SA Music Scene is proud to be giving away 12 tickets to Foo Fighters South African tour, 6 to each region.

The band’s eighth studio album is due for release in November 2014, and will be preceded by the premiere of Sonic Highways, a Dave Grohl-directed episodic series documenting the eight-city odyssey during which the album was recorded. If Grohl’s 2013 directorial debut, the Grammy-winning Sound City, was a celebration of the human element in music, Sonic Highways is, in its director’s words, “a chronicling of a journey to unravel the fabric of our musical identity… not only the making of our most ambitious album… Sound City on steroids.” These two stadium dates will mark the first time that Foo Fighters have ever performed in South Africa. Fans will be treated to a once in a lifetime performance of 20 years’ worth of hits as only the Foo Fighters can deliver.

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 Foo Fighters SA Music Scene 4

Foo Fighters at Cape Town Stadium 10 December 2014 with Kazer Chiefs (UK) & BLK JKS

Foo Fighters at FNB Stadium 13 December 2014 with Kazer Chiefs (UK) & BLK JKS

More details of Foo Fighter South Africa tour here!

T’s & C’s:

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Winners announced 3rd December 2014

2 Seated Tickets per winner

Tickets not for resale

If tickets are unclaimed by 4 December 17:00 tickets will be lost



  1. If I win x2 tickets to Foo Fighters- I would take Laura Jaffe with me as we have the same taste in music and would rock hard to Best of You at Foo Fighters at Cape Town Stadium 10 December 2014 with Kazer Chiefs (UK) & BLK JKS

  2. I want to take my Mom to the Jozi show… (to educate her on the more important things in life… but she probably won’t go, so I’ll take one of my siblings..)

  3. If I won foo fighters tickets to the Cape Town Stadium show, I would take my friend and fellow foo fighters fan, Cameron Prenter! 😀

    I need to see the Foo Fighters!!!!

  4. I’d Love to take my girlfriend to the Foo in Cape Town not only as an anniversary gift, but to show her what real music is!

  5. I would take my friend Donovan Phil Buitendag with! We have been trying to get our hands on tickets for a long time – but with no luck. So we just end up being sad and watching Foo Fighters on YouTube. Help us out!

  6. If I ever had to be so blessed, I’d take my oldest brother to go see one of his & my music icon. Dave Grohl & the Foo Fighters in Cape Town, madness, thank you SA Music Scene for the oppertunity.

  7. I would take Hugene Koekemoer, (my boyfriend) with me on the 13’th, because Foo Fighters is our favorite band, and live shows are the best with him!

  8. Thanks for the opportunity SAMS! I would take my beautiful girlfriend/wife by communal whatever of 5 and a half years. She’s taken me to see the Deftones (without being a huge fan herself, as well as to RHCP) and I would love to return the favour so that she can finally see The Foos live. We live in Cape Town, so it’s perfect too.

  9. I would take my friend Clarise to the Joburg show cause she is the biggest fan but just can’t afford the ticket. This would make her year! 🙂

  10. My wife, because she learned me to fly, she’s the best, she’s a good mother to our little Miracle, she can make something from nothing, she is my hero, but, honestly, sometimes it’s skin and bones, and even if it’s a cold day in the sun, or Hell, I’ve been waiting for her All my life, and I’ll stick around. Ain’t it the life.

  11. I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to take my boyfriend to the Gauteng performance, he has never been to one of these awesome live shows, and who better to introduce him to it than the Foo Fighters 😀

  12. I would take my girlfriend, Laura Rossouw, to the Johannesburg show, since she saved me from hypothermia during a previous Foo Fighters show we attended in a storm, that caused her to miss her favourite Foo’ song, ‘Best of you’.

  13. I would take my Boyfriend with me to the Cape Town show. He has never been to a rock concert before, and I am driving him nuts with Foo Fighters album at home!
    When he gets to experience them live I think he will convert to a Foo Fighters fan!!!!!

  14. I would take my best friend Kirsti with to the Cape Town show since all my other cool friends will already be there!! With the tickets our tour will just have the best ending ever!! Detroit Rock City vibes with the Foo Fighters instead of Kiss!!

  15. If I won I’d take my boyfriend, partner in crime & best friend Larry Abrahams to the cape town show! We’d love to rock out to the Foo’s !!!!

  16. If i could win Foo Fighters tickets I would take my older brother and biggest music influence Cobus Buys to the CT show, for he has helped me allot financially in seeing other BIG Concert production and got me into Foo Fighters, just want to give something back.

  17. If I win 2 tickets to the Foo Fighters concert on !0 December at Cape Town Stadium, I would take my best friend with me to the concert, because he would have to drive and we would listen to the Foo Fighters Cd’s until we get to Cape Town!!!! We absolutely love Foo Fighters!!!!!

  18. I would take Louis van der Walt because although we have different taste in music, we’ve finally found a band that we both like, Foo Fighters !!!

  19. I’d take my sister as she’s moving to Amsterdam a week after the concert and it would be an awesome farewell for her. Since we’re in CT we’d go to see
    Foo Fighters at Cape Town Stadium 10 December.

  20. I would take Louis van der Walt to the JHB show because although we have different taste in music, we’ve finally found a band that we both like, Foo Fighters !!!

  21. I would take my partner in crime, Ryan with me! We have been watching Dave Grohl’s incredible documentary series and love the new album! We’ve both wanted to see The Foo Fighters for over 10 years but haven’t had the opportunity up until now!

    It’s also my birthday in December and this would be an epic gift after a rather stressful year!

    Pretty please with sugar on top – make our music dreams a reality! 😀

  22. I would take the love of my life Antoinette Olivier to the JHB show, we fell in love and since we discovered we both like Foo Fighters i vowed that our hearts will never again be separate!

  23. There is no doubt on who I would take with me to the CT show.
    He is sometimes known as Davey Jones, Dawie or the Drummer…
    It’s my boyfriend Dawid Bosman (Yeah, I know cute right… belgh xD )
    He sadly has to put his sticks to rest next year, and it wasn’t an easy decision for him to make. With the sob story over I still support and love him but a girl can only do so much to cheer up her man in need. And hell who wouldn’t want to see foo fighters? Those may be seated tickets you’re giving away but there’s a High chance we’ll probably be standing like the Springboks while singing the national anthem. \m/

    For tl;dr
    It would be really fucking rad if Dawid the drummer from Kuilsrivier could be inspired buy Dave the drummer from Nirvana himself at what is probably going to be one AMAZING FOO FIGHTERS show.

  24. Well, almost all of my friends already have tickets and are already going to either the show in CT or JHB. But I would love to go to the JHB show and bring my friend Marc along with me. Or else I’m just going to spend that night outside the stadium crying if they play Best Of You.

  25. I would love for my son to experience the Foo Fighters at FNB stadium Johannesburg as he was prepared to use the money that I am giving him for Christmas to buy tickets but due to insufficient funds we had to abort the mission.

  26. I would take my lady and introduce her to the sultry sounds of ROCK AND ROLL!!!


  27. I would take my amazing girlfriend Alma to the Cape Town show before she goes home to Germany for Christmas!!

    And i would just like to say:


  28. I would REALLY REALLY REALLY love to go to the Cape Town gig and take my amazing boyfriend, Wihan, with me! 🙂 PLEASE SA MUSIC SCENE!!! Make a couples’ dream come true! 🙂

    my boyfriend, Anro and i are die hard fans of foo fighters
    And his father is coming down from durban to watch in cape town(HE HASN’T SEEN HIS DAD IN 5 YEARS)
    So this would make a FANTASTC reunion for the guys


  30. I would take the best bear in the world with me, Darryn te Roller, who loves Dave Grohl but couldn’t afford a ticket 🙁 Cape Town Cape Towwwn

  31. Instead of telling you who I’d take with me, I’d like to tell you what I’d take with. Answer: my left arm.

    Why? Because I almost lost this arm because of my love for Dave Grohl, but I didn’t and I’d like to drag my left side with to see the Foo Fighters play to celebrate.

    The story: I’ve been a Nirvana fan (including of course Mr Foo Fighters Dave’s) for as far back as I can tell. Last year I decided it was time to declare my love permanently by getting a Nirvana tattoo on my lower left arm. I was living in China at the time and drunkely decided to get the tattoo in a dodge Beijing back alley from a tattoo artist that couldn’t speak, understand or write a word in English. I had to use hand signs to explain what I wanted, got the tattoo, survived an infection and the healing processes and is proud to say there is not a single spelling mistake in my quote-inspired tattoo. Go random, filthy Chinese tattoo dude!

    I might never be able to see Nirvana play, but Foo Fighters is a pretty damn good alternative. I religiously watch the Foo’s Sonic Highways documentary each week & my left arm always ends up in the sky air-pumping by the end of the episode.

    Please give me and my tattooed arm those tickets so we can invite my dude Beyers with to go air-pump at the Cape Town show. Pretty, rock n roll please?

  32. I would take Ryan Callanan to the Cape Town show. Could not think of anyone better to share such an awesome experience with, one that I would probably tell my children about one day.

  33. I would take Hannah Molyneux to the Cape Town show, because well, we both live there so it’s kind of obvious. Also I’m massively poor and a massive fan. I love you.

  34. I will be treating Roche Muller to an epic show if these tickets are won. What an opportunity to experience an important part of music history for the band.

  35. I will be treating Roche Muller to an epic show if these tickets are won. What an opportunity to experience an important part of music history for the band. Cape town cape Town!!

  36. I would take my boyfriend, Vernon (my soulmate and best friend) to the Johannesburg concert and scream from my lungs
    “I’ve got another confession to make
    I’m your fool
    Everyone’s got their chains to break
    Holdin’ you
    Were you born to resist or be abused?
    Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?
    Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you”

  37. I really want to go to the concert because these guys are my absolute heroes. Been following Dave since Nirvana and the 90’s MTV phase. Know all the lyrics.

    I’d use my other ticket to find someone who really wanted to go as badly as I do but couldn’t afford it either so that I could make their year just like I’m hoping you guys will.

  38. I’d proper dig to take the awesome Dustin to the Cape Town show…because that boy LOVES the Foo Fighters. I mean I think he’ll actually cry when they play Everlong:D DAVE GROHL FOREVER

  39. I would take my friend Donovan Phil Buitendag with to the Johannesburg show! We have been trying to get our hands on tickets for a long time – but with no luck. So we just end up being sad and watching Foo Fighters on YouTube. Help us out!

  40. I’ve got another post to make
    I’m SA Music Scene’s fool
    Everyone’s got their comments to win
    Tryna Hold on’ you

    Were you born to resist or choose me too?
    Am I getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?
    Am I getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?

    Send me and my beloved Luke Wagner on an experience like no other to celebrate our 2 years of appreciating life and music together!

  41. To the CPT Show I would take my trusty T-Rex who has lazers shooting out of his eyes and rides a rainbow that cries panda bears dressed in chainmail armour. No one will die. Promise.

  42. If I win the cape town tickets, I would firstly scream out loud from excitement and I would take my awesome bud Darren with me 🙂 who is also a fellow fan!!!!

  43. Def my Boo! Would be an amazing early Xmas gift to him 🙂 We’d attend at the Cape Town Stadium venue, because CT’s cool like that! 😛 #Kapow

  44. I’d take my rockst*r wife Tabita with me to the Cape Town show, would make the best date night ever + we are big fans of the FF’s!

  45. I would take Dave Grohl to see the Foo Fighters (in Cape Town). I think he would dig it! He knows all the words to all their songs.

  46. It’s my 52nd birthday on 10 December and I would take my best friend with to the JHB show 13 December to show the youngsters that at 52 years of age, you can still rock out.

  47. I really want to take my girlfriend, Michelle, to the Cape Town show, as we just moved in together recently and are both broke as can be.

  48. I’d take a doll I’ve been crushing on to the Cape Town show, a kinda weezer inspired date ey 😉 would work out well as its my birthday the same night… mad props to the Foo fighters I’d love to see them play so I could rock out that night with someone special.

  49. Goodbye to 2014. It’s been a year of one pretty awesome long-distance relationship. Dinner dates over Skype, Kardashian-esque pictures at night and replacing cuddles with chocolate and wine. But after an entire year of wonky WiFi, decoding whatsapp messages and phone bills more expensive than my rent (not really, but you get the point), I’m STOKED to say:

    “Thanks for the lesson in patience. Mumford & Sons, ‘Everlong’ and ‘Walking After You’ you were always there for me in the hungover, cuddle-less mornings and cold (but really, like coldest winter EVER cold) nights. Peace out 2014!”

    I’m excited to welcome back my best friend. We got back together again after 4 years of being apart. The last concert he went to was Offspring. With me. We were 19 and stood arms-length from the ‘mosh pit’ feeling lank hardcore. It our first real date, and it ended with a kiss on the cheek at my mom’s doorstep (what an anticlimax).

    So he gets back 6 December, my birthday is on 7 December. And swear to the pope: I’m running every day to be as fit as possible for this guys return, and 9/10 I listen to ‘Everlong’. And side note, since ‘Wolf Of Wallstreet’ when I listen to ‘Everlong’ I think about the scene in which they play it – after Leo gets married and buys his wife that 80foot yacht.

    Anyways. Thanks for reading this. Bottom line is that I’d love to go to the concert! Truly. We’d both sing until our lungs got sore and stand on cups to get a good view of Taylor bashing out the drums. But, if we don’t get chosen, there’s always the Mc Donalds parking lot and the bonnet of his car as a bed 😉

  50. i would take my rocking Boyfriend with because this is his Fav Band and he has never experienced a LIVE Concert before in his life <3 this will be the ultimate surprise at the CAPE TOWN SHOW :D…

  51. I’d take my friend Maddy with me to the Joburg show on the 13th, because she has a great love for good music, and despite looking like a fragile little thing, she rocks out harder than anyone I know 😀 Aaand we’d totally drool over Dave and Taylor!

  52. I would take my boyfriend. We couldn’t get tickets cause we are saving up to move in together, so to win the tickets would be sooooo amazing.

  53. I would take jimm, my imaginary friend. He is a really cool guy and has stuck around for quite some time. I have to admit, the guy is a bit psycho, but most of the time he doesnt stalk people, and he only steals teeth on easter cause duhhhh, everybody knows the easter bunny is actualy familly of the tooth fairy. So give jimm the chace to come out for one night. He has promised not to through candy coated peanuts at David Grohl and not to leave katchup trails on the way to the girls bahroom, nor will he sing “Jimmy’s got a gun and he aint afraid to show it, show it” to the security guards and then shout “you are all racist” when they arrest him. He’s really actually a nice guy. Hope the 5 of us can go…

  54. I would love to go and take my boyfriend Simon with, we are both huge fans and have been fans of Dave Grohl since Nirvana days and through from the beginning of Foo Fighters. Would be a once in a lifetime experience! Pls pls 🙂

  55. Ooooh…. I would definitely take my boyfriend, who happens to be my best friend and the most amazing daddy to our 6 year old daughter – it’s been a rough year and we both need an evening of fun, and distraction in Johannesburg! 🙂

  56. I would love to go with my boyfriend since we both huge fans of Dave Grohl and good music generally!!!For the Johannesburg show!! 🙂

    • I would love to go with my boyfriend since we both huge fans of Dave Grohl and good music generally!!!For the Johannesburg show!! 🙂

  57. I would take my best friend of almost 12 years to experience the amazingness of Foo Fighters with me! I’m a HUGE David Grohl fan and I NEED to see him!!

  58. I’d love to take my ex-boyfriend with to see Foo Fighters performing live in Cape Town as he is and always will remain my best friend – and all our friends are going and im super jealous.

  59. I would take my bf, his Les Paul guitar just got stolen and it would really get him in the mood to play again. Oh yeah his bday is also comming up !!!

  60. I would take my bf to JHB, his Les Paul guitar just got stolen and it would really get him in the mood to play again. Oh yeah his bday is also comming up !!!

  61. If I win, I would take my man, Ravi to the show! Would love to experience this in JHB with him. Even willing to drive all the way from Durban 🙂

  62. Hi guys,

    Oh my sack!!! I am so excited to win these tickets I can hardly contain myself!

    Okay, the person I would take with is my friend Riaan. Foo Fighters Wasting Light album means the world to me. I had lost my mom to cancer and this album was released a few months before that, when things were really bad. “These Day” was one of the songs that made me feel okay to be angry and upset if someone would say: “its all right…”

    Riaan was my light in this hole of depression i had sunk into. He supported me during my crying, screaming, shutting him out and just needing an ear to listen.

  63. I would take my rockstar wife with me to the Cape Town show, because it just so happens to be my birthday on the 10th 🙂

  64. I would rock out at the Foo Fighters with one of my closest friends, Nicole. We live in the Western Province, so don’t be sending us to any JHB shows, okay? 🙂

  65. I would take my bestie, Cheryl with me to rock it out at the Cape Town show on 10 December. It would be the highlight of my year to see them live 🙂


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