Bring Me The Horizon recent moves have been very bold. First off, they completely change their sound with the release of Sempiternal and promptly released one of their best albums to date. They followed that up with a complete shift of sound with the release of “Drown”, which hinted at a direction that was a lot more melodic than Sempiternal and actually featured clean vocals from frontman Oli Sykes.

The band then spent the past couple of weeks teasing fans with images of umbrellas cropping up all over the UK, and then sent the alternative scene into a frenzy with a series of cryptic codes pertaining to today’s release, and now they have released “Happy Song”.

I am currently torn between really disliking this song, and absolutely loving it. Let me start with why I dislike it, and this rests primarily on the fact that I’m still stuck in the Sempiternal phase. I was still expecting Bring Me The Horizon to announce that they’d be fusing the melodic elements of  “Drown” with the aggressive and grandiose metalcore style that they adopted on Sempiternal, and “Happy Song” just does not meet that expectation. It comes off as an alternative rock trying to be post-hardcore. It is a bit like a weird fusion between Three Days Grace, Muse, and We Came As Romans’s new sound.

However, I am also such a sucker for massive alternative rock melodies wrapped up in an electronic aesthetics, and drizzled with a degree of post-hardcore aggression. It may not meet any of my exepctaitons for new music frrom Bring Me The Horizon, but at the same time the soaring melody and Oli Sykes rasping clean vocals are truly captivating. Combine this with the snarling screams that Oli Sykes throws in the end which are introduced by an enthusiastic cheer of “lets go”, and you have a formula that I just can’t resist. Couple that with “Happy Song” being one of their strongest pieces of song-writing to date, and you have a pretty brilliant song.

The basic summary of this song is if you were expecting something akin to Sempiternathen you’re going to dislike this song. If you are more open minded and can appreciate a band’s progression then you’ll like “Happy Song”. It also helps to be a fan of the band. All in all, this song is pretty amazing, and that chorus is exquisite.

“If you sing along/ a little fucking louder/ to a happy song/ you’ll be alright”.



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