ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL have put the rumors to rest by revealing that the World’s Premier Electronic event will be heading to the iconic cities of Cape Town & Johannesburg for the first ever edition of ULTRA SOUTH AFRICA in February 2014.

Footage from international stars such as Tiësto, Alesso, Nicky Romero, Krewella and W&W as well as local heroes Goldfish, Black Coffee, Mi Casa, Euphonik & DJ Fresh, HAEZER, Grimehouse, Half Life & more – all of whom will be christening ULTRA SOUTH AFRICA for it’s very first edition.

Although all Early Bird tickets have now sold out, General Admission tickets are stsill available, starting at the extremely affordable prices of just R700 for Day 1 in Cape Town and R750 for Day 2 in Jo’burg.


 Win tickets by commenting with why you deserve to go to this world class event

& Share the poster on our Facebook page


Cape Town Ostrich Farm: 14 February ’14

Johannesburg, Nasrec, Expo Centre: 15 February ’14


Tickets for sale HERE!



  1. Going to Ultra will absolutely MAKE my YEAR!!! There are SO many amazing artists in ONE NIGHT! Pleeeeeease help a broke student out 😀

  2. UltraSA!! 🙂 it’s right after my birthday and I can’t think of any better way to celebrate it! The line up is mind blowing, international as well as local an includes way to many of my favourite djs to be missed!!! No valentinesday this year, only UltraSA 2014!


  4. I am a Cape town girl through and through, but my friend is leaving South africa and he would be who the other ticket will go to. The perfect way to remember SA! 😀 PLEASE let us attend the part of the year!! Thanx 🙂

  5. I need a break from this organic spaceship and it’s talking monkeys… Send me to Ultra SA please!! *pounds his chest to a beat*

  6. I was so amped to hear that ultra music fest is coming to cape town. Who would thought such a world class event would hit S.A. I think I deserve to win a ticket basically because iv never won a competition iv entered in my life. Winning this would be so amazing, it would probably change my life forever.

  7. I deserve to go because music feeds my soul. It’s my life’s remedy! And literally all my fav local and international djs are playing! !!

  8. I’m a full time engineering student and its almost my 21st birthday so this would be the best gift ever and it would just make my year. I hardly have time to party and have fun so this will be my break. Pretty please with a cherry on top I want these tickets so badly. I love outdoor music festivals but its so expensive and being a full time student means to also be extremely broke. I will dance like it’s the end of the world so those tickets won’t go to waste.

  9. ULTRA SA would be the experience of a lifetime!! I wanna dance until I lose my shoes and kick up some dust with everyone who’s there to just lose themselves in the music and the experience!!!

  10. In the middle of the unavoidable financial crisis after the festive season… I could really use a break!
    Tiesto, Afrojack, woaaaaah!

  11. Since the Miami aftermovie I have been dreaming about this and its FINALLY here! Please send me to experience my dream of stomping to Alesso, Krewella and Martin Garrix! And yes, I’ll lose my s*** the whole day to EDM and the amazing vibe.

    “Take me home, where my dreams are made of gold
    In the zone where the beat is un-controlled.
    I know what it feels like
    Come on make me feel alive”

  12. Yo, I would love to become part of music history in Cape Town by winning these tickets and I’m super keen to party to the best. internationals the world has to offer!!!

  13. Hi I’m a broke student who would sell his left genital, run up table mountain dressed as a pink T-rex and give up bacon forever to win tickets to Ultra SA 🙂 Pick me!

  14. Going to Ultra Music Fest on Valentines Day with my girlfriend would be an amazing experience. Nothing comes to mind as to what would even top UltraSA if we don’t win these tickets! Not going to ULTRA = YEAR WASTED

  15. Not only will it make my year but will it sooth my lonesome valentines day.
    I would really love to see Krewella and the local acts to blast my ears into heaven.

  16. I would absolutely love to go to Ultra. I am a music lover and u could not think of a beyter place to be on valentines day. This is the event of the year and I need to be there
    Some of my favourite artists are playing and I am ready to go mental when I hear their sets. The student life doesn’t allow me to just whip out the money even though I work my ass off. Please please please help me out, ypu really will make a lot of my dreams come true and you will make me the happiest girl. I will make it worth your while 😀

  17. I wouild really love to kick this year off with a bang and I could not think of a better way to start the year!!! So please pick me to win the tickets 🙂

  18. I deserve to go because Ultra needs more super awesome people at this event, such as myself. 😀

    I’ll be there jammin it out like no one else! There’s no where I’d rather be on the 14th than with my first love, my love for the music!! <3

    Events like this keep the Cape Town Music Scene alive, it's not something I'd ever want to miss!

    Let's make this happen! Ultra SA we're ready for ya!!! XD

  19. For me, this is the first time South Africa is getting to finally rub shoulders with other countries scale of Electro Concerts 😀 the sheer amount of artists coming down is CRAZYYYYY! I’d love to be able to experience this, student budgets unfortunately don’t allow for it and somehow the bank won’t allow Twerking to be cashed in.

    😀 I’d love to win this!!

    Regards from an avid listener to electro music


  20. Ultra is about leaving all your routine and daily lives aside and for the moment being step inside a world, a religion what is music. @ultrasa @ultra #dreamcometrue #tiesto #passion #momentintime #pickme #2014 #live

  21. I broke up with my girl to go to Ultra Fest SA!!! She said its not her scene, ppfff!!??? Who’s the King now!! ULTRA, will you be my valentine???Tickets for me to go visit ultra would be much appreciated!! Ultra love

  22. To top off my second year at Stellenbosch (hopefully just as successful) and to celebrate my anniversary with my boyfriend, to better things and a bright future, what more could one do to celebrate this?! Ultra has to happen!

  23. 14 reasons why I deserve to go to Ultra on the 14th of Feb:

    1) It would be my 1st valentines day with my amazing boyfriend and what a better present to get him?
    2) It’s exactly 2 weeks before my birthday hellooo birthday celebrations starting early
    3) I have a lot of friends and family in England where all the coolest things happen so what a fucking good way for me to represent South Africa to all those friends back home
    4) I work my ass off at varsity and the thought of getting back into the work can only be brightened by attending Ultra a few weeks later
    5) I would just absolutely love to party there
    6) My boyfriend is studying engineering therefore the opportunity to party for us together is very rare and this would be the perfect opportunity!
    7) All of my friends are going
    8) I havent been to an outdoor in forever even though I absolutely love them
    9) Like most of us, Im broke
    10) 2013 really really sucked and I am determined to make this year better-nothing that a bit of Ultra wouldnt fix 😛
    11) My new years resolution was to have more fun
    12) I was lucky enough to the EDM fest a while ago and only went and bloody missed W and W’s set so I would love the opportunity to redeem myself
    13) I would be more than grateful to SA music scene for evvvverrrr
    14) I probably dont actually deserve it but I really would love it and would be crazy blessed to win

  24. I deserve to go because, if I don’t, ill be sad, like Demi Levato sad and have to go to rehab and stuff, o and its Valentines day…and I’m kinda single…I think, anyway, it will fill the whole in my…heard, uh hearm? I don’t have a “heart”…but it will fill a whole in something(not what you thinking 😉 )
    Anyway, please let me win, I need this, I need to party at Ultra like a rock star, stomping and jumping and going crazy, seriously ill only buy heineken all night I swear and ill instagram a thank you with heineken bottles…if I win…is that all good? Ok make my day 🙂

  25. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont think i have ever been to something as crazy as this and i have never seen Goldfish, Pascal and Pierce and all the others live like ever!!!!!!!!!! i really want these tickets 😀 This is going to be freaking EPIC!!!!

  26. ULTRA CPT i am sooooo ready for u!!! T- minus 22 Days- so yes its Valentines Day and i know exactly where i would like to be on this beautiful day of luurveee- dancing, dancing and more dancing – Tiesto pulling the rhythm strings of my heart! ITS GOING TO BE ONE INSANEEEEE PARTY and i dont want to miss it!

  27. I deserve these tickets because I absolutely love all the Dj’s performing on the 14th of February at the Ultra festival. I have not seen many of them perform live yet and this will give me the amazing opportunity to do so :). I also work so hard, working in the transport industry, long hours and all which makes life so busy. I would love to party with my amazing sister who I don’t get to spend as much time with due to these long hours working. I didn’t even get December holidays so I feel I deserve this one day of absolute craziness! Partying all day and night with my favourite person. We will dance our legs off and enjoy every second of it. I just can’t afford to miss it. <3

  28. I’m turning 21 in May and not much of a party person but i’d DEFINITELY get out of my comfort zone to experience this!!! Make my year memorable pretty please!

  29. Let me tell you why I think I should go to Ultra Fest
    Why I know this here comment will end up being the best
    I got more rhymes than a G and I’m ready to go
    I been waiting 4 long months to see this show.

    See my girlfriend got me tickets then she left my broke ass
    And I just moved to capetown so I ain’t got any plans
    I really need some friends so what better way to make ’em
    Than a night with the greats and the Kings of EDM

    Now I know I’ll find a hottie to accompany me there
    And I can’t wait to kiss her, make all the jealous kids stare
    So come on Ash, make my day, gimme something to smile
    I haven’t won anything in way too long of a while.

  30. I’m coming to S.A to study music at Cape Audio and in Kenya we don’t get such calibers of parties, for me it would be amazing if I could get the chance to win these tickets and come to watch all the guys I look up to perform. As you can see I am passionate about my music hence I want to study it and it would just be an experience of a life time. Happy Valentines in advance 😉

  31. I’m absolutely dieing to party at Ultra SA to the slamming beats created by the legend TIËSTO getting goose bumps just thinking about it! What a great experience it would be to celebrate the first Ultra Music Festival in South Africa (CT) with so many great international and local DJ’s and ofcoz my closest friends! Dit gaan letterlik die befokste dag wees ooit. This would be amazinggg if I win 🙂

  32. I deserve to win because apart of not wanna spend my Valentine’s day alone in my flat in Stellenbosch all by my self, my favourite DJs in this world is going to be there. Being surrounded by thousands of like-minded people and being overcome by a feeling of euphoria and unity. Singing along with the crowd as the Dj lowers the volume on the breakdown and literally feeling the love in the air, yes that feeling, that’s the feeling I want to get at Ultra South Africa. This would be a potentially life changing experience if I won. Op die ou einde is ons almal net daar om ‘n lekker tyd te he. #CapeTown

  33. I’m suffering
    a disease called UPS (Ultra Party
    Syndrome) it’s life threaten if I don’t
    win these tickets! ive been dreaming of this festival since I first saw ultra!! I swear if you pick me I’ll go to ultra in my Dragon ball z Halloween costume!! make my dream into a reality!!! #UltraSA #pickMe

  34. I’m suffering
    a disease called UPS (Ultra Party
    Syndrome) it’s life threaten if I don’t
    win these tickets! ive been dreaming
    of this festival since I first saw ultra!!
    I swear if you pick me I’ll go to ultra
    in my Dragon ball z Halloween
    costume!! make my dream into a
    reality!!! #UltraSA #pickMe

  35. {Cape Town Music Scene} won’t you take me and {Tiësto} to {Ultra Music Festival South Africa}, I’m counting up the reasons why I should go. It’s never or now.

    Let me and {Afrojack} ROCK the {OSTRICH FARM} in Cape Town.

    Me and {Martin Garrix} will be the fucking {ANIMALS} at {ULTRA SA}, if I win!!

    Let’s make this fleeting moment last forever. {ULTRA SA} and {SAMS} meet me and {Krewella} under the shinning lights.

    Grey dust now sparkle and gold, and the best is yet to unfold. These will be the {YEARS} with {Alesso}.

    We all want to go for one reason; for the love of house music!

    It will be a day of heart pounding music, with the best unparalleled DJ line-up in the world!!

    This is the moment I have been waiting for…

    I want to G.O, I want to R.A.V.E and I want to L.O.V.E!!

  36. I should go to Ultra because I have been waiting for something like this to come to South Africa for a while now and it’s finally here (soon) unfortunately my wallet is not as loaded as I would like :-0 Please send me to Ultra and I will make the most of every split second 🙂

  37. Ive been to Avicii, SHM, Skrillex and Hardwell. I missed Steve Aoki and Ricky Romero though. Wow, where to start, the Dj i would like to see most would have to be between Tiesto, Afrojack, and Nicky Romero, just because I missed them when they toured to SA : Tiesto only played in Johannesburg in the recent years in South Africa, i think in 2008, and so did Afrojack in 2011. Ive been listening to this Dutch Trio for years…I guess if I had to pick one it would have to be Tiesto! The man is a legend and has been around for more than a decade. The Dutch just know how to do it huh, must be something they put in the water over there. By the way Happy Birthday Tiesto!!! I also had the privilege of meeting and talking to Hardwell via a competition through Electric. So I think im quite blessed having met him, and to have been to the shows I have been already, but im not entering this competition for me…

    Of course im going to Ultra, bought my ticket the first day within the first hour. I try not to miss any EDM event! I try to get involved and spread the word of this worldwide phenomenon any way I can. EDM changed my life, it became my passion and I cant think of anything that has ever made me happier, and I want to share it with the people I know who are close to me. Thats the reason why im entering all these competitions to win free tickets is to take as much friends with me as I can, who cant afford the tickets, to experience the thrill and excitement of these amazing and life-changing events.

    Good luck fellow EDM Maniacs and UltraNauts! Much love!
    #PLUR – Peace Love Unity Respect.

  38. These tickets should be mine because ever since I saw a video of Ultra Miami I’ve always wanted to experience it for myself. I can only hope that it’s exactly what I imagine it to be and more therefore I should win the tickets because the wait is killing me.

  39. So I’m a guy that does as much as I possibly can to support the local scene, events and DJ’s and this is one event I really don’t want to miss. But, damn! February has already destroyed my wallet and now I’m stuck. I need to go! I mean, above the insane line-up, I know the production is going to be amazing and I want to be a part of that. Please guys, help a poor student out here? 😛

  40. I have already bought my ticket. Bought it as soon as they went on sale.

    Problem is, I’m gonna have to go alone – all by myself as my partners in crime cannot afford it due to them having spent all their money on their wedding recently.
    If I could afford extra tickets for them I would have bought it. But alas, im not in a very comfortable financial situation at the moment.

    You see, I suffer from a heavy case of FOMO so, as crappy as it is, I attend concerts n stuff alone instead of missing out completely, u know?

    So if I could win these tickets (even just 1 ticket) it would mean that I do not have to be the lonely loser in the crowd this time, and I can actually have my best mate their with me 🙂

  41. Winning this Ultra ticket would honestly be the most perfect gift ever. Please give me the opportunity to experience this world class event happening in the heart of Cape Town. With the best music, best international DJ’s and awesome Ultranauts. Electronic music helps me survive the tough times so let me live one more time. So make me the lucky winner to experience these euphoric beats live and give me the privilege to witness the most sickest event to take place in 2014.

  42. It’s my first year in college and am broke…and I need a break like this …to see all these GREAT D.J’s… I’ve been talking about this ever since I heard it was coming to South Africa. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE …I need this ticket…I will literally die if I don’t get to go.

    • And what better way to spend valentines day spreading love with all the top and GREATEST D.J’s from around the world as well as everyone else…PLEASE

  43. so its valentines day… the place i want to be to celebrate and share the love… for music is… ULTRA CPT!!! I have offered to be someones valentine in exchange for a ticket hahaha so im really really keen to win these tickets to celebrate this month of Feb in complete epicness 🙂

  44. Being able to experience the first ever ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL in SOUTH AFRICA will be a dream come true! I need to celebrate this amazing event with my boyfriend and thousands of people uniting for one reason…for the love of music. Please let me celebrate ULTRA-tine’s day! 😀

  45. Would do absolutely anything to win these tickets and party it up in Cape Town for my 21st Birthday with my friends …who would want anything else for their 21st best dj line up

  46. Me and my girlfriend are waiting months for tickets, but cant afford it. Please consider us as the ticket winners. We will really appreciate it.


  47. Finally Ultra is coming to SA!! Yesterdady I bought ma Ultra Ticket but sadly I coudlnt get one for ma brother! It wud mean a lot if I can win a ticket for brother!! Thanks for the competition and gud luk to the winners!

  48. Dit gaan letterlik die befokste aand wees in die geskiedenisboeke van SA. UlTRA is die enigste ding oor wat my vriende praat, al my vriende & dit suck as jy nie kaartjies het nie. Studente lewe is maar tight. Dit het ‘n sick lineup wat vir hom self praat, iets wat nie gemis kan word nie. Cape Town, ultra awaits you.

  49. Honestly I believe is an opportunity of a lifetime, seeing the likes of Alesso, Tiesto and Afrojack performing live. That would make a life of a kid who grew up in a township and who can’t afford these tickets.

  50. I always imagined this is what heaven must be like. Love the music, Share the music, Feel the music. If I could eat it, I would.

  51. I need a Ticket, Ticket, a Ticket is what I need! Please guys, waiting for such a looong time and now its around the corner, Ultra Music Festival South Africa. Lets Rock the ostrich farm and party with the BIG Birds!

  52. Probably the greatest event to come to South Africa. It’s the kinda experience I will need to tell my children about, and it will be so amazing my children will probably tell their children.i would hate to deprive my future generations of a great story! Please send me them tickets!

  53. Where does one even begin??!! Going to the Ultra Fest would be a dream come true!! Winning these tickets would be SUPER BOSS for me, I’d be one of the CRAZIEST ULTRANUATS!! And going to a to an Alesso and Krewella show is my dream and Ultra is my only chance!! Please let me go DAMN MENTAL to my favourites sick beats!!

  54. I’ve never ever been to a live music festival before, haven’t been able to afford a live concert ticket in two years, and this one has some of my favourite DJs in the world – both local and international. Been a fan of ULTRA for years and after having a terrible 2013, going to this would put me back on track this year. There’s nothing like good music to sooth your soul and take you to a better place. This is an experience I’ve dreamed of for years and it feels so close (but also so far) now.

  55. Ok! So lemme just say that very few people ‘DESERVE’ to win concert tickets. Its just a bit cliché. But there’s a huge amount of us who’d love to be there and party with the rest of SA. BUT, there’s even fewer of us entering these competitions because of our undying love for the game. To some of us, its become a part of us to share our love and soul with the rest of the world who share the same passion. It is amazing that South Africa, and Cape Town in particular gets to host such a world class event.
    Please send me along with the rest of Cape Town, to party like never before, share my good vibes and love with the rest of the cool kids.

  56. Basically a broke student, who loves music and loves SA Music more. I will tatoo “ultra” on my body if I win the tickets the day before the concert, that way its fresh just like the line up

  57. Yess yess yess!! I would rock the shit out of this party !! Please please please! I needed to work on new years so I would take this as my new years party starting the year off with a bang!

    This is my last year as a student and its gotta be an insane year!!! PLUS my cousin is in CPT from MOZAM and shes literally NEVER been to a proper party!!! how freaking awesome would it be to take her to this?! pretty pretty please!!! I have been trying to organize tickets the whole of today and then this competition popped up and its gotta be fate!! way too exciting!!

  59. I saw Tjiesto performing in America and told him I will c him if he will come to South Africa one day,so I need this tickets real bad and just want to c Tjiesto one more time and help me make my dream come true…

  60. Hey guys, my lady and I are newly weds, so what a perfect gift to start our journey together by celebrating our love with the DJ’s and crowd. My lady has always dreamed of a dance festival like this, so please guys, give some brownie points with my lady, lol. Good luck to all that enter!!! And have a great time.

  61. Cant believe such an amazing event is happening here!!!! If i win I will be one of those people that wont stop partying 😀 would want the experience to last forever 😀 I WANT TO GO CRAZY!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  62. I believe i should get the tickets because i am an up and coming DJ myself in the Cape Town area and its always been my dream to become a big name, and this year ULTRA is bringing us all my favorite artists in one event, they are my inspiration to carry on and being able to see them perform would give me the motivation to carry on chasing my dream!!!!! 🙂

  63. I deserve the tickets, because I suffer from a chronic and terminal case of FOMO of which Ultrafest will be the only cure. Even though Breaking Bad was amazing, I don’t want to go that way to make money for the cure. Hence, that is where SAMS comes in.

    Help a brother out, and help me fight FOMO.

    Only you can help.


  64. ULTRA would be a dream come true:D being able to see Tiesto is a once in a life time opportunity i just cant miss!!! and being able to party with all my friends, what more could i ask for???

  65. Ok daar is letterlik niks wat ek meer sal wil he as om hierdie MAL fest se kaartjes te wen van nie! So GROOT asb maak my jaar en sommer my anniversay ook !! Valenteins dag sal nooit weer so epic kan wees nie! 😀 #gottolovesamusicscene Hells yeah!!

  66. Eat. Sleep.Rave.Repeat!!!
    This is the ultimate event with all of my favorite DJ’s!! It’s literally like a dream and it would be the most insane, memorable experience. This would be like living in my iPod, an event that I will never forget. Why do I deserve to win a ticket? I think we all do cause I wouldn’t want anyone to miss an event like this, it’s just a matter of being that one lucky person 🙂

  67. This world class event I first came upon when I was bored on going through youtube videos when I came across the aftermovie of Maimi’s Ultra fest. It was mind blowing :0 I couldn’t believe my eyes!! That is when I first decided when I’m finished with my studies I will work and save up enough money to go to Maimi and go to Ultra and go party it up with awesome people sharing the same love for the music. It was my ultimate dream….and then… drum roll please…… I HEARD ULTRA WAS COMING TO SOUTH AFRICA!!! I couldn’t believe it!! I have been doing odd jobs just so I could buy a ticket but unfortunately the bills of my student loan just keep piling up 🙁 I have been jamming to all these artists on youtube and it would be a dream come true if I could jam it out right in front and just let the music engulf me and to loose myself with the people around me!! I am so desperate to go I will even go jam outside the ostrich farm in the round so maybe it is a bit saver if i could jam in front of the stage at Ultra and not be roadkill on the side of the road! Also seeing that it falls on Valentines Day I need to uphold my tradition and party as hard as I can ! Please Please Please make me the lucky winner!!

  68. ULTRA SA!!! Its finally here, I would SO much love to win those tickets, because, well I’m a house/trance/electro DANCE fanatic! I haven’t experienced anything as big as this except when I watch those ultra music festivals on youtube & so on and it truly is AMAZING omg. It would mean so much to me to get tickets to experience such an amazing thing. I’m so cut up because all my friends are going & I’m not.. #ULTRASA #CAPETOWN

  69. I am trying to enter ALL of the competitions to win tickets for a musically born (call her less privileged i.t.o. money) best friend/ soul sister who it would mean the world to if she could go!
    Help me show her how much she means to everyone around her – she really wants to go!

  70. ULTRA SA! Finally it has come to Cape Town, the mother city. Winning these tickets would mean so much to me! I’ve been watching ultra music festival videos since it started & my dream was to one day experience such greatness personally. I’m a house/trance/electro DANCE fanatic. I can’t express my love for music. Feeling that ultra vibe, being there, seeing my most favourite dj’s play LIVE would be so awesome! Omg, nicky romero, alesso, afrojack, krewella, blasterjaxx, das kapital, martin garrix and W&W all in one venue? SICK omg!!!! I can’t express how amazing the experience would be for me. Sadly, I’m broke as hell & couldn’t afford tickets to go, all my friends are going & I’ll have to miss out. I NEED TO WIN TICKETS. #ULTRASA #CAPETOWN #LOVE 🙂

  71. I am leaving to go overseas to work, and going to Ultra will put me in a amazing mood for weeks, so when it comes to saying goodbye. it wont be so heartbreaking.

  72. I deserve to go to this event because 1. I don’t have a Valentine’s Day Date so this is the perfect distraction I need from the crappy world of love! 2. I need an energy booster because my masters degree has been keeping me hectically busy! and 3. I love music. electronic music has been slowly growing onto me and Thanks to Goldfish (over the December holidays at shimmy beach CT, I was there almost every sunday) I am converted…….so pliz pliz pliiiiiiiz make me a winner and send me to the biggest, the most ultra weekend of my life. I need it!!

  73. Everyone here wants to go to Ultra Music Festival and all i can say is that EDM is everything to me. It’s always been one of my biggest dreams to go to a UMF. I would go to the library and sit for hours watching the after movies. I was saving up for UMF but unfortunately something happened and well the money had to be used for something else (personal reasons) . So good luck to everybody and we all hope that one of us will win but guys if we dont win? Be humble 🙂

  74. Everyone here wants to go to Ultra Music Festival and all i can say is that EDM is everything to me. It’s always been one of my biggest dreams to go to a UMF. I would go to the library and sit for hours watching the after movies. I was saving up for UMF but unfortunately something happened and well the money had to be used for something else (personal reasons) . So good luck to everybody and we all hope that one of us will win but guys if we dont win? Be humble 🙂

    I am sure that after the ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL cape town will be put on the map i hope you guys pick me im not saying you have to but i really hope that i win. if i don’t thats also okay but i have never been to an edm or ultra festival because money has always been an issue I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT ULTRA reading about line up makes my stomach turn but then i remeber that i wont be going so guys please help me.

    PS: my previous comment was incomplete and i posted that by mistake

  75. I would love to see my first love…Tiesto. His music is astronomical. There would be no greater oppertunity like this to see the worlds #1 DJ legend live among the many other great djs. This is one event nobody would want to miss. I would truly appreciate the oppertunity to feed my passion in music by attending this once in a lifetime event.. Fingers crossed 🙂

  76. Well it’s not for me, it’s for my cousin. She is absolutely desperate to go and she can’t afford it. She adores Tiesto. And I would love to offer her a ticket but R800 is just something I don’t have. I am sure she would be happy to work the event just to be there. Please help me help her. I will tell her where to send all of her love(samusicscene.co.za). She would adore you for life!

  77. I dont want to win… I NEED to win!! Ive got to get there to show off my awesome boogy moves, Ive got to get there to dance the night away, Ive got to get there to show my love, my love of music and my love to my man <3
    My poor purse is still suffering from the Christmas blues and now with the petrol price increase I think its gonna take a little longer to bounce back to its full happy self 🙁 I just know that tickets to Ultra will make us all feel a little better, and cheer up our month of love and sunshine <3

    Oh please please pick me, *big sparkly pretty puss in boot eyes*
    Much love <3

  78. i would love to go to this insane festival but i cant afford but i really want to go il be going for the music i actually need to go i beg you to choose me please make my dream come true tried everything and i just cant get tickets please make my day so that i can take my bestfriend and enjoy that awesome festival please pleaseplease please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please v

  79. so ultra festival will be happening on valentines day and how a better way to celebrate it by going to ultra festival , i would love to go so badlly to ultra but i cannot afford to pay R800 for a ticket and it would be a dream come true to win this tickets and experience the insane music especially to hear the great Tiesto perform live .. my bestfriend would be honoured to be there and experience the insane level the international and local dj’s will be performing at so i ask actually beg pleaaaase pleaase can you make our night and let us win those tickets we never get lucky enough so could you please let us win we would be so thankful for it i really really need to go 🙁 :'( #UltraSA #Capetown

  80. so these are reasons why i’d love to go to ultra festival:

    -i need a break from life and everything to just get awaay from everything in my own bubble at ultra would be amazing to just dance away all the problems ..
    -would be amazing to spend my valentines day there and the best birthday present i could give my guy and maybe we could reunite at ultra festival thats what im hoping for since the love of ddm brings everyone together
    -i want ti experience the insane music and to hear dj tiesto live would just be a dream come true
    -its been so long since i’ve actually been at a trance festival i need this actually
    -i cannot afford the tickets thus is why i did not buy myself and my guy which is also my best friend <3
    -this music just sets the amazing level and i can't even think of myself not beeing there i really really need these tickets because i am not just going for the party but i live for this music , to feel it and experience it live would just be amazing .. i trueeelly just need this win 🙁 havent won before so please make this happen for me i would really appreciate it and if i do win it i'd stomp in te name of SA MUSIC SCENE ! 😀 #CPT #TIESTO #MARTINGARRIX #ULTRA #ULTRASA

  81. I was so excited to hear Ultra is coming to South Africa it was almost unbelievable at first. I absolutely cannot miss out on the biggest and craziest music festival to hit South African shores! Music IS my first love and what better way to spend valentines day in the presence of the very people who make us loose our minds with the siiick beats they produce!! I wish I could see Tiesto especially, I’ve loved his music ever since ‘I Will Be Here’ and I want to be THERE at UMF to experience, what will be, the best day of my life! I know I will enjoy myself with all that talent surrounding me. I will be forever grateful to have a chance to go crazy with other EDM lovers and seeing the happiness on every face at this event!! 🙂 please please grant me this opportunity 🙂

  82. It will be the build up to our two year anniversary, we just had to move back home after a flop move to durban and we need some relax time.. Also we have, have have to be included in the very first Ultra fest so that we can continue with the tradition!!!!

  83. Look……I NEED A TICKET. The Johannesburg one to be exact. ok, on the real, I think I deserve this ticket because Im a huge fan of EDM, I watch all the videos online wishing I would one day be part of this world class event! and now….. It is finally here, and I cant miss this experience of a lifetime!!!

  84. Going to this epic world class event held in the beautiful mother city, Cape Town will truly be the BEST valentines experience ever!!!!

  85. When i first heard Ultra was coming to South Africa, i was SO excited. I couldn’t believe that us South African’s were going to be able to be a part of such an amazing experience. Then when the full line up was released, i was even more excited. I am especially excited to see Tiesto, Nicky Romero and Afrojack as they are all my favorite DJ’s and not to mention currently in the top 10 best DJ’s in the world. So being a part of this would be life changing. The price of a ticket is very expensive at the moment so I would really love to win these tickets because i know i would make the most of it and this would undoubtedly the best night of life.

  86. I’d really like my 2 best friends to go to go to ULTRA & I think they deserve it because they have never experienced partying like this before! I also think they deserve it because they are pretending to be cool with all of us going to ULTRA but deep down we know they sad that they can’t afford to buy a ticket!!! It wold be a dream come true for them please 🙂

  87. It would be so magical if I won this. I would be eternally grateful. I love EDM music and the line up is mind blowing. Winning these tickets would mean that my best friend will automatically become my valentine ( I will be taking her ). I’m moving to Cape Town on Thursday so Friday the 14th will be my very first Friday in Cape Town – how cool would it be if I spent it at Ultra? I really would love to go ❤

  88. One more thing:
    I also deserve to win because I never got the opportunity to see SHM and Hardwell cause of stupid exams. Now I am 19 and free!

  89. My daughter turned 19, is studying to become a chef. Done well in Maric last year and her wish is to attend this awesome event. I unfortunately cannot afford to buy her a ticket as I am a single mother. This would be the ideal gift for her.

  90. i deserve to win because this past holiday i was not able to enjoy it to the fullest due the fact that i had to work (forced to) because my parents refused to give me holiday moola and at the moment i’m so broke because of buying all these textbooks and all my friends is going and i seriously dont wanna be that person to miss out the party of the century… winning this will make up for all that lost time during the holiday and possibly/definitely the rest of my life….please please please send me to see Afrojack n Tiesto at ULTRA_SA

  91. I cannot describe the emotion if I do not win these tickets… I need only one ticket as my friends already have and since I am not working I will be left behind. I’ve seen him all the times he’s been here, buy his music and he has been such a part of my life that my now teenage daughter is looking to study sound engineering to be a dj inspired by non other than TIESTO!!!!!

  92. Give me a U…Give me a L…Give me a T…Give me a R…Give me a A… What does it SPELL!!!!….WHAT DOES IT SPELL!!!! ULTRA!!! ULTRA!!! ULTRA!!! ULTRA!!! ULTRA!!!


  93. Ultra is my scene,
    Im sooo extremely keen!!
    Ive been waiting upon this forever,
    but with handling my cash, I wasnt so clever.
    My life would be completed if i can go,
    and if i can’t, on valentine’s day I woud woe…
    So please send me to ULTRA FEST
    Coz this festival is the BEST!!

  94. I’ve tried for every single competition to win tickets but unfortunately been unsuccessful:( I cannot afford the tickets but going to Ultra is my #1 thing on my bucket list to do before I die. Today marks one day before the festival of a life time and I would be truly delighted to go and see many artists whom I idolise to perform live

  95. Going to ultra would make my life ! I’ve been planning to go for so long but problems came up and I can no longer afford it. 🙁 I’m heart broken about it I would do anything to be able to experience this amazing once in a life time experience! 🙂

  96. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee .im a huge fan of the artists . I definitely will enjoy my experience to the full extent . This would be the highlight of my year . Fingers crossed*

  97. If I can’t go to this music fest, I know I’m going to regret it forever. It’s huge and might never happen again in SA, well not at least while I’m still young enough to go to these things. All my friends are going to the Joburg Ultra Fest, because they can afford it, I can’t! I’m simply just too broke right now and still recovering from the December holiday expenses. I would give my right arm to be chosen to win a ticket, I might even give my left foot…….please, please, choose me!!! Dying to see Tiesto

  98. Hi ULTRA

    I would like to express my interest in the competition being advertised here. As a recent graduate with partying skills , having a good time, having unforgettable memories and technical experience as I have been partying for 2 year now . I believe I am a strong candidate this competition.

    Your competition description specifies that you are looking for
    someone that is awesome and truly wants to go and experience a WORLD CLASS EVENT and that’s ME !!!

    Although I am a recent Bachelor degree in party graduate, my maturity,
    party experience, and eagerness to enter the ULTRA will make me
    an excellent additional to the ULTRA fest memories. I would love to begin my 2016 on high note at ULTRA, and am confident that I would be a beneficial addition to memories I make with my friends

    I have attached my resume for your Reference lol !!. Thank you so much for your time and consideration

    PS: Please send me to #2016 UltraFtest #WELOVEULTRA


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