On the verge of the release of their new album, Stoker has dropped their final single, “A Stranger Throne”, fittingly accompanied by a charming music video. Although “charming” may not be a word often associated with the Cape Town-based hard-rock band, a sunlit lounge performance in a little countryside house cannot be dubbed anything but quaint. Cutting between a collection of shots of childhood photographs on the mantle and the band setting up for their song, the videos opening blatantly juxtaposes the idea of who the band members once were and where they stand now.

A vaguely psy-induced rock sound dominates the better part of the track. Slow, rolling verses create a false sense of tranquillity before being broken by a series of dramatic, 4-chord build ups and then launches into the wildly rollicking rock sound we know them for. Close up shots of the band and their instruments once again break any possibility of monotony. Chris De Wet Bornman roars into the microphone with conviction and guitarist Redge O’Kennedy wears an Iron Maiden t-shirt.

Within moments, the track has slipped back into the calmness of the verses and you can settle back for a moment or two before the next spike of palpable energy forces you to your feet once again. Thematically the track is a mildly reminiscent ode to how they themselves have changed over the years: “Thoughts of a younger me/ of a stranger me”. Polished and well produced, any rough edges smoothed by the context in which the track is delivered, Stoker present a striking final run up to their anticipated upcoming project.


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