Beecake are a four-piece indie rock band, hailing from Glasgow, Scotland. In the years following their inception in 2006 they have carved out quite the local niche for themselves. Following the success of their debut album in 2009, Soul Swimming, the band toured the UK and America extensively and succeeded in winning the award for Best Live Act at the 2010 Tartan Clef Awards. They released their second album in 2012, Blue Sky Paradise to critical acclaim.

Comprising of Billy Johnson, Rick Martin, Paul Burke, and Billy Boyd, Beecake was so named by Boyd’s Lord of the Rings co-star and good friend, Dominic Monaghan after being sent a photograph of a cake covered with bees. The band initially began as a studio based project by Boyd, Johnson and Martin in which they planned to experiment with song writing and recording. Beecake simply grew from there.

One might argue that their success is largely due to an actor in their midst. I would personally argue against that. Despite having Billy Boyd as front man, Beecake’s fans are chiefly fans for the music. Their sound is a smooth indie-rock, with side-long rolling synths and Beatles-esque chord changes. Their sound is full and perfectly orchestrated. Strong lead vocals are supported with floaty backing vocals and interspersed with jangling tambourine and tinkling piano – something not often found in the electronically-dominated music of today.

Their third album, “A World of Things”, was released on iTunes on June 15th, and was met with a hugely positive response from fans and critics alike.

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