I’ve been wanting OneDaySky to release new music ever since I accidently snapped the bootleg physical copy of their self-titled EP. I ripped the EP onto one of those multicoloured blank CDs that Chaos Computers used to sell. If I recall, I did it because my iPod was in for repairs and I was using one of those old Nokias that had the retro version of Snake on them. The only thing I could use to listen to music was an old Sony Walkman – those ones into which you could place CDs. I ripped a whole load of music onto roughly 50 different discs – all of which have managed to disappear or be broken by my incredibly clumsy self.

The band has been rather quiet for the past few years with regards to music and performances which is understandable as one of South Africa’s most prominent metal producers, Clinton Watts, fronts the band and he has been incredibly busy helping local, and international, bands push out some incredible music. However, with their Oppikoppi performance just around the corner (you do not want to miss this) the band has decided to release new music in the form of “Aporia” – a song that reinvents their sound and aesthetic.

OneDaySky previously styled themselves as a technical and abrasive post-hardcore with electronic overtones, but “Aporia” sees them accentuating the electronic elements of their sound. Synth tones open the song drawing the listener in with a gentle fade in before blasting before with a monstrous, chugging breakdown back by a flurry of synth. Watt’s vocals have stayed more or less the same as he channels the same kind of soulful clean vocals favoured by Bradley Walden of Emarosa or Tyler Carter of Issues. Bursts of aggressive unclean vocals punch through the clean vocals alongside brash breakdowns and technical guitar riffs to give “Aporia” a snarling, aggressive nature. For the most

For the most part, “Aporia” sticks to a much lighter side of post-hardcore as they fuse electro with nu-metal while adding dollops of the kind of post-hardcore favoured by I See Stars. “Aporia” is a brilliant song that manages to stay true to OneDaySky’s technical roots while still pushing the band into a new direct as Watts absolutely nails rap verses at select moments.

Watch the brilliant music video for “Aporia” below.


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