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Photos by Christelle Duvenage Photography (@StellaTeleur)

After a well-deserved holiday break, Park Acoustics kicked off 2015 with an absolute bang of musical delight. The January edition boasted with probably one of the most diverse array of artists on one stage in Park Acoustics history. From Soweto to Japan to Cape Town, this line-up spoke to every culture and heritage. In addition, the Cabin Fever Dance Floor debuted at the monthly event, leading to an even bigger variety of entertainment.

Float Parade eased everyone into the lazy Sunday, creating the perfect ambiance with their funk soul music. Desmond & The Tutu’s bassist, Nic Dinnie, fronts this band and possesses a smooth-as-honey voice that soothed even the worst weekend hangover. Mention must also be made of the keyboardist, Pule, with his groovy playing style and constant sunny smile. They also totally owned Rihanna’s ‘Please Don’t Stop The Music’. Their wish came true, because the day was only a seed ready to blossom…


Float Parade - Photo by Christelle Duvenage
Float Parade – Photo by Christelle Duvenage


BCUC (Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness) bring pure power to the stage. Seven men and women became one majestic Soweto force to be reckoned with. Front man, Jovi, acknowledged that they love performing in front of crowds who don’t know them, because that means they must earn and work for respect. And respect in abundance is exactly what they received for their commanding performance.


BCUC - photo by Christelle Duvenage
BCUC – photo by Christelle Duvenage


Park Acoustics has become known for showcasing international acts that the average South African music lover has never heard of. Japanese instrumental group, Sawagi, blew minds with their refreshing and incomparable sound. With old-school keys and a modern edge, their genre can best be described as Dance Rock. The four members looked very happy with the warm response they received and even recited a few English phrases for the occasion (with a notebook in hand much to the amusement of the crowd).


Sawagi - photo by Christelle Duvenage
Sawagi – photo by Christelle Duvenage


The moment Tidal Waves set foot of stage, a familiar sweet scent hung in the air. The band always hits the spot with their “original music for original people”. I hope 2015 is the year they will release new music, because it’s been a while and we need some more “lekker, lekker dans” to stomp our feet to. Amidst a bandaged arm, Zakes threw in some extra keys to their performance, unlike their customary guitar-infused sound.

The rise and fall of an empire. That is how Gazelle and DJ Invizable’s last show ever (and upcoming album) is described and I couldn’t word it better if I tried. Gazelle and DJ Invizable have retained a magnificent stance in the SA music scene as a combo act and they will be sorely missed. Their performance took the crowd on a nostalgic trip down memory lane, reliving their career highlights. Jack Parow even made a special guest appearance, to perform their hit song, “Hosh Tokolosh”. In a fitting manner they said their final goodbye with “Die Verlore Seun”, with a few hundred people chanting along.


Gazelle - photo by Christelle Duvenage
Gazelle – photo by Christelle Duvenage


Throughout the day the Cabin Fever Dance Floor was filled with people in the mood for some booty shaking on the house and urban techno beats of 2lani The Warrior, Sisco Umlambo, Cody B and Deep Suite. As jokes were cracked at the Comedy Stage, the crowd filtered out and headed home, already counting the days until the next Park Acoustics.

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  1. AKing all the way! One of my favorite bands to see live and the thought of seeing them at Park Acoustics just made my mind explode!Best Day Ever!

  2. aKing for sure, but looking forward to the rest of the line up being announced. Would really love to catch the black hotels in this park acoustics environment.
    Float parade was my favorite from the first gig of 2015

  3. Aking or platics, aking or plastics??? Cant decide…soo much talent. Be a pleasure to see any of theses original and remarkable bands. Pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. We Are Charlie! They are new and since I have only heard them on the radio so far, I want to see them live so freaking hard! I might just charlie in my pants.

    Also, having seen Gazelle one last time was amazing!

  5. aKING is one of my favourite bands that do not visit Pretoria enough, their latest album was my favourite album of 2014. Park Acoustics is one of my favourite events, which only happens once a month.

    aKING + Park Acoustics + Winning tickets = Bliss!

  6. The plastics cause I haven’t seen then in far longer thats whats healthy for the mind also I’m really keen to hear some of their new stuff they’vebeen working on

  7. The Plastics for sure! But then again all the bandsI i just desperately need some live music running through my veins! Working too hard to get to a gig! IT’S TIME!

  8. We are Charlie – they’re an upcoming band that knows how to rock my socks off and I’m in desperate need of some rocking my socks off.

  9. Aking and We are Charlie! Both these bands are freaking mind blowing awesome and they’re even better live! Can’t wait for fun in the sun,dancing barefoot to these awesome bands!

  10. The Plastics! Arguably thee most talented band in the country…

    The reason I so desperately deserve these tickets is because I missed seeing “The Plastics” last year due to unforeseen circumstances and I will probably die of “FOMO” if I miss this epic park Acoustics.

    Also, their newest song “All I Really Want” is a masterpiece (link provided below) and I would be eternally grateful if the team at “SA Music Scene” could afford me the opportunity to party along to them when they perform at Park Acoustics!


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