Early Hours has been silent for just over half a year or so on the account of their lead singer, Jake Bennet, venturing off into the United States of America to study at Berklee College of Music. Prior to leaving to the States, Early Hours was still operating of the hype created by “Smells Like Summer” – their upbeat indie-rock anthem which recently took them the top of 5FM’s Top 40.

His return sees Early Hours releasing “Into The Wilderness” – a song that is vastly different to much of their older music. It drops the indie-rock meets Brit-pop aesthetic and leans towards a groovier and slower indie-pop sound. It seems like Bennet has learnt quite a bit from being in the states as much of the song seems to be very much influenced by trends in the American indie-pop scene. A syncopated beat, which seems vaguely inspired by hip-hop, undercuts the song while bouncy bass lines and luscious upbeat synth tones compliment the jangly guitar chords that form the core of the song.

Lyrically, the song is about finding oneself entering a strange and unknown environment which matches perfectly with the musical direction the band has followed with this song. Furthermore, much of the lyrics do seem to be based on tensions Bennet may have felt before heading to the USA. However, the band coolly remarks that the lyrics, and their meaning, are entirely in the listener’s hands and they can mould into whatever they want it to mean.

“Into The Wilderness” is off of their forthcoming debut EP First Light which is due to be released on 18 August. You can listen to “Into The Wilderness” below via Soundcloud. It shall be available on Apple Music, Deezer and iTunes on 5 August.


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