Muse has been a staple of the alternative rock community for the past two decades. Their debut album discography pioneered a brand new approach to rock music that was free from the rigid and now commercialised constraints of 90s grunge rock. Their discography has seen them constantly strive to new heights and incorporate new elements into their music ranging from ethereal synth and dubstep-influenced electronic overtones. Their recent album Drones saw them altering their sound yet again turning towards a hybrid of anthemic soaring alternative rock and the gritty aggression of alternative metal tempered with the punk-inspired political tones that were featured on 2012’s The 2nd Law.

Much of The 2nd Law sees them tapping into an aggressive sound, but their new single “Aftermath: sees them pushing towards a much more ballad-like direction as the aggressive overtones are abandoned in favour of soaring guitar melodies and Matt Bellamy’s haunting vocals. It shows a different and the somewhat softer side of Muse that we saw in songs like “Sing For Absolution”. It is an exquisite example of Muse’s versatile sound and we are proud to present the South African premiere of “Aftermath”.

The video is the result of Muse’s on-going creative collaborations with Japanese director Tekken, who previously delivered eye-catching, flipbook-style animated videos for the band’s tracks ‘Follow Me’ and ‘Exogenesis: Symphony Part 3 (Redemption)’. The hand-drawn, monochromatic video for ‘Aftermath’ charts the experiences of a soldier after being parted from his family.

Please note that this video is geo-blocked to only being playable in South Africa and will only be available for the next 48 hours. It would be advised to disable any proxy you have activated if you wish to view the video.


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