You may have heard Lakato Silva’s “Do Re Mi”, or AKA’s “Problems” feat. Reason, or even Jimmy Nevis’s “Do You K now”. Who am I kidding? Of course you have heard these songs. At some point, it was impossible to turn on the radio and not hear these songs. They all dominated radio chart, and received a fair share of airplay on 5FM. The question I pose to you is if you have ever heard of the man behind these local radio hits?

You probably haven’t, but if you listen to 5FM then you have probably heard his song crop up in the daily playlist. The man’s name is Ameen Harron, and he is the producer behind an extensive list of songs – most of which have gone on to perform incredibly well in South African. One could say that he is South Africa’s version of Ryan Tedder, but without the pop rock band. No longer content with remaining a faceless man that sets behind the production desk in the studio, Harron has decide that it is high-time that he releases music of his own.

“Higher” is the first single off of his highly anticipated debut album Masks. The song steps away from the traditional pop and hip hop songs for which he does production work, and rather sees Harron dabbling in African influences while delivering a solid core of drum ‘n bass as the basis of his sound. The African influences comes in the forms of tribal-styled chanting that inserts itself into the track, and the drumming sections of the song draw their rhythmic pattern from a very similar tribal influence upon which KONGOS based their sound. The combination of Harron’s auto-tuned vocals and Silva’s grimy vocals gives the song a very edgy and progressive feel – it comes as a breath of fresh air to see South African pop music drawing influence on  the underground electronic scene, where such sounds are prevalent.

I spent some time in London that changed my entire perception of music. London had so much to offer with their unusual sound and rhythm selections, and along with genres like Grime and Garage, the energy I felt from Jump-Up DNB pretty much perfectly captured the emotion to this awakening to this entire new experience. It sounded like growth, and progress – a powerful life experience in sound that I needed to share, to show that strong sense of uplifting cultural identity the UK showcase without compromise! – we can learn from that.”

I am looking forward to this album and cannot wait to see what this man creates.


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