in.                  – RED TAPE RIOT – 

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