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ALBUM REVIEW: Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool

ALBUM REVIEW: Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool

After listening to “Burn the Witch” on loop after its release I can safely say I was slightly underwhelmed, but with the release of this album my feelings started to change, each second more perfect than the last I cannot fault A Moon Shaped Pool in the slightest. The album being almost therapeutic is amazing. “Burn the Witch” fits into the album as a whole and I feel that is what bands struggle to do these days, release an album. Bands nowadays focus on an album which is more filler than killer and this album is an absolute masterpiece.

“Identikit” is thus far my favourite song on the album, with weird guitar tones, and Thom Yorke’s chorus of “Broken hearts make it rain” the song is great and feels like a meeting point between all of what Radiohead do. At the same time, though, that is just my preference. Jonny Greenwoods String writing ability is unparalleled, it is pure and I will say rather genius.

Their albums tend to become a personal experience for all those who listen to them, each person will give you a different answer when asked which is the best album they have released.

Each album makes you feel something different, from the angst on The Bend to the pureness and truth of In Rainbows. They have a talent for writing albums that make you feel something, which once again I feel like not many artists are capable of these days. To me, this might not be my favourite album they’ve released (In Rainbows takes that award) but it’s bloody brilliant.

This album is a very human album, instead of reinventing themselves, they’ve almost taken the best of what is Radiohead and made something beautiful. All in all, it’s perfection, it’s human, it is the human mind at work, it is beauty and this is what music and musicians needed an¬†inspiration to be yourself.





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