Russian rap/metalcore band Wildways are set to release their first album, Into the Wild, on 25 March, since signing to Artery Recordings.

So far they have released two video singles off the album, “What You Feel” (Lyric Video) and “Faka Faka Yeah” (Music Video), and with the sneak preview they have given us to the album I would advise you to get excited. Brilliantly produced with fantastic music, this is something you’ll enjoy somewhere between ghetto rap and hardcore. A fantastic representation of how modern music can blend genres seamlessly if done correctly.

Not only were we fortunate enough to get this album a few days before release, but I was privileged enough to ask the band some questions about touring Russia and Europe, working with big names in the international music industry and some more.


Thank you for giving us some of your time to tell us about yourselves. For those who don’t know you, please could you tell us your name/s and your role/s in the band?

Hello guys, my name is Toli and we’re Wildways
Toli Wild (IG @toliwild) – vocal
Sergio Novikov (IG @serezha_wldws) – guitar
Slava Kavlenas (IG @chocoslayc) – guitar
Harry Oldman (IG @bofwild) – bass
Kery Parker (IG @kerywldws) – drums

You guys were around for years as “Sarah Where is My Tea”. Could you tell us a bit about the name change and the change in musical and visual style as there has definitely been a transformation, especially with the sound and rap/hiphop elements?
We founded in 2009 year and we just didn’t think about something serious. To play music by practicing was just a fun time for us so we got this name “Sarah Where Is My Tea”. Honestly, this name worked in Russia a way better than US and Europe. We remember a lot of comments like “wtf with their name? That’s so stupid” but we continued to make and play music. When we became little more serious band and start to get responses only from Russia we just made a decision that we want to make a new chapter for our band and changed to Wildways. I can’t say that we made it because we wanted to change our music genre, cause already under “Sarah Where Is My Tea” we tried to put some hip-hop in our music. Just check the song “My Habitat” from last “SWIMT” album.

I read somewhere that all your members came from different cities. How did you get started?

Yeah, that’s true. We just have BEST musicians from all over the Russia, hahaha. The band was formed in my small town with Sergey and Harry, and our city was just too small to have any amazing drummers. That’s how we got Kery from another city near Moscow. Then we just were looking for a guitarist and made a post in Russian social network about that. We got a lot of messages on our e-mail from good guys, but we found amazing and so talent guitar player from the Ukraine – Denis. He played with us 2 years and we recorded  “Into The Wild”  with him but unfortunately, he decided left the band, then I just made a call to our old friend from Saint-Petersburg: Slava Kavlenas and he said YES!

How did Denis Stoff from Asking Alexandria get involved with you guys and how did he influence you?

Denis worked with us like a band manager a couple of months and his opinion to change the band name was the final. He just said, “you guys definitely need to change it to get more response from US and Europe”.

Wildways has toured extensively across Europe, Russia and the UK. Where have you guys had the best experience? Why? And could you tell us how does the Russian music scene compare to the countries that you’ve visited?

All tours were amazing and everywhere we had a different experience. Honestly, from 1st to last! But now, we love more touring here at home cause we have a lot of fans here and they just crazy! Really, they’re best! Different between Russian crowd and European-UK is a big! Russian people all the way louder and crazy!

Let’s hear some odd facts about the band members. How would you describe each other? (don’t hold back)

I’m sure that my guys can describe me like nervous, loud and excited guy. Yeah, I really can’t be calm.

I can explain my members like
Sergey – everytime FUN (really every time, even when everything’s SHIT as fuck)
Kery – serious and adult (it’s fucking annoying sometimes)
Slava – PARTY guy (annoying as well)
Harry – best comedian in our band, his jokes are just amazing!

Is there a theme to Into the Wild? Do you have a message to get across and if so what is it?

We have different messages in all songs that are not about a whole album.

For example the message in “Faka Faka Yeah” goes a bit like this: “YOU WILL FUCKING LISTEN THIS RUSSIAN SHIT. Whether you like it or not, you will [listen to it]!”

“Skins” is about this dirty and false world in which we live and that we just have to make it clean!

“Sirens” and “Princess” are from the depeths of my heart and about my ex-relationships.

“Not Alone” has the same theme as “Sirens” but about  how it’s hard to be alone in this life, even when you only 23 years old.

 What does “Faka Faka Yeah” mean?
Don’t know (laughs). That’s not the first interview with this question. It’s just a “Fuck” only with emotions. You actually can sing it like “Fuck Fuck Yes” or “Hell Yeah” I guess that would have the same meaning like “Faka Faka Yeah”









What is happening in the above picture?
1 minute before going on stage. We do it every time.

 Live performance from Wildways is something South Africa is yet to witness. What can be expected one day when you make it to our shores?
Stop,  what? You guys from South Africa? Please send a message to our manager about touring there as soon as possible! Right now guys!

 Lastly, what can you tell us about signing to a record label such as Artery Recordings which also has epic bands like Attila, Conquer Divide and Capture the Crown to name but a few on their list?
Amazing guys. Really can’t wait to meet with them in US personally! Last November, Slava and I had a party with Capture The Crown here in Russia. Amazing guys and can’t wait to play with them on tour!

Thank you again for your time. I’ve been very impressed with the album Into the Wild and look forward to seeing where Wildways goes from here!
Thank you so much for all question and yes, “welcome into the wild”. Enjoy!

Checkout the overblown music video for their latest single “Faka Faka Yeah” (NSFW):

Pre-order the album Into the Wild on Google Play here:



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