The first time I heard The Plastics was in 2011. Hearing their name more and more in subsequent years came as no surprise – The Plastics have certainly made quite a name for themselves in the SA music scene. There is no doubt about it, The Plastics are a prime example of quality South African indie.

With this in mind, seeing their singer, Pascal Righini’s solo project, Yum Yuck, come to the fore aroused a curiosity in me and many others that simply could not be ignored. Just what was to be expected from this solo project?

From start to finish, Make Yourself at Home has an ethereal sound to it. Melancholic vocal4ally, the acoustic instruments used still shine through (though, of course, some more clearly than others). In “Fields” the acoustic guitar is the dominant instrument with ambient noise and reverb around it to set the mood and perpetuate the ethereality of the EP. The melancholic atmosphere it creates perfectly portays the story it tells: “My dear, I’m breaking without you / My fear is you don’t feel it too.”

Make Yourself at Home is the first release of Righini’s solo project. A first release is more often than not an introduction, a statement saying “This is who I am,” and more often than not some kind of indication of what we can expect from that particular artist going forward. As an introduction, Yum Yuck has surely secured the anticipation of many a listener for his next release.



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